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Oder River TownEdit

Alexei Ivanovich Voronin's tank, as well as the other Russian tanks, begin approaching the town. German tanks  and infantry begin attacking. (When Voronin's tank destroys a German tank.)

Soldier: Keep them coming! Good shooting! One down, more to come! Got him! How do you like that, Franz? You can heil Hitler in hell! Don't let up, comrades!

(When Voronin's tank is hit.)

Soldier: We're taking fire! Somebody get me out of here! Aagh! My leg! Aah! Somebody help me!

(When Voronin's tank moves from the combat zone.)

Soldier: Where are you going? That's the wrong way! We can't go that way, idiot! Are you blind?! Turn it around! There's no way through there! Hurry up! Get moving!

The Russian tanks fight through the town and destroy the German anti-aircraft gun on the other side. The level ends.

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