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The Number Pad is a utility that appears in Mob of the Dead. Initially, it is locked and must be opened with the Warden's Key. Afterwards, it can be interacted with in Afterlife mode.

The Number Pad's first role is to get the rigging for Icarus. The three gates leading down to it have randomized numbers only visible in Afterlife which must be entered in order. A 60-second timer will form on the Number Pad, which will count down to zero, after which the door to the rigging locks again. Accessing the rigging will cause the Number Pad to show 000, leaving the door open.

The Number Pad is also needed for Pop Goes the Weasel. After the free Blundergat has been obtained and the three cycles have been completed, the numbers change randomly. The players must then enter the prisoners' numbers, which are 101, 386, 872, and 481. After each number, the numbers will flicker again, and after 481 has been input the numbers will flicker one last time to 814 before permanently deactivating, at which point Brutus will yell, "SO YOU WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH..."

Finally, the Number Pad is required for two Easter Eggs. Entering 935 triggers the "Where Are We Going" musical Easter Egg, and entering 115 will make Brutus yell one of two quotes, and the numbers will change to 666.

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