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For the Campaign level, see Operation 40.
Operation 40
Op 40 Insignia BO
Operation 40 logo in multiplayer
Leader(s) Central Intelligence Agency
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops
Country United States of America
Type Faction

Operation 40 is a CIA group in Call of Duty: Black Ops, comparable to the Studies and Observation Group. They appear in two missions one called "Operation 40," another is "Executive Order" and are a faction in multiplayer.

The faction's role in the campaign is mostly focused on the insurrection in Cuba and the planned assassination of Fidel Castro. Later they were assigned to destroy a rocket in Baikonur. However, intel reports show that Op 40 included an active recruitment drive to find suitable members for later black operations.

Known operativesEdit


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  • The Scavenger and Lightweight character models have Christian crosses on their necks.
  • Some Op 40 members have Cuban Armed Forces emblems on their hat.
  • The Op 40 in "Operation 40" and the ones in multiplayer appear to be different, due to the fact that the ones in single player appear to be a group of Cuban rebels allied to the US, wheres in multiplayer they appear to be Americans.