"Alright comrade, you're with me. Pay attention, and follow my orders, or I will shoot you myself."
— Sgt. Puskov to Pvt. Sokolov

Sergeant Oleg Puskov (Russian: Олег Пусков) was a Russian soldier appearing in Call of Duty: Finest Hour. During the Second World War, he served with the 13th Guards Rifle Division and participated in the Battle of Stalingrad.

Biography Edit

Not One Step Back Edit

Sergeant Puskov makes contact with Private Aleksandr Sokolov immediately after his arrival in Stalingrad and the pair decide to work together as they make their way into the city. Sneaking through pipes into the grounds of a ruined oil refinery, they stumble upon a Red Army assault on a heavily fortified German position, and opt to flank them rather than charge head-on to their deaths. They are successful in flanking the machine gun emplacement and killing the German soldiers operating the weapon, allowing for the Soviet troops to surge forward.

The Flag Must Fall Edit

Puskov and Sokolov, now joined by a larger force, storm a nearby office building with clear sights on Mameyev Kurgan, a dominant height overlooking the city. Puskov orders a machine gun to be placed in a nearby window, which Sokolov must commandeer after the death of the gunner. However, Puskov soon spots a German sniper and rushes to push Sokolov out of sight from the window, only to be shot and killed. A stunned Sokolov then meets the respected sniper Lietenant Tanya Pavelovna, who directs him in an assault on the hill and later takes him on as her spotter.

Quotes Edit

"It's a mass attack. They're headed straight for those machine guns! I know a better way in. Follow me!"
— Sergeant Puskov to Private Sokolov, before the assault on the refinery.

"You're still alive comrade, I'm impressed."
— Sergeant Puskov to Private Sokolov.

"German sniper! Look out comrade!"
— Sergeant Puskov moments before his death.

Trivia Edit

  • When he detonates the explosives within the refinery, he still takes damage despite taking cover.
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