For other campaign missions of the same name, see On The Run.
"Escape to the shore by fighting through the underground catacombs."
— Mission description

"On the Run" is the third level in Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS). In this level the player plays as Sgt. Thomas Hayes. The rescue team is on the run from Cuban soldiers and have to escape. Eventually they find a helicopter and use it to save Michael Shaw.


Weapon LoadoutEdit

Starting WeaponryEdit



  • The vases in the map will not break if shot.
  • A glitch may occur when knifing an enemy in the level where the game may make an odd beep and freeze.
  • There is a small gap between the flames of the torches and the torches themselves.
  • When commanding your teammates to defend the mine, Patterson's and Ruiz's voices may get mixed up.
  • Capt. Patterson may glitch and cut the barbed wire without moving to it first.
  • The player can actually walk through the cut barbed wire unharmed.
  • At the helipad, you can see the powerplant destroyed by Shaw in Coastal Run.
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