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The Nunchucks are a melee weapon featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Mobile.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III[]

The Nunchucks were added to multiplayer in in the July 28, 2016 update. It can also be acquired in the Zombies map Revelations by completing five rounds in under five minutes.


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare[]

"Pulverize enemies with this melee weapons that acquires targets in a wider range. Press R2 or L2 to attack."
— Multiplayer description

The weapon returns in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare as the Nunchaku, in the Zombies map Shaolin Shuffle.

In order to acquire the Nunchaku, the player needs to exploit time and space to learn the backgrounds of the Actors alongside why Willard chose them for their roles. Within the map there are three alarm clocks tied to three different items, interacting with them will cause the borders of the screen to become distorted while a ticking clock plays before every action taken is suddenly reversed and the player whom interacted with the clock will be returned to it with the distortion lasting a little time afterwards. Within this timeframe and dependant of what alarm clock was interacted with, a different item much be reached and subsequently melee'd. Each route requires paths to be opened by one of the Chi abilities and the items melee'd in order. Whilst the alarm clocks can be done in any order, both the final step and the sections Wyler will read are in order.

  1. On the Inferno Room rooftop, at the back most right corner on some construction supplies is the first alarm clock. The item related to it is a set of books, First one is located on the top floor of the Inferno Room by the Rack-9 buyable. The second book is placed on the roofing near the Torii gates drop to the street below.
  2. The second alarm clock is placed on the reception desk of the Inferno Room. The item this time is character-specific with Sally having a newspaper, A.J. having an award statuette, Andre having a microphone and Poindexter getting a comic book. The item itself spawns on the pallets beside the Blue Bolts Candy machine. The second is located on the otherside of the Chi doorway, behind the building section that it leads out of, placed on another pallet.
  3. Third and the finale alarm clock is located on the Subway terminal, on the opposite side of the Bang Bangs Candy machine. The item related to this one is a script, which can be located through the Chi doorway, placed on a garbage bin opposite the Bombstoppers Candy machine. The second one is located on the floor just a bit from the Bang Bangs Candy machine itself.

With each item obtained, a total of four TVs will become interactable with each of them being related to one of the Actors. Sally has her one in the spawn train, A.J. has his near the Blue Bolts Candy machine, Poindexter has his facing the RPR Evo and Andre has his in the Heebie Geebies bar. Interacting with it will turn it on and display an image. Interacting with it again after a delay will cause it to change to the cartoon picture of one of the Actors. Repeat this until the respective character is showing on the TV. Doing so will cause Ninja Zombies to spawn in to attack the players. Killing them will allow the next step to be done.

Now the alarm clocks must be melee'd in order and within the same time limit that was given in the first steps, with failure to do so simply resetting back to the first clock and locking out of attempting again for the remainder of the round. Completion of it will cause Wyler to give the final part of his narration and spawn in a Fire Sale Power-Up. Interacting with the Magic Wheel after collecting the power-up will award the Nunchaku on the first spin. This sidequest can not be completed with Pam Grier, instead, the Nunchakus will already be on the Wheel for 950 points.

Completing this side quest for each character awards the player with the Bookworm achievement/trophy.

The Nunchaku can be Pack-a-Punched, first into the Shi no Tsukai (Messenger of Death), which increases damage and stuns nearby zombies after killing one(indicated by a green light every time a zombie is hit). When packed again, it becomes the Kitsune (Fox), which increases damage further and also creates a purple explosion, killing additional zombies nearby, while also healing you to full health if damaged. It is a very viable weapon in high rounds, capable of clearing out massive zombie hordes. They don't deal infinite damage, instead killing until round 35, but they still heals the player while giving an area stun effect and damage.

On September 26th, 2017, the Nunchucks were added to multiplayer, along with the Katana and the Venom-X.


For variant images, see Nunchucks/Variants.
Name Image(s) Gun Perks Cost Notes
Twin Dragons File:Nunchucks Twin Dragons Supply Drop Card IW.pngNunchucks Twin Dragons MK2 Supply Drop Card IW Power Punch Gun Perk Icon IWHaste Gun Perk Icon IW N/A Quartermaster Collection


Call of Duty: Mobile[]

"Effective at close-range."
— Description

The Nunchucks return in Call of Duty: Mobile. They were added in November 2021 as part of the Season 10: Shadows Return update.



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