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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Warzone
For a similarly named pointstreak, see Odin.

"Fully automatic bullpup battle rifle maintains a slow cycle rate to help control hard hitting 12.7 x 55mm ammunition."
— Description

The Oden is a VLK bullpup assault rifle featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.


The Oden is one of the common assault rifles used by Barkov's Forces. Garrick is given an Oden by Hadir Karim when escaping from Barkov's estate in "Going Dark".


The Oden can be unlocked in Create-a-Class at at rank 28; it is a fully-automatic assault rifle that has very high damage for its class. It can kill in 2 shots out to 40 meters if at least 1 shot hits the head or chest. The Oden’s chest damage multiplier is slightly higher than the FAL, so 1 chest shot followed by a shot anywhere else will kill. Even at long range, the Oden will only need 3 shots to kill. In hardcore, the gun will be a 1-shot kill at all ranges. This high damage comes with a low fire rate of 435 RPM, the slowest of any assault rifle. The gun will kill quickly in 2-3 shots, but missing shots is more punishing than with most other weapons in its class.

Compared to the FAL, the Oden can fire in full-auto but possesses slower handling characteristics. It has the slowest ADS of any unmodified assault rifle and is only slightly faster than some LMGs. The reload speed is also somewhat slow and the 20 round magazine can be depleted often if fired too recklessly. Additionally, move speed is mediocre compared to other assault rifles. Recoil is fairly heavy with each shot having a noticeable vertical bounce. Shooting over longer distances will often require single shots or small bursts instead of fully-automatic fire. These handling traits mean that the Oden generally works better at mid-long range in a less aggressive role, but the average hipfire spread can be a last ditch defense in tight spaces.

The Oden has several attachments that can fix weaknesses or build on the gun’s strengths. Attachments that boost ADS speed, such as Stippled Grip Tape, will help the Oden aim a bit faster for more aggressive use. The gun won’t match SMGs in speed but the player can trade a bit of the Oden’s stability for more favorable handling at midrange. The Oden’s high power also means that a long range role is quite viable. A longer barrel will slightly reduce vertical kick, increase muzzle velocity, and increase damage range. All of these will prove quite useful over longer sightlines. A magnified optic and some recoil reducing attachments will provide further assistance in shooting targets at long range. Equipping an extended magazine, Fully Loaded, or Sleight of Hand will make the Oden’s low capacity less of an issue.

The Oden also has one very unique attachment to consider: the Colossus Suppressor. This muzzle attachment will keep the player off of the compass when firing, increase the 2-shot kill range to about 50 meters, and grant a moderate improvement to vertical recoil. It comes with a hefty ADS speed penalty but provides a plethora of benefits for both stealth and mid-long range shooting. Combining the Colossus Suppressor with the 810mm or 730mm barrel will noticeably impede ADS time but will increase the 2-shot kill range considerably. This combination also grants a slightly longer maximum damage range than any combination on the FAL, so this is another factor to consider when choosing between the two weapons.







Rear Grip





Blueprint Rarity How to obtain
Carbon Bear Common Multiplayer Mission Deadeye
Black Asp Rare Battle Pass Modern Warfare Season 3 Tier 35
Blue Bayou Rare Co-Op Spec Ops complete Operation Paladin - Modified Veteran
Johnny On The Spot Rare Soft Spots Bundle
Manzanilla Rare Battle Pass Modern Warfare Season 6 Tier 45
Zord Rare Guardian Bundle
Dream Killer Epic Notice Me Bundle
The Liar Epic The Cleaner Bundle
Return To Dust Epic In Warzone with Hauting Of Verdansk event. Opening supply boxes at Arklov Peak Military Base
Bronze Dragon Legendary Viking Burial I Bundle
Krampus Legendary Holideadly Bundle
Serpent Shot Legendary Twin Serpents Bundle
Devourer Legendary Carnivorous Bundle
Ground Spliter Legendary Gatekeeper Bundle
Deep Pockets Legendary Fool’s Gold II Bundle
Half Dying Legendary Half Dead Bundle
Lake Of Fire Legendary Infernal Chords Bundle
Invincible Arsenal Legendary Royal Armory: Reserve Collection Bundle
Blood Simple Legendary To Be Determined
Majestic Legendary Rainbow Sparkles Bundle