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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

"Mason re-enlists with the CIA and joins Woods in Afghanistan, supplying weapons to the Muhjahideen in exchange for vital intel on Menendez' whereabouts."
— Mission description

"Old Wounds" is the third campaign mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and the second 1980's mission. The player takes control of Alex Mason, who helps fend off a Soviet attack on a Mujahideen compound in Afghanistan.



After hearing of Raul Menendez's involvement in selling firearms in Afghanistan, Mason and his team are sent there to rendezvous with a contact from China, Tian Zhao, to go to the Mujahideen base and get wind of Menendez's involvement through their contact in the Mujahideen, Rahmaan, who in an quid pro quo exchange demands weapons in exchange for his knowledge on Menendez.

However, as the Mujahideen have little experience in using the American weapons, Woods suggests they join them in the front lines. Rahmaan seems reluctant to comply with Woods's request, however, before he has time to reply, he is interrupted by an Soviet attack on the compound. Mason, Zhao, Woods, and their fellow soldier go out to repel Soviet attacks in various locations around the mission locale.

After they successfully hold off an attack at a weapons cache, Mason, Woods, and Zhao are called back to the Mujahideen compound, and witness a massive, final Russian attack on the way, which is spearheaded by a colossal tank viewed through binoculars. The three, along with other soldiers, charge in head-on to meet the Russians in battle. After his horse is killed, Mason avoids being ran over by the Russian tank. After Woods assists him in getting on the tank, Kravchenko is shown to have survived, and it re-triggers the numbers, and Mason begins to hear Viktor Reznov's voice in his head once again as Woods examines the unconscious Kravchenko. Mason or Woods can kill Kravchenko during interrogation.

Rahmaan then betrays Woods, Mason, Hudson, and Zhao either way, claiming them to be the true enemy, and leaves them in the desert to die. After some time has elapsed an aged Reznov will appear to rescue the team. Woods was highly certain it was just Mason's imagination playing tricks on him again.


The interrogation of Kravchenko has two possible outcomes. If the player allows Mason to give in to his temptations and shoot Kravchenko then the interrogation ends early. The characters will not learn that there is a mole in the CIA. If you mash a button to prevent this then the interrogation will conclude with Woods shooting Kravchenko. They learn that there is a mole in the CIA, which affects later dialogue.


-Kravchenko throughly interrogated - learned about potential mole in CIA

-Kravchenko interrogation insufficient

Video Walkthrough


Completing 2 challenges unlocks the Hip Accuracy perk. Completing 5 challenges unlocks the MM1 Grenade Launcher and the War Machine.

  • Eliminate enemy personnel (x15) with pulwar sword.
  • Destroy an enemy helo with a mortar
  • Destroy a tank with anti-tank mine.
  • Run down enemy personnel (x10) on horseback.
  • Destroy an enemy helo with truck mounted MG.
  • Destroy enemy helos (x4) at North Pass.
  • Utilize Stinger (without aircraft lock-on) to destroy enemy helo.
  • Eliminate enemy personnel (x25) using alternate fire mode on Stinger.
  • Collect intel (x3)
  • 100% survivability rating.

Weapons Loadout

Recommended Loadout

Found in Level

Access Kit Usages

  • The Pulwar Sword is accessible at the beginning, after the player is told to mount on the horse; just a bit further from the horse the player will find a mummified corpse which will have a Pulwar Sword impaled onto it.
  • Mortar shells are available in a locked room inside the cave; before the player exits the cave to mount for the front, pick the locked door at the entrance of the cave, there the player will find the mortar rounds.
  • Anti-tank mines are accessible at the other side of the platform where the player gets the Stinger launcher; close to the two Soviet snipers at the east pass there's a locked box where the anti-tank mines can be found.


Intel Items


Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - High IQ Achievement Guide (Part 1)


Even the Minigun is fired one-handed when riding the horse (although the future Death Machine isn't).

  • While on horseback, all weapons are reloaded off-screen, and most of them are held with one hand. However:
    • Using a weapon that requires two hands, like a pistol with a Tactical Knife, will make the player ride without holding the reins.
      • The player will still not be able to knife, and the reload animation will still be done off-screen like other weapons.
    • Weapons that are normally reloaded with each round individually (Executioner, Remington 870 MCS, KSG, SPAS-12 and War Machine) will be loaded completely at once.
    • The Combat Axes and C4 are thrown with no visible hand.
      • Furthermore, there is no visible hand pulling the grenades' pins (which means they float mid-air), unless the player is holding a weapon that requires two hands.
    • If the player selects an assault rifle's underbarrel grenade launcher, Mason still holds the rifle with one hand and can fire the launcher without holding its trigger.
    • The player cannot place anti-tank mines nor claymores; they must get off in order to do so.
    • The RPG, RPG-7 and Manual Crossbow still appear to have a loaded round after being fired.
  • This mission is set on Menendez's birthday.
  • At this point of time, Viktor Reznov would be 73 years old.
  • At the beginning of the mission, the famous Buddhas of Bamiyan can be seen carved into the sides of the canyon. This can also be seen on the mission's menu picture.
  • If the player has a Stinger equipped, they can launch a missile into one of the statues on the sides of the mountains and destroy it.
  • The countries that Kravchenko mentions during interrogation, Cuba and Angola, are the countries in which the first mission of Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Black Ops II, respectively, take place.
  • "Reznov" can be seen with all fingers intact, further proving that he is not real and is just another one of Mason's hallucinations.
  • Using the anti-tank mines to destroy the BTRs at the West Blocking Point and the ammo cache will not count as completing the "destroy tanks" challenge.
    • Due to an oversight, these mines also explode when walked over by horses and even humans.
  • Using the Death Machine or Minigun for the custom loadout, it only takes one bullet to destroy the BTR-60's. It is also possible to destroy the Mi-8 and the Mi-24 helicopters with about 10 bullets from the Death Machine or Minigun.  
  • During Kravchenko's interrogation, Mason cocks his M1911, but the hammer does not slide back.
    • Strangely, Mason's character model does not cast a shadow, but the M1911 does, which makes it seem like the pistol is floating midair.
  • When interrogating Kravchenko, if Mason chooses to resist the numbers, in the later mission "Suffer With Me", Woods will remember Kravchenko saying "He even has people in the CIA." when the player captures Noriega, and once again before shooting a "head-bagged man".
  • Grigori Weaver is indirectly mentioned in this mission when Woods interrogates Kravchenko and tells him "You believe in an eye for an eye?!"
  • Strangely enough, when Mason barely avoids being crushed by the colossal tank, his horse just disappears.
  • When Woods shoots Kravchenko in the head after the interrogation, the M1911 sound effect from Black Ops 1 can be heard.



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