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Oozers are a type of enemy in the Exo Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that appear in the map Infection.


Oozers can be noticed by the green acid that flows from their body and the black splotches on their body and arms. Oozers will spawn along with regular zombies as soon as round 5.

Oozers constantly drop puddles of acid on the ground wherever they walk. Walking over these will damage the player. While the damage dealt can be minimized by purchasing Exo Health, Oozers that are not quickly killed can drop a lot of acid on the ground, which is dangerous if the player is chased by hordes of zombies. As such, it might be worth prioritizing them over other zombies to prevent them from dropping more acid.

Oozers have yellow eyes like the regular zombies, but they are slightly greenish, which may make it hard to tell them apart when in groups. The Player will have to pay attention to their acid clouds to identify them.


  • They were announced to be named Acid Drippers. The in-game loading screen refers them to as Oozers, however.