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The One Inch Punch is a melee upgrade in the Zombies map Origins. It allows the player to punch zombies with a powerful force, causing zombies to fly away, similarly to the Thundergun from Call of Duty: Black Ops. It can kill a zombie with a single melee attack until round 19.

In order to obtain it, the player must charge up four chests that are located throughout the map, by killing a specific amount of zombies near them. If a Giant Robot steps on a chest while it's not yet full, it will be reset, and the players will have to kill more zombies. Once completed, players can go to a Rituals of the Ancients station and they will be rewarded with the One Inch Punch, in the form of a glowing energy ball.

The four chests are located as follows: one is in the Robot footprint next to Generator 5/Stamin-up, another is in the Robot footprint to the left of the first entrance to the excavation site, another is in the Robot footprint to the right of Generator 4/Juggernog (not the footprint containing the wind portal), and finally one in the Robot footprint outside the Church, on the side closest to the excavation site. Each chest must be filled with 30 zombie souls. Odin (the Giant Robot who patrols the center of the map), is a major hindrance, as he has the potential to close three of the chests in one go. 

Should a player bleed out and lose their One Inch Punch, or otherwise not be present in game when the chests are completed and the Punch is unlocked, the player in question must simply go to a Ritual of the Ancients station, highlight their crosshair over the bottom most medal, and press the action button. The Punch will then be re-obtainable for the player.

The One Inch Punch can be upgraded during the Little Lost Girl easter egg, after killing a certain number of Templar zombies with glowing arms in the staff room with the Punch. It gains a one hit kill attack until round 36 and appears to affect zombies with what staff the player is holding at the moment.


  • The One Inch Punch is a reference to a martial exercise move of the same name in which a person is knocked back several feet from a punch only one inch away popularized by actor and martial artist Bruce Lee.
  • The upgraded One Inch Punch is the strongest melee attack in Zombies, followed by the Golden Spork.
  • The Golden Spork is similar to the One Inch Punch, both having a weaker variant that can be upgraded (the Golden Spork's weaker variant being the Silver Spoon). 
  • Unlike other melee weapons, the One Inch Punch can headshot zombies.
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