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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

"The western world, they believe we are for sale. This is not true, of course. The super-power is for sale. We are merely the buyers. We take the weapons, and we keep them, forever. But, we own them, they do not own us. To die for what you believe, is easy. To fight without sorrow, to wage war without sympathy... this is the only way to become a true soldier. We plan attacks to show sadiq, 'truth'. We will never be captive to foreign power. Yes, there is a price to pay for this, and we are happy to pay- in blood."
— Omar Sulaman

Omar Sulaman (Arabic: ​​​​​​عمر سليمان), also known under the moniker The Wolf is the secondary antagonist of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare[1]. He is the leader of Al-Qatala, a terrorist organization operating in the nation of Urzikstan and is responsible for masterminding the theft of chemical weapons, including chlorine gas from the border country of Kastovia for use against Western targets across the globe. The Wolf pursues independence for his people by any means necessary. His insurgents are solely focused on removing his homeland's foreign occupiers. To demonstrate their resolve, Al-Qatala is determined to inflict mass casualties anywhere, anytime. This places him directly at odds with the Urzikstani Liberation Force, led by Farah Karim.



Omar Sulaman is the leader of the Al-Qatala terrorist organization, responsible for plotting terror attacks, inspiring sleeper cells and lone followers to band together against world power. However, Sulaman was also once a freedom fighter, a leader and a hero in the eyes of the West. He gave up a life of relative comfort to fight Russian influence in Afghanistan and was a key ally to Western forces in the region until he grew intolerant of what he saw as a lack of will on the part of intervening political and military leaders. In contrast to terrorist factions who promote religiosity and strict doctrine, Sulaman is different; calling for actions that favor anarchy over institution. Today, Sulaman sees modern “empire and enterprise” as his enemy, calling Al-Qatala to bring down government establishments by any means necessary.

In 2013, Sulaman issued a laminated card of script, signifying his split from Western backed forces, vowing to exploit his knowledge of “western strategic limitations.” The card's message is critical to understanding Omar's influence over loyalists and followers carrying out operations in his name. The ‘Sulaman card’ reads: "Never be captive to foreign interest: Destroy their economies, burn their culture, sink their ships and kill them over land and air." Sulaman espouses lawlessness, violence and chaos. He has no known religious ties and encourages followers to “take control by asserting will over the weak.” Sulaman believes that, “those who tolerate oppression, deserve their fate.”

Omar's father built up a successful construction company but was forced to provide low-cost bids for relations of royalty, religious leaders, military and government. As a young man, Omar witnessed this rampant corruption and hypocrisy with disgust, motivating his anger and planting the seeds of rebellion in his unruly soul. Establishing his own independent presence, Sulaman erected intensive training camps across the Middle East. When Sulaman broke ties with all powers in the proxy wars crippling his region, his camps attracted ‘soldiers’ from all over the world. He called those new fighters, “Al-Qatala” (The Killers). Both the man, and the movement gained mass support. The unrelenting, ‘lone wolf’ independent philosophy earned Sulaman the nickname, “Aldhiyb” (The Wolf). Later that year, the Wolf decided to direct his own attacks— Ascending to a de facto leadership position at the helm of Al-Qatala.

The Wolf has not been seen in public for several years, maintaining a series of safe houses across Europe and Asia. His whereabouts are fiercely guarded by layers of security and civilian soldiers, empowered by Sulaman's aspirational message, and the fear of his strikes are a potent and proven recruitment tool. Intel regarding the Wolf's medical condition and health are sketchy, but recent reports claim Sulaman was severely injured in a 2014 Russian airstrike in the occupied country of Urzikistan, losing all or most of his vision in both eyes. Shortly after the attack, Sulaman released a message via social media, reassuring followers that “The blood of revenge, is never in vain.”[2]

The Wolf made a deal with Hadir Karim, the older brother and lieutenant of Urzikstan Liberation Force's leader Farah, to secretly steal chlorine gas from General Roman Barkov's facility in Kastovia. The theft was successful despite encountering U.S. Marines led by "Alex". The Wolf and his second-in-command Jamal "The Butcher" Rahar then recorded a video footage message to an Al-Qatala cell in the United Kingdom before they lead a terrorist attack on Piccadilly Circus in London. The attack was stopped thanks to S.A.S. and the Metropolitan Police Service, who had gotten intel on it before it happened. Despite this, many innocent people, including children, were killed in the process.

After S.A.S. led by Captain Price and Sergeant Garrick intercepted the cell's hideout in Camden, they learned where in Urzikstan the Wolf was located: Rammaza Hospital. The Wolf was inside the hospital and Al-Qatala had taken over it, where he was doing another video footage with captured American soldiers, planning to execute them. However, he was intercepted and captured by "Alex" and the Demon Dogs before he could achieve that, before being taken to the U.S. Embassy.

At the Embassy, the Butcher leads Al-Qatala outside, demanding the Wolf be released or they come and get him. The Wolf claims that he didn't steal the chlorine gas and that his men will free him. After he was moved to the Ambassador's residence, his words rang true as he was successfully broken out by Al-Qatala while "Alex", Farah, Hadir, Price and Garrick fought off against enemy forces. The Wolf and Butcher then met with Hadir, who had revealed his betrayal and then planned to use the gas to remove foreign power across the world, while Hadir wanted to personally kill Barkov and destroy the gas himself.


The Wolf retreated to his underground teahouse when the S.A.S. and C.I.A. worked together in a joint operation to capture him. As Farah and "Alex" head down the tunnels after being separated from the group, they fought through Al-Qatala forces while being confronted by Hadir, who claimed that Al-Qatala were their allies. When "Alex" and Farah were separated, the Wolf talks on the speaker as the CIA operative fought enemy fighters lighting the shafts on fire. The two reunite and find the Wolf wearing a bomb vest that was counting down, and they defuse the bomb after they kill him, and his body was later bagged and taken back to base.