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<u>'''ROOM 9'''</u>
<u>'''ROOM 9'''</u>

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Mason wakes up in ROOM 9 strapped to a chair.

Interrogator: Wake up. WAKE UP!

Mason: Where am I --? Where's Reznov?

Interrogator: You will answer our questions. Do you understand?

Mason: Who the hell are you?

Interrogator: That's not important. What's important is who are. What's your name?

Mason: Fuck you.

Interrogator: Where were you born.

Mason: Kiss my ass.

Mason is electrocuted

Mason: AARRRGH!!!

Interrogator: Your name is Alex Mason. You were born in Fairbanks, Alaska. In 1961 you served in a CIA assassnation team known as Operation 40. Is that correct?

Mason is electrocuted again

Mason: AARRGH!

Interrogator: Is that correct?

Mason: Yes.

Interrogator: Where is the broadcast station?

Mason: I don't know what you're talking about --

Interrogator: The numbers, Mason. What do they mean? Where are they broadcast from?

Mason: I don't know anything about any numbers!

Interrogator: What about Dragovich? Do you remember him? Give us what we want and we'll garantee your saftey.

Mason is again electrocuted


Interrogator: Let's start at the beginning. Cuba, 1961. The Bay of Pigs. We know we were there.


Mason: No --

Interrogator: Do not &%# with me, Mason. I know when you're lying. '61. Bay of Pigs. What happened?

Mason: [laughs] We all got killed.

Interrogator: There's no use lying, Mason. We know you went in with Woods and Bowman.

Mason: Woods...And Bowman.

Interrogator: Dragovich. Do you remember Dragovich?

Mason: Castro... We went in to kill Castro.

Havana, Cuba

Woods: The police are gonna be here soon... Let's make this quick.

Woods lights a cigar. Fades in to a Bar where Woods, Bowman and Mason are talking with Carlos.

Carlos: Woods. It's been a while.

Woods: Not enough Carlos, you know Bowman, right?

Bowman: Carlos.

Woods: This is Mason.

Mason: What's up, Carlos.

Woods: So you got what we need?

Carlos pulls out a map

Carlos: He will be in here... Plantation... My old plantation. Our attack on the airfield should distract them enough to, get you inside.

Woods: What about the evac?

Carlos: We will have transport waiting for you. Just be there.

Woods takes the map

Woods: Excellent. (To Mason) We got company.

A door opens with 4 Milita troops entering the Bar. Woods, Bowman, Mason and Carlos stand like civilans as a Milita troop pushes a women. The Milita Captain looks toward Mason.

Milita Captain: I said where are you from?

Mason: Just be cool, Woods. Wait.

The Captain approaches Mason

Milita Captain: I'm talking to you!

The Captain grabs Mason's arm. Woods stabs his hand with a knife and hits him with a beer bottle. Woods, Bowman and Mason kill the other 3 troops as Carlos gets a M16.

Carlos: Alright - everything is ready.

Carlos throws the M16 to Mason.

Mason: Gear up, boys.

Woods removes the knife from the Captain's hand. Bowman grabs another M16.

Woods: Sorry about the bar, Carlos.

Woods executes the captain

Carlos: No problem... My men will dispose of the bodies...

Woods, Bowman, Carlos and Mason gather up at the Bar exit.

Bowman: Occupants leavin' their vehicles - armed with shotguns.

Woods: Bowman, Carlos. Lay down covering fire. We fight our way through the streets. Mason - on me.

Mason: Let's go...

Bowman and Carlos break the windows as Woods opens the door and him and Mason start out the doorway. They clear out the troops in police cars outside.

Woods: Clear 'em out! Move up the street! Bowman! Take the right!

Bowman: On it.

The 4 fight up the street. Soon more police cars show up.

Woods: Go - Keep moving!

They continue up the street. Soon more police cars zip past them.

Woods: Behind us!

They kill the troops in the cars.

Carlos: Okay, let's move!

They continue up the street to a fountain where lots of police cars show up.

Bowman: Reinforcements!

Woods: Shit... Too many of them! Bowman - Cover our six! This way - into the alley. Get to the car!

Carlos: I will see you at the airstrip! Suerte, My friends!

Mason, Woods and Bowman enter a car. Carlos flees on foot.

Woods: Hit it! Go!

Mason starts the car and reverses the car through a barricade as civilans run across the street

Woods: Get the fuck out of our way!

Mason starts the car forward

Woods: Dammit!

In slow-mo milita troops engage the car as Mason and Woods duck.

Bowman: Roadblock!

Mason: I see it!

Woods: Floor it, Mason!

Mason rams the roadblock. Fades out to ROOM 9.


Interrogator: He's fading away. Mason! You had escaped from the police. The Bay of Pigs invasion had begun. You were heading for Castro's compound.

Interrogator 2: We're losing him. Do it again, we have no choice.

Mason is once again electrocuted

Mason: AARRRGH!!! What the $@!^!

Fades back to Cuba

Plantation, Cuba

Fades in on a hilltop with 2 ziplines overlocking Castro's compound.

Woods: There's the compound... Carlos and his men should be hittin' the airfield... Any minute...

A flare is suddenly launched

Woods: There's the signal... Now. Hook up... This is it.

Woods and Mason use the right zipline while Bowman uses the left. Mason drops down into a yard with 2 troops. Woods and Bowman drop down and melee the 2 troops. The 3 enter a building on the left where they find a guard on the radio.

Bowman: Mason, take him out.

Mason melees the guard.

Woods: Perfect. They're all focused on the airfield. Convoy ahead. Do not engage.

The 3 proceed out a door.

Woods: Sit tight... let them pass.

They stay hidden until the convoy passes.

Woods: Bowman - Left flank. Move out.

The 3 proceed up a small hill to an outpost which they clear out.

Woods: Move quickly! This way - up the stairs.

Bowman: Got it.

Woods: Castro's paranoid... With good reason... we've been trying to get to him for three years.

Mason: Today's the day we succeed.

They fight up the stairs to another building

Bowman: Stay close.

They breach the building and fight their way up a road to the right to a mansion and head up some stairs to a double door.

Woods: Inside. Go.

They breach the mansion.

Woods: Bowman - Take the roof. Any trouble - give us a yell.

Bowman: Got it.

Bowman heads to a balcony and climbs up a fence

Woods: Mason - on me. We search room to room 'till we find Castro.

Woods and Mason fight their way down a hallway as bombers start crippling the mansion.

Woods: What the fuck?!!! Bowman - what's happening?

Bowman (radio): The B26's. They're droppin' all over the place.

Woods: Sit tight... We'll be done in five...

The 2 continue down another hallway to a room

Woods: Target should be up ahead.

Mason: Roger.

They clear the room and reach a door leading to the nest.

Woods: Okay - stack up.

Woods and Mason prepare to breach

Mason: Let's do it.

They breach the nest

Woods: Bowman - Nest is empty. We're moving on.

Bowman (radio): Better make it fast. B26's are about to begin their boming run.

Woods and Mason reach another door leading to the bedroom

Woods: Target should be up ahead.

Mason: Roger.

Woods: Movement inside. Get in position.

They prepare to breach the bedroom

Woods: This is it... Ready to make history?

Mason: Let's do it.

They breach the room where they find Castro's double and Castro's mistress. Castro's double takes Castro's mistress hostage and engages Woods and Mason. Mason kills Castro's double in slow-mo with a headshot. Castro's mistress picks up a shotgun and engages Woods and Mason. Woods kills Castro's mistress and engagea the corpse of Castro's double angrily.

Woods: Crazy bitch... he uses a human shield and she still protects him?!!

Woods engages a double door killing 2 troops

Mason: Castro's supporters are fanatical in their devotion to him.

Woods: Bowman - The target is down.

Bowman: Word from Carlos isn't good; They're barely holding out... They got half the Cuban army down there! And those B26's ain't hitting anything! Movin' to the main hallway.

Woods: Okay, we're on our way.

Woods and Mason move out the door and clear out another room

Woods: Move up. Bowman! Take the right!

Bowman: Roger that.

Woods and Mason move through a double door to the main hall. Bowman suddenly appears out of another double door meleeing a troop and pushing him off the balcony down to the main floor.

Woods: Keep moving!

The 3 fight their way to a stairway leading to the main floor. A bomb suddenly sends the chandlier crashing down.

Woods: DAMMIT! Let's get the fuck out of here before those damn planes blow us to pieces!

They fight their way out the entrance to the courtyard.

Woods: We're pinned down here!

Bowman: This ain't good! There's too many of them! Carlos' men should be here!

Woods: Take out that 50 .cal! Carlos?!!

Carlos' men arrive to fight.

Bowman: Here they come - over the east wall!

Carlos (radio): You think I'd let you down, Woods? My men will cover your escape.

A BTR appears

Woods: BTR!!

Carlos' men destroy the BTR and clear the area

Carlos (radio): Now.. Hurry my friends!

Woods: God bless you, Carlos.

Bowman: This way - into the sugar fields

Woods, Bowman and Mason move through the sugar fields to a hilltop overloocking the airfield

Woods: There's the airfield.

Bowman: Let's hope Carlos secured that evac.

Woods: He ain't let us down yet.

Bowman: The Rebels are getting their asses kicked!

Woods: Better get down there - Hook up...

The 3 hook up

Woods: Go!

They reppel down into the airfield

Carlos (radio): Woods! It's all falling apart... You need to get out of here!

Woods: You secure our transport?

Carlos (radio): The plane is ready... but we'll be torn to pieces on take off!

Woods: One problem at a time, brother. We're leaving... Move it!

The 3 sprint across the airfield to the hangar where Carlos is waiting with the plane

Carlos: Run!

Upon entering the hangar, Mason is dazed by a bomb and boards the plane

Woods: Give us cover, Mason!

Mason protects the plane and soon reaches some ZPUs

Woods: Mason! Take out those ZPUs!

If the plane takes damage

Bowman: This hunk is barely holdin' together!

Mason destroys the ZPUs

Bowman: Woods! We got a problem! Those fucking vehicles are blocking the runway!

Mason: I hear you, Bowman.

Woods: We're screwed. There's not enough time for take off!

Mason: I'll deal with it!

Woods (radio): Mason, are you crazy? They'll chew you up out there. Mason! What are you doing?!!!

Mason jumps off the plane

Woods (radio): Mason!!!!

Mason mounts a ZPU and destroyes the vehicles

Mason: Runway's clear.

Woods (radio): Damn you, Mason.

The plane takes off

Mason: No choice, Woods. I knew what you signed up for. I'll be fine. Go - Get out of here!

Kravchenko suddenly pulls him off the ZPU. A trooper melees him with an RPG knocking him unconscious

Harbour, Cuba

Mason awakens seeing Kravchenko, Dragovich and Castro disscusing what to do with him. The 3 turn towards Mason.

Mason: You're dead... We killed you...

Castro: (To Mason) No... You killed a double... You think we didn't know of your plan?

Dragovich: We always know...

Castro: (To Dragovich) Do with him what you wish, General... He's my gift to you, in honor of our new relationship... Just... Make sure that he suffers...

Dragovich: He will know suffering beyond his darkest fears...

Dragovich crouches and looks closely towards Mason's face

Dragovich: I have plans for you, Amercian...


Mason: Oh, he did. Dragovich sure did.

Fades out, level ends

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