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The Opel Blitz is a truck seen in all Call of Duty games set in World War II.

In Game Edit

"3 ton military truck used by German military during WWII for troop transportation and supply duties"
Call of Duty 3 description.

The Opel Blitz has been seen in every Call of Duty game taking place during World War II as well as making a cameo appearance in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Being the Wehrmacht's primary transport vehicle, it is seen frequently as a static prop and vehicle.

The 101st Airborne used one to insert and extract a rescue team to a chateau in the Bavarian Alps and in a P.O.W. Camp named Dulag IIIA in Austria. The British then used one to escape the Eder Dam.

Then in Call of Duty 2, the 7th British Armored Division use the Opel Blitz to evacuate wounded Americans and infiltrate the walls of El Daba.

It makes an appearance in "Endgame" in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, where it appears to use the model and desert skin from Call of Duty 2. It has the name "opfor_truck" within the level's memory.

Several Opel Blitz trucks can be seen parked outside of the zombies map Nacht Der Toten.

It makes an appearance in Call of Duty: WWII. It is used in the mission "Collateral Damage" to evacuate German citizens and is used as a static prop in the rest of the game. It is also, used in "Ambush" when some German capture Zussman and Daniels gives chase to save him. The truck can also be seen in the cutscenes of the multiplayer War Mode map "Operation Breakout" if the Axis team wins the round.


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