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Operation Blood Storm
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Previous level Operation Black Flag
Game Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Character Nick Reyes
E3N "Ethan" (controlled by Nick Reyes)
Team Special Combat Air Recon
Place Tharsis Shipyard 02, Cydonia, Mars
Date May 8th
Objective Trojan Horse
Use the F-SPAR energy weapon on the SDF fleet.
Get ordnance control back up.
Clear the way for the Olympus to ram the Shipyard.
Defend Salter.

Crash Landing
Find any survivors from the wreckage.
Find Griff and gear up.
Assemble your team and lead the attack on the SDF base.
All or Nothing
Lead the ground assault on the SDF base.
Eliminate the SDF AA gun.
Eliminate the second SDF AA gun.
Eliminate the third SDF AA gun.
Gain access to the SDF Space Elevator.
Take the Space Elevator to the SDF Shipyard.
Assault the Shipyard
Destroy the SDF Shipyard.
Stop the ambush.
Get to Firing Control and release the Weapons Systems.
Activate firing controls.
Use Ethan to release the moorings.
Destabilize the reactor to release the moorings.

Enemies Settlement Defense Front
Multiplayer map Crusher, Skydock and Dominion
Zombies map Elements of The Beast from Beyond
"Storm the SDF defenses guarding the space elevator to the shipyard above Mars."
— In-game description
"Ladies and Gentlemen. We do not fight here to win. Our battle, is so that those we fight for, do not lose. There are billions of people back home who don't know what we're doing... But they will know exactly what we've done."
Nick Reyes

"Operation Blood Storm" is the seventh and final campaign level in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

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