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"Who's your team?"
"Some old comrades."
"-and the sergeant?"
"He's ready.
— Kate Laswell and John Price

"Old Comrades" is the twelfth campaign level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The player, controlling Kyle Garrick, must capture and interrogate The Butcher with Captain Price with the assistance of Nikolai

Characters[edit | edit source]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Knowing that Hadir plans to attack Russia with chemical weaponry, Laswell and Price discuss their plan to stop him. After arguing over whether to warn Moscow or to allow the attacks carry on without intervention, Price suggests his own plan. When questioned who his team is composed of, he replies, "some old comrades." Price and Garrick travel to St. Petersburg for a covert mission, intending to capture Jamal "The Butcher" Rahar alive and interrogate him to locate Hadir.

Garrick and John Price meet up with “Nikolai” who supplies them with suppressed firearms and provides assistance to their unsanctioned mission. Making their way down the stairs, Price and Garrick conceal their firearms and greet a neighbour in Russian, before taking The Butcher's men down outside on Price's signal. Price and Garrick follow The Butcher into a nearby building where he is holding a conference with his associates. They are soon spotted and begin to pursue The Butcher throughout the building and into the streets.

Outside, The Butcher continues running through the streets where his men fire upon the civilians. Garrick and Price fight their way through them and Garrick chases The Butcher through an apartment as he fires on more civilians. The Butcher then throws a grenade behind him, blaming Garrick for the casualties as he escapes through a window. He manages to survive the blast and the two continue to chase The Butcher throughout the streets as his men fire back at them. After chasing The Butcher through a series of alleyways and through an indoor cafe, Nikolai rams into him with his van. Price contains the enraged individual in the back of Nikolai's van before being informed that his engine is malfunctioning. Garrick manages to defend against a wave of insurgents before Nikolai gets his vehicle running once again and carries the team away.

Arriving at a warehouse, Price and Garrick meet up with Nikolai's associate Yegor to interrogate The Butcher. Failing to extract information from him, Garrick meets up with Nikolai to extract a package for the interrogation which Nikolai dubbed, "truth serum". Garrick opens the van's doors to reveal a startled mother and son whom Nikolai captured to successfully interrogate The Butcher. Garrick escorts the terrified family towards the interrogation room where Price asks Garrick if he wishes to comply with the interrogation. 

Price escorts the wife and son into the room while Garrick waits outside. Eventually, Price comes out, having successfully interrogated The Butcher. Price informs Garrick of the location of the gas and the two drive away in a police vehicle offered by Nikolai.

Garrick escorts the wife and son into the room to participate in the interrogation. The Butcher recognize the two as his wife, Ousa and his son, Amon. Ousa berates The Butcher for having them involved in the interrogation which Price reminds him of his merciless slaughter of an innocent child at the U.S. Embassy. Yegor, unwilling to comply with the interrogation was dismissed out of the room by Price. Price laid a revolver out on a nearby stool for Garrick and the Butcher assures his family while threatening his capturers. Garrick, now brandishing the revolver, puts the Butcher into a panic, exclaiming that his family had no involvement in his crimes. Price demands the location of the gas, once again to no avail. The Butcher then pressures Garrick to shoot him, But, the gun is revealed to be unloaded. Price escalates the interrogation by laying the bullets out and telling Garrick to load the gun. Price tells The Butcher that he has one last chance to reveal the location of the gas, but he refuses to reply. Price proceeds to drag his son out of his chair, finally pressuring him to reveal the location. The Butcher, out of fear for his son's life, exclaims that the gas is at the Karetka Theater. Price shoved of this claim as a lie, but he insists that it is the truth. Garrick questions the Butcher on the location of Hadir, but he claims that it was too late. The Butcher continues to taunt Garrick, pleading to spare his family, even at the expense of his own life. Garrick is given a choice to execute him, spare him or torture him by shooting his arms or legs, shooting his limbs three times will kill him though.

Garrick proceeds to walk out of the interrogation room and Price and Garrick drive away in a police vehicle offered by Nikolai. Later, the Russian police arrive at the warehouse where they find the Butcher, either dead or alive and his family along with the chemicals left with a note from Nikolai. If Garrick chooses to execute The Butcher, Price ends the level stating, "There's a fine line between right and wrong."

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Main article: Old Comrades/Transcript

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Found in level

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When inside the apartment with Nikolai, a pizza box can be seen with English text on it despite this mission taking place in Russia.
  • Despite orders from Laswell to only use Russian weapons, the sidearms offered at the start of the mission are all Western made (because Russian sidearms aren't in the game) and the getaway van has a usable German made machine gun which can be used to repel AQ fighters. 
  • If the player wishes to leave the interrogation they may exit through the door behind them whenever they wish. This option is removed once the player loads the revolver.
  • If the player chooses to wait during The Butcher's meeting, Price will keep telling them to fire at his men. Eventually, one of them will walk towards the shelves, and will spot the player.
  • For some strange reason, a civilian in the beginning and policemen in the end have their names colored red in the subtitles, as if they were enemies.
    • Policemen are erroneously labeled as Russian Soldiers in the subtitles.
  • Upon clearing the bar of AQ fighters at the start of the chase, Gaz will remark, "Last call, boys." This is a reference to the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare mission Crew Expendable, where Price says a similar quote upon killing a drunken Ultranationalist.
  • After the interrogation is complete, the player can either kill, spare, or wound the Butcher.
    • Shooting him anywhere in the limbs, such as his shoulders and kneecaps, will cause him to tremble in pain. Shooting him three times accumulatively in these areas will kill him.
    • Shooting him anywhere in the head, torso, or groin will kill him instantly.
    • Conversely, if the player decides to spare him, the ending cutscene will show him yelling at the cops to untie him, leading to his incarceration in Russian hands.
    • If the player shoots The Butcher's son many times, he/she will get a message: Are you serious?, and they will be kicked out the mission, like in Clean House.
  • When walking downstairs with Price, the two meet a neighbor in the same apartment. If the player hasn't hidden their gun, the neighbor seeing this will immediately close the door in panic. This results in Price scolding Kyle.
  • If the player takes time to pick their weapon of choice, Nikolai will first remark to Kyle to not be shy and can pick the gun he likes. If the player still waits a while longer, Nikolai will then remark "Pick your poison, Sergeant". This line is in fact a slang originating from Australia for alcoholic drink.
  • If the player pulls the trigger of the unloaded revolver at Price, Price will say "Would have been a shame if that was loaded, wouldn't it?" or "You trigger happy, Sergeant?" in disappointment.
  • If the player breaks/shoots any of the windows in the apartment, the mission will fail.
  • The player can throw back the grenade that The Butcher drops out the window.
    • Because it is a scripted sequence, the lights go off, the furniture breaks and the struggling civilian will die even after throwing the grenade out of the window.
    • Although it is a fragmentation grenade, it emits electronic sounds as if it were a Semtex.
  • Although the mission location is in St. Petersburg, all vehicles (including Russian police cars) have EU license plates.
  • The number plate on Nikolai's van matches that of the car in which The Butcher arrives in at the start of the mission.
  • Before leaving the building where Kyle and Price were getting ready, Price will not allow the player to go outside if they haven't concealed their weapon.
  • If the player draws out their gun before Price gives the signal, Price will later tell Kyle to "tidy himself" after killing the first 4 Al-Qatala militants.
  • Price will warn Kyle if the player aims the revolver at him during the interrogation scene.
  • Aiming at Ousa and Amon will make The Butcher struggle to break free of his restraints and shout at Kyle.
  • When the player brings Ousa and Amon inside the interrogation room and waits for a little while before handing them over to Yegor, they can listen to a small conversation between The Butcher and his family.
  • After picking up the revolver, the player can watch the normal interrogation of The Butcher where Price will first just ask the Butcher instead of threatening to kill his family. When The Butcher pleads to Price and Kyle that his family knows nothing and isn't involved in any of his business, Kyle will remark, "Tell that to the boy in the embassy.
  • The player can spot Aural Chic on the other side while chasing The Butcher.
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