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A document given to Alexei Ivanovich Voronin.

Sergeant Alexei Voronin,

We are almost upon the Oder River. From there, it is less than 70 kilometers to the lair of the fascist beast! Some of our tank crews are decorated veterans of the Battle of Kursk. They will lead this drive to the Oder.

However, there are still severe shortages of trained tank crews. The expanded design of our new T-34-85 tank accommodates five crew members, but many of the crews under my command have as few as three crewmen. To be fully effective, these crews must have a driver/mechanic, a hull machine gunner, a main gunner, a loader, and a commander.

I have been authorized to enlist soldiers at will from the infantry to fill out the incomplete crews. Given your combat record, you will be the commander/spotter for a less experienced, but technically competent tank crew. When the next batch of fully trained replacements reaches the front, you will be returned to your former unit.

Report to the tank bearing tactical number 7726 by 0900 hrs.

Colonel G.V. Andropov, 2nd Guards Tank Army

Oder River CountryEdit

Approaching the Oder River
January 26, 1945
1345 hrs

Alexei Ivanovich Voronin takes control of a tank headed to the Oder River with a few other tanks. They come up to the river.

Soldier: Enemy tanks across the stream!

The tanks on both sides begin firing on each other.

(Whenever Voronin's tank hits an enemy tank.)

Soldier: Keep them coming! Good shooting! One down, more to come! Got him! How do you like that, Franz? You can heil Hitler in hell! Don't let up, comrades!

(Whenever Voronin's tank is hit.)

Soldier: We're taking fire!; Somebody get me out of here!; Aagh!; My leg! Aah! Somebody help me!

(If Voronin's tank moves away from the combat zone.)

Soldier: Where are you going? That's the wrong way! We can't go that way, idiot!; Are you blind?! Turn it around! There's no way through there! Hurry up! Get moving!

The tanks begin moving across a bridge and through a path near a forest. They come across a hill.

Soldier: Panzer tank!

They move up the hill and continue fighting. The level ends.

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