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Oder River TownEdit

Alexei Ivanovich Voronin's tank, as well as the other Russian tanks, begin approaching the town. German tanks  and infantry begin attacking. When Voronin's tank destroys a German tank.

Soldier: Keep them coming!; Good shooting!; One down, more to come!; Got him!; How do you like that, Franz?; You can heil Hitler in hell!; Don't let up, comrades!

When Voronin's tank is hit.

Soldier: We're taking fire!; Somebody get me out of here!; Aagh!; My leg! Aah! Somebody help me!

When Voronin's tank moves from the combat zone.

Soldier: Where are you going?; That's the wrong way!; We can't go that way, idiot!; Are you blind?!; Turn it around!; There's no way through there!; Hurry up! Get moving!

The Russian tanks fight through the town and destroy the German anti-aircraft gun on the other side. The level ends.