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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Cutscene #1 (Trojan Horse)[]

The Retribution and commandeered Olympus Mons launch into space.

Reyes: Listen up, the front is unaware we control the Olympus. We're going to Mars. Ethan, set a drop course for SetDef's Orbital Shipyard. We'll use their own ship against them and launch a full assault from the Olympus bridge. The Front destroyed our fleet. Let's do the same to them.

Gator: What are my orders, sir?

Reyes: Hold here, Gator. Call you if I need you. Go for drop, Ethan.

Ethan: Mars coordinates locked. 3, 2, 1...

The Olympus Mons enters FTL travel.

Salter: Influx in 3, 2, 1...

The Olympus Mons emerges near Mars, with the SDF Orbital Shipyard directly ahead.

Ethan: SDF shipyard bears 0, 0, 0, Captain.

Gameplay (Trojan Horse)[]

Reyes: Let's clear a path through this defensive screen then engage it with everything we've got.

Ethan: Activating weapons.

SDF Spaceport Control: Olympus, verify fire status. You are reading weapons red.

Ethan: Negative, tower. Olympus is weapons safe. Stand by for systems check.

Reyes activates the Olympus Mons' F-SpAr cannon.

Ethan: Targeting is in your HUD, Captain.

Reyes: Go missiles loose!

Ethan: Aye, sir!

Salter: Weapons away!

Reyes begins charging the F-SpAr.

Ethan: Sir, you're free to target a ship. Spectral cannon is online.

The F-SpAr finishes charging. Reyes fires at at an SDF destroyer, obliterating it. The crew shields their eyes from the F-SpAr's light.

Brooks: Holy shit.

Kashima: Damn that's bright.

Ethan: That radiation could be dangerous.

Salter: To us?

Ethan: Well probably.

Confused radio chatter can be heard from the SDF ships, who now respond to the attack. Reyes continues to engage ships with the F-SpAr.

Ethan: SDF forces are responding. Prepare for contact.

SDF Nemesis: We're under attack! What the hell is happening?!

The SDF begins attacking the Olympus Mons.

Ethan: We've lost aft starboard battery 6!

SDF Spaceport Control: Olympus, requesting strike group Admiral immediately!

Salter: They want Kotch.

Reyes: Tower, actual is unavailable at this time.

SDF Spaceport Control: We are detecting live fire from your vessel! Please confirm!

As the battle continues, the crew calls out targets, and when the F-SpAr is charged.

Ethan: Cannon fully charged, sir.

Kashima: Enemy warship closing at 3-3-0! Enemy fighters at 1-4-0!

Additional SDF ships jump in to defend their home. SDF continues to attack the Olympus Mons, damaging its weapons.

Ethan: Weapons capacity down to 75%.

SDF Spaceport Control: Olympus, stand down!

The Olympus Mons is damaged further.

Salter: Port engine room is compromised.

Ethan: Captain, weapons capacity is below 40%.

Salter: Shit. We'll need every bit of that!

SDF Nemesis: Those shots are coming from the Olympus!

Brooks: Ordnance at 30%!

SDF Spaceport Control: All stations, Olympus fire is hostile!

Reyes' HUD shows the Olympus heavily damaged

Ethan: Sir, ship is in reserve.

Reyes: Exhaust everything we got!

SDF Ship: Control, we're tracking incoming! Attempting evasive maneuvers.

Reyes fires one last F-SpAr shot.

SDF Ship: Multiple hull breaches! Thrust control is down!

SDF Spaceport Control: All stations, designate OM as hostile. Fire is intentional.

The F-SpAr cannon fails.

Salter: Weapons sour. Hang fire! Hang fire!

Reyes: Ethan, status?

Ethan: Remaining weapons systems are offline, Captain. We don't have enough firepower to destroy the shipyard.

Reyes: Ethan, hold course for the shipyard.

Salter: What's the plan?

Reyes: You and I handle the boarding parties. Try to get Ordnance Control back up.

Salter: Check. Brooks, Kashima, secure the bridge.

Brooks: Lieutenant.

Kashima: Yes, ma'am.

Reyes: Ethan, you got the conn. Call sign, 'Metal-1'. Let's move!

Reyes and Salter leave the bridge and take the elevator towards Ordnance Control. As they descend the elevator, the ship is rocked by impacts.

Salter: Metal-1, report.

Ethan: SetDef has breached. They're moving to navigation.

The elevator reaches the navigation floor.

Ethan: Olympus 6s are engaging now.

Salter: Copy.

Reyes and Salter move towards navigation. They meet up with UNSA Marines who are also heading that way. A Marine carries a wounded Marine away. Another Marine activates some C6s.

Salter: No one enters the bridge, understood?

UNSA Marine: Yes, ma'am.

Salter: If SetDef takes control of these C6's, we're in deep shit.

Reyes: If we don't get ordnance back up, it won't matter.

They reach navigation and encounter SDF troops. Reyes lowers his visor.

Reyes: Bridge, contact at navigation. C6s are dug in!

Salter: SetDef in the control room!

The UNSA forces and C6's engage the SDF troops. Reyes and Salter call out targets.

Salter: Near the terminal! On the lookout!

Reyes: By the radar! Watch the wheelhouse!

They clear the enemies in navigation and begin moving towards ordnance control.

Ethan: Sir, shipyard is in range. If we can't get weapons loose, what's our course of action?

Reyes: We've still got the Olympus Mons; we can use it to ram the shipyard.

Salter: Collision maneuver?

Reyes: A direct hit should bring the shipyard down. Salt?

Salter: Who're you asking?

Reyes: Let's push!

They reach ordnance control, but the door is locked.

Salter: Ordnance control's through here. Let's get this open. Clock's ticking. Panel's out. We can open it manually.

Reyes forces the door open, but once he opens the door, he is sucked through it as the room has decompressed.

Salter: Reyes! Ethan, ordnance room's blown out!

Salter tries to hold on to the doorframe but loses her grip and crashes into Reyes.

Reyes: Bridge, we are out of options. Prepare to ram the shipyard!

Ethan: Captain, the Olympus is gonna be torn up by SetDef forces before we're on target.

Reyes: Send Jackals to our position. We'll run close air for you. Keep Olympus pointed at the shipyard. Full speed ahead, clear?

Ethan: Clear, sir.

SDF soldiers start coming in through the hole in the ship.

Reyes: Guns up, they're on us!

Reyes and Salter clear all the enemies from the breach.

Reyes: Where are my birds, Metal-1?

Ethan: Moments away, sir.

The Jackals arrive.

Salter: I see them.

Reyes: Raider to Main. I need Retribution on station for fire support and possible extraction. How copy?

Gator: Solid, Actual. Be advise, Retribution guidance systems are impaired; cannot guarantee jump accuracy.

Reyes and Salter enter their Jackals.

Reyes: Gator, go for jump. Defend Olympus, guns hot.

Gator: Roger, 3, 2, 1.

The Retribution jumps in to the battle.

Salter: Retribution is in the AO.

The Retribution destroys an SDF ship.

Reyes: Fangs out, Salt.

Salter: Right with you, Slick.

Reyes: Check. Metal-1, we'll run fire support with Ret. You keep your eye on the prize.

Ethan: Aye, sir.

Reyes and Salter begin engaging the Skelters and destroyers.

Reyes: Retribution hangar deck.

Gibson: Go for hangar, Captain.

Reyes: Boss, we're short on pilots but I need all available Jacks. I know you're an Ace.

Gibson: I can fly for you, sir. Airborne in 30 seconds.

Reyes: Fair winds, LT.

Gibson: Thank you, Captain!

Ethan: Hull integrity is at 43%.

Reyes: Hold course and prep for evac. Gator, status report.

Gator: She's holding together, but I don't know how much more damage she can take.

Gibson: Captain! Bandits on my six!

Reyes: Gibson!

Gibson: I've been hit! I'm going down!

Reyes: Boss! Boss!

Gator: Captain, I've lost main thrusters! Mars' gravity well is tugging hard.

Reyes: Copy. Prep Retribution for exfil, Gator. (Subtitles say "Copy. Prep Ret for exfil, Gator.")

Ethan: Olympus hull integrity is critical.

Reyes: Affirm. We're close. All ahead full.

The UNSA forces continue to engage Skelters and destroyers to defend the Olympus. Chatter can be heard during the battle.

Reyes: Shit. Do not deviate, Metal-1! | Olympus, watch six! | Fox 2 from one!

Salter: Ret's getting smacked, Reyes! | Fox 3 from two!

Ethan: Tracking incoming! | Threats locked on again! | Direct hit! We've lost aft stabilizers! | Port thrusters hit! Critical decompressions in multiple sectors! | Missiles inbound, 2-5-0 mark 6. | Multiple bandits, 3-1-0. Repositioning. | We can't take another hit like that.

Gator: Splash! Splash! Check low at 3-6-0. | Threats high. Reference north. | We're lit at 3-1-0!, two four!

Reyes takes out the enemy destroyers, Skelters, and Aces.

Salter: Getting thrashed out here, Raider! A little help?

Reyes: Stand by, Salt. I'm heading your way!

Salter: Throttle up, I can't shake 'em.

Reyes engages the Skelter that is on Salter's tail.

Reyes: Salt, I'm visual.

Salter: Reyes, watch your six!

Reyes' Jackal is hit from behind, disabling it and igniting it on fire

Reyes: 1-1 is hit. Double engine stall. Trying auxiliary. Metal-1, this is it. Lock in and ram the shipyard!

Gator: Captain, Retribution is losing altitude. Cannot avert.

The Olympus Mons can be seen heading directly towards the Retribution.

Ethan: Affirmed, Captain. They're veering right into our path. Collision imminent.

Reyes: Ethan, pull up now!

Ethan: Aye, sir!

The Olympus Mons fires its bottom thrusters in an attempt to avoid the Retribution, however its forward starboard thrusters are damaged and ineffective. The Olympus rolls to its starboard side, which collides into the Retribution's deck, causing an explosion.

Reyes: Shit!

Ethan: Mayday, mayday, mayday. This is the Olympus Mons. Systems unresponsive, craft in rapid descent.

Reyes' Jackal begins going down as well.

Gator: All stations, Retribution is in nav system casualty. Full power loss.

Salter: Port engine fire. 1-2 is going down, Raider.

Salter's Jackal is seen burning and going down in front of Reyes.

Reyes: No! Salt! Mayday, mayday, mayday. 1-1 is breaking up. I can't hold her!

The screen cuts to black.

Gameplay (Crash Landing)[]

Reyes wakes up in his crashed Jackal. His HUD warns him of high temperatures as the Jackal is still burning. Reyes pushes the canopy open and climbs out.

Gator: All stations! All stations! Experiencing critical failures!

Reyes: No...

Gator: Warship can't maintain altitude!

Reyes then gets up.

Gator: Abandon ship! Abandon ship!

The Retribution can be seen ahead going down. Jackals can be seen escorting the crashing ship.

Gator: Retribution, going down! Brace for impact!

The Retribution crashes, creating a large explosion.

Reyes: Retribution, this is Raider, do you copy?! Gator?! Gator?!

Reyes gets no response.

Brooks: We're at the crash site...soldier down...heavy bleeding! We need immediate CASEVAC...!

Reyes: This is 1-1, copy Medivac, what is your location?

Reyes gets static back.

Reyes: Negative copy, 1-1. Transmitting in the blind, I say again, negative copy. What's your location?

Reyes starts heading towards the crash site. As he does, he sees the Olympus Mons going down overhead.

Reyes: Ethan...

The Olympus Mons crashes near a building, creating a large explosion. Reyes reaches a group of marines who have crashed. A marine is seen tending to a wounded marine.

Crashed Marine: Over here, sir!

Reyes: Marines!

Crashed Marine: Glad you made it, sir. Sgt. Brooks is up that way.

Reyes: Thanks, Marine. Take care of him.

Crashed Marine: Yes, sir.

Dead and wounded marines can be seen about. Reyes finds Brooks and Kashima in the wreckage of a crashed Raven. Brooks waves at Reyes.

Brooks: Captain!

Reyes approaches them. Kashima is pinned down by some debris.

Brooks: Hurry up, sir- help me get this off of him. Hang in there buddy- Captain Reyes is gonna help us.

Kashima: No problem, sir.

Reyes helps Brooks with lifting the debris off Kashima.

Kashima: I'm good, I'm good, Commander. Just a little stuck is all...

Reyes: Alright, we gotcha, Kash.

They lift the debris off Kashima, but Kashima has been wounded by the debris. Brooks applies pressure to Kashima's wound.

Brooks: Hold him down, Captain! He's bleeding bad. We have to seal him now. I'll go get a medkit. You need to take over and apply pressure.

Reyes takes over applying pressure while Brooks leaves to find a medkit.

Reyes: I have him, go.

Kashima: Sorry, sir. Always have been a bleeder.

Reyes: Don't worry, Kash. We got ya.

Kashima: I'll probably get a Purple Heart for this huh? That'll impress the Lieutenant.

Reyes: Yeah. Yeah, she'll love it.

Kashima: I can- I can still fight.

Reyes: I know you can, Marine. We're gonna get you back out there in no time. Brooks, where's that medkit? Let's go!

Sparks come out from Kashima's helmet.

Kashima: Is that rain, sir?

Kashima goes limp and his head rolls to the side.

Cutscene #2 (Regroup)[]

Reyes lets go of Kashima. Brooks returns.

Reyes: Rest in peace, Kash.

Brooks: I couldn't find anything, sir.

Reyes: It's okay, Sergeant. We tried.

Brooks: Hell of a day, Commander.

Reyes stands up. Brooks places his hand on Kashima's chest to pay respect.

Brooks: Semper Fi, Marine.

Reyes: Let's get to the Ret.

Brooks: Sir. Marines!

Reyes, Brooks, and two Marines begin walking towards the Retribution crash site. They eventually reach it. A UNSA Marine jumps out and points his weapon at them. Reyes raises his hands while Brooks and the other two Marines point their weapons at the Marine.

Marine Guard: Stand fast! Identify yourself!

Reyes: Blue, blue! It's Commander Reyes. I've got Marines with me.

Reyes puts his hands down. The Marines all put down their weapons. The Marine who confronted them walks up to Reyes.

Marine Guard: Commander, Sergeant, good to see you guys. Right this way.

The Marine leads them to the Retribution crew's camp. At the camp, MaCullum pushes a box. She then looks up to see Reyes and the Marines approaching.

MaCallum: Captain? Lieutenant!

Salter turns around and sees them. She walks up to Reyes.

Salter: Where the hell were you?

Reyes: Good to see you too, Salt.

Salter: Brooks.

Brooks: Ma'am.

Salter: Kashima?

Brooks: KIA, Lieutenant.

Reyes: Gibson too.

MaCallum: Peace to the fallen.

Salter: Your men are waiting for you, Sergeant. Get 'em set. Stand by for orders.

Brooks: Marines, on me.

Brooks and his Marines leave to rejoin the rest of the Marines.

Reyes: Gimme a sitrep?

Salter: Salvaged what we could from the Ret. Comms are up.

MaCallum: Lift platform to the shipyard is 100 klicks north-north east. We're in the middle of nowhere out here.

Salter: SDF scout ship came through. We shot it down.

Reyes: There'll be others.

Salter: We'll be ready for them.


MaCallum: No signal. We're isolated.

Reyes: I'll do whatever it takes to keep us secure.

MaCallum: You're our leader, sir. Not our savior.

Reyes: I hold myself accountable, Chief.

MaCallum: As you should. You aborted the mission, Captain.

Salter: He saved his ship and crew, Chief.

MaCallum: And that's noble, but the shipyard remains intact. Look, the strength of the pack is in all the wolves, Captain. All in, no matter the cost. They were ready. Now, if you don't have the will to make that kind of choice, then like me, you have no place being in command.

Reyes: I couldn't ram my own ship. I would have killed them.

MaCallum: They came to win. This doesn't look like victory.

Suddenly, an SDF ship appears.

Salter: SDF scout ship!

Reyes, Salter, and MaCallum take cover.

Reyes: Take cover. Watch your round count.

Salter: Wait 'til it's close.

Ethan: All stations, this is Metal-1.

Reyes: Ethan? What's your position?

Ethan: Inbound, sir. Marking now.

Reyes: Check your fire!

The SDF ship hovers in front of them. The door opens, revealing Ethan and a group of C6s.

Ethan: Robot Army reporting for duty, sir.

Salter: He hacked the Olympus bots.

Reyes: Smart bastard. How many did you get?

Ethan: Full company, sir. I mean, they're idiots, but they can fight.

Reyes: Good work, Metal-1. Touch down and get ready to go.

Ethan: Aye, sir.

The ship leaves to land.

MaCallum: Captain. We're all with you, sir.

Reyes: Thanks, Chief. Let's get back to work.

MaCallum: Aye, sir.

MaCallum leaves.

Salter: We stay trenched in down here, we're sitting ducks.

Reyes: We're not staying here. We're engaging. Up there.

Reyes points at the shipyard's elevator.

Salter: Storm the gates.

Reyes: Fight our way to the top- Get ourselves a ship. Pass word.

Salter: Rog. I'll get a transport set. Griff's out there, go see him, you need a weapon.

Reyes: Salt, I'm glad you're still here.

Salter: Hell or highwater.

Gameplay (Regroup)[]

Reyes jumps down a ledge into the UNSA camp. Everyone is working and preparing for the attack. Here the player can walk up to the crew to talk to them.

If the player walks to the communications station:

Gator, Boats, and the Comms Officer are seen working on communications.

Gator: Status?

Comms Officer: Transmitter is up, no hits.

Gator: Report all traffic immediately.

Reyes: Gator.

Gator: Commander! We assumed the worst...

Reyes: Likewise. Listen, I need you. Can you shoot?

Gator: Whatever it takes, sir. Quite a maneuver up there, Captain.

Reyes: Didn't seem like a choice, Gator.

Comms Officer: Picture is clear for a hundred miles, sir.

Reyes walks up to Boats.

Reyes: Boats, get yourself armed up.

Boats: Aye, sir.

If the player walks up to Kloos:

The maintenance team is working on some Jackals on the ledge. Kloos supervises them.

Kloos: Sahora! Get the Anti-air up first and then worry about the strike.

Reyes approaches Kloos.

Kloos: Commander. I can get a Jackal ready for you right away, sir.

Reyes: Not necessary, Kloos. I'm leading the ground assault. When you're done here, grab a weapon from Griff. We're Oscar Mike.

Kloos: Aye, sir.

If the player enters the medical tent:

Several wounded Marines are being treated by crew members in the medical tent.

Corpsman: You're a lucky SOB. The shrapnel just missed your artery.

Marine: Just patch me up, doc.

Reyes: Marines. Those of you who can fight, report to Sergeant Brooks. We're moving out.

Outside the tent, Chaplain Fillion and two Marines are sending off a fallen Marine.

Fillion: May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face. And may the rain fall softly upon your fields. Until we meet again. Semper Fi, Marine.

If the player walks up to Ethan and his robots:

Ethan is standing ready with a group of C6s and a C12.

Reyes: Get your Mechs onto the transports. They're spear-heading the assault.

Ethan: Solid copy. Be advised. They're dumber than I thought, sir.

Reyes: That's okay, Ethan. They're cannon fodder.

Ethan: Good call, Sir.

If the player walks up the Brooks and his Marines.

Brooks is discussing the battle plan with the Marines.

Brooks: Get our FKVs loaded in, draw straws on the boost-rigs.

Marine 1: Oorah!

Reyes approaches them.

Brooks: Commander. Bravo's got a strike vehicle and a few good men, sir

Reyes: Well done, Sergeant.

Brooks: What's the plan, Captain?

Reyes: Airships to the elevator and we fight our way to the top.

Brooks: Roger that. See you down range, sir.

Reyes: Count on it.

Brooks and the Marines continue discussing.

Brooks: So what do you think, boys?

Marine 2: It's the best chance we've got.

Marine 1: SetDef bots are a gamble. We need them to make one big ass distraction.

Brooks: Ethan's got them handled.

Marine 1: Aye. You trust him?

Brooks: With my life.

Marine 2: They do their job, we do ours. RV at the elevator.

Brooks: Memorize the plan, gentlemen. We only get one shot at this.

If the player walks up to Hamilton:

Hamilton is inspecting an APC.

Reyes: Hamilton, I need you out there with me on this one.

Hamilton: Thank you sir. I better finish up.

Once Reyes is done, he goes to Griff to get a weapon. MaCallum is also there working on an F-SpAr Torch.

Griff: I'll be damned...

MaCallum: Man's got nine lives.

Reyes: We're mounting an attack. elevator to the shipyard.

Griff: Pulled everything we could find. Good news is there's enough firepower to arm everyone twice over. So take your pick, sir. Hit the terminal when you're ready, Commander.

Reyes uses the weapons terminal.

Reyes: Any recommendations, Griff?

Griff: Whatever's going to kill most of them and leave a few for me.

Reyes selects his loadout. He tries to use the weapons rack but it is damaged and inoperable.

Griff: Not everything made it out unscathed... Got your kit on the table over here, sir.

Reyes picks up his weapon from the table. A Raven lands.

Reyes: Griff, I'm gonna need you behind the barrel.

Griff: Yes, sir.

Reyes: Mac. You lead Echo team.

MaCallum: I'll be ready, Captain.

Reyes walks towards the Raven. He meets Salter at the Raven.

Salter: Shall we?

Reyes: Who's in the cockpit?

Salter: Boggs. We're in good hands.

Reyes: Boggs. Fly low to avoid radar and air defense.

Boggs: Aye sir.

Salter: Who's got my Boost Rig?

UNSA Soldier: Right here, Ma'am.

The soldier attaches the boost rig to Salter. Inside the Raven, the Retribution's Drop Officer, Yetide, prepares a boost rig.

Yetide: I saved one for you, Captain.

Reyes approaches Yetide.

Yetide: We're in short supply but I knew you'd make it, sir.

Reyes: Appreciate it, Yetide.

Reyes turns around to see everyone boarding the Raven. Yetide attaches the boost rig to Reyes.

Reyes: Green to go, Boggs!

Boggs: Up in 3, 2, 1...

The Raven lifts off.

Reyes: Ladies and Gentlemen. We do not fight here to win. Our battle, is so that those we fight for, do not lose. There are billions of people back home who don't know what we're doing... But they will know exactly what we've done. Good luck out there.

Brooks: Oorah!

Cutscene #3 (All Or Nothing)[]

A view of the orbital shipyard is shown.

Reyes: Our primary objective is infiltrating the orbital platform. Flying directly up to the shipyard is a no-go due to their active intercept system so this is a ground assault.

A view of the elevator's base is shown. The attack points and landing zones are indicated as Reyes continues the briefing.

Reyes: Ethan's bots will create a diversion while our Ravens insert on the edge of the platform's perimeter.

The Anti-Air guns are marked on the view.

Reyes: There are three Anti-Air guns that need to be taken out before our birds can move in and provide support.

A view of the crashed Olympus Mons is shown, highlighting the usable ordnance.

Ethan: I'll prime the ordnance I commandeered from the Olympus Mons to hit those AA turrets.

The view returns to the base.

Ethan: Captain, I'll give you access to a drone to designate those strike positions. Hey, should be a blast.

Everyone chuckles.

Reyes: Affirmative, Ethan.

A path from the LZ to the elevator is highlighted.

Reyes: After the guns are down, we push into the facility and ascend to the shipyard.

Gameplay (All Or Nothing)[]

Boggs: Dock in five seconds!

Reyes: Copy, Boggs! It's go time!

Boggs: Roger! Be advised, LZ is hot.

The Raven is rocked by enemy fire.

Reyes: Raider flight to Bravo-1. Follow for infil from the west. All elements, stand by for insert!

The Raven's rear door opens. The Raven then lands hard.

Boggs: Touchdown!

Reyes: Guns up!

Salter: Go! Go!

MaCallum: This is Echo-1. We're encountering heavy resistance. Watch for enemy drop pods!

They charge out of the Raven under enemy fire. Some of the crew are killed as they exit, including Hamilton, Yetide, Boggs, and CommO.

Ethan: Multiple friendlies down!

Reyes: Stay low- get to cover!

They begin pushing through the base. SDF drop pods fall and deploy C6s. The first AA gun can be seen ahead.

Jackal Pilot: AA guns are cuttin' us up!

Salter: Reyes, first pair of AA-guns are visual!

Reyes: Copy! Ethan, let's target that AA!

Ethan: Copy- Drone is overhead, sir. Ordnance set to fire on your mark.

Reyes: Rog'!

Salter: Take out those guns so our Jackals can get through!

Jackal Pilot: AA guns are engaging Jackals!

Reyes marks the AA guns for attack.

Reyes: Target marked!

The artillery comes in and destroys the guns.

Ethan: Good effect on target!

Reyes: Be advised- first AA gun is down!

MaCallum: Copy, Commander. Echo support element is inbound. They'll get you through the door.

A Raven drops off some engineers.

Salter: Echo is on station at the gate.

Gator: Engineers, cut us a hole.

Engineer: Roger, burning in.

They cut through the gate and open it.

Salter: Gate is clear- push in! Entrance is crawling with SDF- Sweep and clear!

A C8 lands past the gate. They take it out. They start pushing towards the next gate.

Reyes: Bravo- Deploy to my position.

Raven Pilot: Raven-3 approaching with reinforcements.

The next gate is guarded by SDF troops and another C8. Reyes may use the Olympus Mons strike if he wishes.

Reyes: Got SetDef on the entrance- gotta smoke 'em to get through.

They clear the area.

Reyes: Area secure, move up!

Raven Pilot: Raven-3, inserting Marines.

A Raven drops off more Marines.

Brooks: Marines- form front, let's go!

Jackal Pilot: Jackals are taking heavy AA fire!

They crew stacks up at the door.

Salter: Door is you and Gator, Reyes. I'll cover you.

Gator: I'll help you at the door, Commander.

Reyes and Gator begin trying to open the door.

Gator: It's good to be in the fight with you, sir.

They pull the door open. An SDF airship appears on the other side with its turret pointed at Reyes and Gator.

Salter: Enemy airship!

Gator: Get down, sir!

Gator pushes Reyes out of the way, but Gator is shot several times and killed by the airship.

Reyes: GATOR!!

Salter: He's gone, Reyes.

Salter pulls Gator's body out of the way.

Reyes: Shit.

The airship flies off. The crew moves through the door, where the AA gun placement is visible.

Jackal Pilot: 2-6 to Raider, we're getting torn up by those AAs!

They hold off the SDF forces until the missile strike finishes rearming.

Ethan: Drone is up and ready, mark your target, sir!

Salter: Mark that AA turret, Reyes!

Reyes begins targeting the AA gun.

Ethan: SetDef's corrupted our Drone link- make this one count, sir.

Reyes marks the target.

Reyes: Target marked!

Ethan: Copy, firing...

The missile strike destroys the turret.

Salter: Boom!

Ethan: Target destroyed, sir!

Griff: Well done, Commander!

They cross a gap and move towards the building that now has a hole in the wall.

Ethan: Main entrance is blocked. Cross here, on me!

Inside the building, there are fires and some SDF soldiers are seen burning. They move through the building towards a door.

Ethan: Door to the orbital platform, dead ahead!

Reyes opens the door. On the other side, an SDF C12 is seen battling some Marines.

Brooks: SDF C-12. Stay sharp!

A Marine blasts the C12 with an F-SpAr Torch, destroying it, but not before the C12 fires a missile at the Marine, killing them.

If Reyes does not already have an F-SpAr Torch:

Salter: Reyes, pick up that FSPAR!

They start pushing up.

Reyes: Griff, shadow the Marines.

Brooks: My guys, fan out!

Reyes: Push forward.

Jackal Pilot: Those AAs won't let up!

Three C8s appear. The crew manages to take them out.

Brooks: Hell bloody yes!

Salter: We're clear!

They push up, where the last set of AA guns can be seen, but it is heavily defended, including some C8s and a C12. Reyes loses access to the missile strike.

Reyes: This is our pinch point.

Griff: There's the last AA gun!

Ethan: Drone is down, Captain. SetDef blocked us. No strike available.

Reyes: Squadron, call for fire. I need guns on these AAs.

Jackal Pilot: Roger. Inbound for gun run. Tome to target: ten seconds.

Salter: That C-12's got your name on it, Reyes!

A dropship drops off another C12.

Salter: Another Mega!

Reyes: I see it!

Salter: Keep hittin' it!

They attack the C12s.

Jackal Pilot: Time to target, 5 seconds. …Jackals are weapons loose, danger close.

The Jackals strafe the area, destroying one AA gun and possibly a C12. However one AA gun still remains.

Jackal Pilot: Captain, be advised, AA guns are still online!

Reyes: Jackal 2-5, I need you to take down the guns by whatever means necessary!

Jackal Pilot: Negative. 2-5 is weapons dry. I got nothing left, sir.

Reyes: 2-5, you gotta hit that position, we're out of options.

Jackal Pilot: Understood, Commander. I'll ram the gun-site. Fair winds, sir. Good luck.

Reyes: Fair winds.

The Jackal crashes into the AA gun, destroying it and the remaining SDF forces around it, as well as blowing open the gate.

Brooks: Rhino team, I want reinforcements on this bridge, pronto!

Raven Pilot: Copy, Rhino team, inbound.

Reyes: Go, go, go!

A Raven drops off more Marines.

Rhino 1-1: Rhino team, on station.

Brooks: Check. Trench in on the bridge. (Subtitles say "Check. Trench in on the entryway bridge.")

Rhino 1-1: Copy.

Reyes: All stations, be advised, AA defenses are down. We're moving up!

Brooks: We cross this bridge, we're in.

They cross the bridge and reach the elevator.

Griff: Good work, Commander.

Reyes opens the shutters to the elevator.

Salter: Inside! Go!

Reyes: Let's go, go, go...

Some of the crew goes in towards the elevator. Reyes stops Griff before he and the rest can go in.

Reyes: Alright, hold up. Griff, take lead.

Brooks: I'll stay down here with my Marines. Buy you some time, sir. (Subtitles say "I'll stay down here with my Marines and buy you time, sir.")

Griff: No! You go up with the Captain. I'll stay here. (Subtitles say "No! Go up with the Captain. I'll stay.")

Brooks: Good man. Take these.

Brooks passes Griff something.

Griff: Get going. I live for a good gunfight.

Brooks: You three. Stay with Griff.

Griff: Give them hell Captain. Alright, you two over there- cover us. You make the far side!

Two crew members seal the shutters. Reyes enters the elevator. The battle can be seen outside.

Salter: Let's get this done and get outta here.

Reyes gets to a stand and puts the harness on.

Griff: Take it to them, sir..

Reyes: Same to you, Warrant Officer.

They elevator begins leaving. Several SDF drop pods land outside.

Reyes: Show them how it's done, Griff.

Griff: They ain't bulletproof, sir!

The elevator's blinds close. Screaming and grunting can be heard.

Cutscene #4 (Assault The Shipyard)[]

The elevator begins ascending.

MaCallum: Peace to the fallen.

Group: Peace to the fallen.

Reyes: Ethan, bring up the shipyard schematics.

Ethan: Roger. Streaming.

A schematic of the shipyard is shown. Ships docked at the shipyard are highlighted.

Ethan: These SDF vessels are in dry dock, sir. They're being built, repaired, or resupplied.

Salter: Can you identify a ship we can use?

One ship is highlighted.

Ethan: Yes, ma'am. I've located one with drop capabilities.

Salter: Good. That's our ride.

Brooks: What's our plan of attack when we get to the top? They will ambush.

MaCallum: He's right. This elevator is the only way up from the surface.

Reyes: I'm sure they're tracking us now.

Gameplay #1 (Assault The Shipyard)[]

Ethan: Sir, I can engage the emergency lock before we get to the summit.

Salter: We'll go exterior. Our boost rigs'll give us an edge.

MaCallum: Ambush the ambush.

Salter: Once we're clear, we can move the elevator up.

Reyes: Affirmative. Salt, Chief, you're with me. Brooks, Ethan, we don't make it, you head up there and kick all the ass you can find. Ethan can fly that ship.

Brooks: Solid copy, Commander.

Reyes: Plan is to rally at the top.

Ethan: Get 'er done, sir.

Reyes: Hold it here, Ethan.

Ethan: Roger. Hang on.

The elevator stops. Reyes, Salter, and MaCallum release their harnesses. They leave the elevator into a hallway.

MaCallum: We've got incoming.

Salter: On you, Reyes.

Two SDF soldiers enter the hallway. Reyes, Salter, and MaCallum take them out.

Salter: I've got them.

Reyes: We need to keep the element of surprise. Let's move.

They move forward. They enter a maintenance area where some soldiers are repairing a drop pod.

Salter: The noise should cover us. Hit the group on the right first.

Reyes silently takes out the soldiers working on the pod. They then silently or loudly kill the remaining SDF soldiers. They then enter an airlock. Reyes cycles the airlock.

MaCallum: Let's keep moving.

Reyes: Keep your eyes open.

They follow the path next to a drop pod launcher. Drop pods are being deployed to the surface.

Salter: They're deploying every bot they have.

Reyes: Means our forces are putting up a fight down there.

MaCallum: Let's see if we can help them out and disable these launchers.

MaCallum uses a terminal, which makes the next pod stop. Reyes moves to plant a charge in the pod.

Reyes: Salt, you got one of those charges?

Salter: Here you go.

Salter throws Reyes a charge. Reyes arms it.

MaCallum: Doors opening.

The pod's door opens. Reyes tries to place the charge but a C6 in the pod grabs his hand, causing him to drop the charge in the pod.

Reyes: Shit!

MaCallum: Reyes! No!

MaCallum stab's the C6's arm, causing it to release Reyes. The C6 grabs MaCallum with both arms and holds her to it.

Salter: Chief! Reyes! Help!!

Reyes tries to keep the pod open as MaCallum struggles.

MaCallum: let me go before it blows!

Reyes continues to hold the pod open.

MaCallum: Captain! Please! The mission! Let go, Captain!

Reyes cannot hold the door open anymore and it shuts.

Reyes: Chief! Mac! No!

The pod launches and explodes shortly after, disabling the launcher and killing MaCallum. Salter punches the terminal in anger.

Salter: Damn it, Mac! Why did she do that?

Reyes: She did that so we'd keep going. The others are still counting on us.

Salter: You're right.

Reyes: Let's go stop that ambush.

They continue on the path to another airlock. Salter closes the door and cycles the airlock. Reyes opens the door.

Salter: We're clear through here.

They continue down the hallway and reach the elevator. Below, SDF soldiers are waiting for the UNSA crew.

Salter: Enemies up ahead. Stay low.

SDF Soldier 1: We think SATO is targeting this level. You two, mark up here!

SDF Soldier 2: Shuttle guards, get in here!

SDF Soldier 1: Deploy C6s!

An SDF soldier activates some C6s.

Reyes: That's the shuttle station.

Salter: We've got the drop on them.

SDF Soldier 3: We have any count on targets?

SDF Soldier 1: Doesn't matter. They're not getting through that airlock.

Reyes and Salter ambush the soldiers, taking all of them out.

Reyes: Clear!

Salter: Let's get the others up here and get to that ship.

Reyes: Rog.

Ethan: Ready to load off, Captain.

Reyes opens the elevator door.

Cutscene #5 (Assault The Shipyard)[]

The door opens and the crew leaves the elevator.

Ethan: Thanks, sir.

Brooks: Where's the Chief?

Salter: She didn't make it.

Reyes: We got to go.

They move into the next room.

Salter: Clear.

Reyes: All clear.

Salter: Which ship is it, Ethan?

Ethan: Right there.

Ethan points at a docked destroyer.

Salter: That's a destroyer.

Ethan: It's got a full payload.

Reyes: Can we use it?

Salter: To fight our way out?

Reyes: No. To level this place.

Kloos: The ship won't fire, Captain. It's weapon system's not enabled.

Salter: Forget the weapons. Let's release the moorings, key in a drop and go.

Reyes: Boats? How can we enable the payload?

Boats: Firing control, sir.

Salter: Where's firing control?

Ethan: Command center, ma'am. It's a shuttle ride that way.

Salter: Who's gonna do that?

Reyes: Me.

Salter: You'll never make it back to the ship. If we wait, they'll fire on us.

Reyes: You're not going to wait.

Ethan: Captain. How will you get home?

Reyes: No one's going home. You board that ship and you terminate this place, Salt. Do as much damage as you can before SDF takes you out.

Salter: I can do both. I can hit the shipyard and drop out of here.

Reyes: You won't have time.

Salter: Watch me.

Reyes: You got the green light to do whatever it takes. Just finish the mission.

Salter: Everybody good with this?

Kloos: You'll need a crew to launch.

Brooks: We'll have to fight our way on.

Salter: Shuttle. Brooks, take them out. Ethan, with me.

The crew begins boarding a shuttle.

Ethan: No, ma'am. Captain's going to need my help to get to the command center.

Salter: Damn you both. Did you know we were gonna finish this here?

Reyes: No. I think Mac did.

Salter: Well, I guess I'll see you both in hell.

Reyes: Count on it.

Salter: Okay, gentlemen. Let's move out. Fair winds.

Reyes nods to Salter. Reyes then gives a thumbs up to Ethan. Reyes boards another shuttle.

Gameplay #2 (Assault The Shipyard)[]

Reyes' shuttle leaves for the command center while Salter's and the rest of the crew's shuttle leaves for the destroyer.

Ethan: Captain? You copy?

Reyes: Affirmative, Ethan.

Ethan: I'm in to their network. Got eyes on you now.

Reyes: What about enemy positions?

Ethan: Got eyes on those too, sir.

Salter: This is suicide, Reyes!

Reyes: I gave my order, Salt.

Salter: Captain doesn't always bring his men home.

Reyes: Not always.

Reyes' shuttle docks at the command center.

Ethan: This is your stop, sir. Looks to be clear.

Reyes: Check.

The door opens.

Ethan: Junction room. Should be full of stock you can swipe.

Reyes: Last haul, huh?

Ethan: Regrettably, sir.

Reyes stocks up and refills his ammo before proceeding.

Reyes: All set. Where to?

Ethan: Hallway to the fore, guns close.

Reyes: Copy.

Reyes enters the hallway and takes out the SDF soldiers. He comes to a hallway with a window, where SDF ships can be seen heading to the destroyer.

Salter: Approaching the destroyer. I need weapons and moorings unlocked. One without the other is a no go.

Reyes: Rog. Be advised, hostile airships are moving to your sector.

Salter: Copy. Eyes on. Out.

Reyes moves down the hallway to a door.

Ethan: Captain, you got company on the exit.

The door opens. More SDF soldiers are on the other side.

Reyes: Got no cover!

Ethan: I'll take care of that.

Some computer panels extend from the walls, giving Reyes cover. Reyes pushes down the hallway. An SDF soldier is knocked to the side by an extending panel. After Reyes takes out the soldiers, the door at the far side opens, revealing a C8.

Ethan: You got a Hunter in there, Captain.

Reyes destroys the C8. He continues where the C8 came from.

Reyes: Dead end, Ethan.

Ethan: Use the access shaft. Upper left.

Reyes: Copy that.

Reyes climbs a ladder into a shaft. The shaft gets too low so he has to crawl through it.

Salter: Raider, we're dug in with the Marines. Taking fire!

Brooks: Sir, we're getting stitched up over here! No time to waste!

Reyes: Copy. Moving as fast as I can. Hold them off!

Suddenly, the floor below Reyes breaks, causing him to fall. In front of him, several SDF soldiers and a C12 in a hangar spot him.

Reyes: Ethan!!!

The door in front of Reyes closes, protecting him. The hangar door then opens, sucking all the SDF soldiers and the C12 into space. The hangar door closes after.

Reyes: Thanks, partner.

Ethan: In spite of the situation, I'm enjoying myself, sir.

Reyes: Me too.

The door in front of Reyes opens. Ahead, four SDF soldiers come out of an elevator. Reyes eliminates them.

Reyes: I'm clear here, Ethan.

Ethan: Good shooting, sir. You'll need to take the elevator to firing control. Almost there.

Reyes enters the elevator. It starts ascending. A munitions depot can be seen on the other side.

Ethan: You should be going by their munitions depot, sir.

Reyes: Affirmative. Quite an arsenal.

Brooks: Lieutenant, enemies boarding!

Salter: Reyes, we're taking casualties here. Running out of time!

Reyes: Ethan, hostile forces are aboard the lieutenant's destroyer.

Ethan: Sir, firing control entry is dead ahead. Be advised, room is occupied with armed personnel.

Reyes: Roger that.

Reyes clears all the enemies from the room.

Reyes: All clear, Metal-1.

Ethan: Firing control terminal should be on the main console, sir.

Reyes uses the terminal.

Reyes: I'm at the terminal, Ethan. You release the moorings. I'll activate firing control.

Ethan: Sir, SetDef shut down the switches on the locks. I can blow the relays from here and release the moorings manually, but I'll need your help.

Reyes: I'll come back.

Ethan: No time. Core interference may disable my processor. Hack into my system and you can keep me moving. Use the hacking module. I've got line of sight to your location, sir.

Reyes hacks in to Ethan. Ethan looks at his own hands.

Reyes: Okay, I'm in. Pretty strange.

Ethan: It's very unusual, sir.

Reyes: What do we do?

Ethan: Distribution room. Down the steps, Captain.

Reyes guides Ethan down the stairs towards the distribution room.

Ethan: We'll pull the fuses, overload the circuits, melt the relays on the ship lock.

Reyes: Ethan, why do you need me for this?

Ethan: Core is electromagnetic. Shock may disable my processor. I'll need your help to stay mobile. (Subtitles say "Core is electromagnetic. Shock may disable my processor. I'll need help to stay mobile.")

Ethan enters a hot server room. He grunts and raises his hand. His HUD begins glitching.

Ethan: Get me inside the distribution room and we can overload it in time. My chassis can sustain temps well above this sir. Keep moving. Core room is just ahead.

Salter: Reyes, we've got multiple hull decompressions. We're not going to last much longer! (Subtitles say "Reyes, we've got multiple decompressions along the hull. We're not going to last much longer!")

Reyes: It's now or never, Ethan. We're running out of time!

Ethan pulls open a hatch and throws it to the side. He then jumps into the hatch.

Reyes: What do we do?

Ethan: Inductive coils visible in my HUD. Pull the capacitor to destabilize the reactor.

If Reyes waits:

Ethan: Capacitor off the column, Captain. Get us there.

Ethan reaches the capacitor and begins pulling it off. Once he pulls it off enough, the capacitor explodes. The core begins glowing brighter.

Reyes: Okay, looks like it's overloading. Let's get out of here.

Ethan: No, sir. Core's still holding. It'll need a charge to set it off. My self-destruct, sir. The detonation will ignite the core. It'll set off a chain reaction and blow the moorings.

Reyes: There's got to be another way.

Ethan: I'm afraid not, sir. I understand the conflict, Captain. I'm ready. I promise.

If Reyes waits:

Ethan: Sir, I'm not getting out of here alive. Do what needs to be done.

Ethan approaches the core and activates his self-destruct.

Ethan: Good luck, Reyes. It's been an honor, sir.

Ethan's connection is cut as he explodes. Several explosions occur in the shipyard and the destroyer's moorings are released.

Reyes: Honor was all mine, Metal-1.

Salter: Reyes, we're mobile. Enable firing control.

Reyes enables the destroyer's weapons.

Reyes: Firing control is set. You have the conn.

Salter: Copy, firing control.

Reyes marks his position as a target.

Reyes: Target is marked. Fire on my position.

Salter: Reyes, get the hell out of there!

Reyes: Fire on my position, Salter!

Salter: I can't do that, Nick.

Reyes: Nora, finish the mission. That's an order.

Salter: Set weapons free. All stations, warship is green to engage!

The destroyer fires on Reyes' position, causing it to decompress. Reyes is sucked out into space. he crashes into some debris and flies towards the destroyer.

Salter: Guns, swivel mount 5-1. Open fire, open fire!

Reyes crashes into the destroyer and bounces along its hull.

Salter: Incoming missiles, bearing 2-4-0. Launch countermeasures.

Reyes bounces towards the aft of the destroyer.

Salter: Hold target. Hold target. Concentrate fire! Concentrate fire!

Reyes holds on to a bar on the destroyer. He sees the destroyer's guns fire and destroy an enemy destroyer.

Salter: Enemy has lock! Enemy has lock!

An enemy carrier rams Salter's destroyer, causing Reyes to lose his grip and fly off.

Salter: We're hit! MSS, switch of aft launcher. Fire starboard launcher only .Casualties on the bridge. No rotate to cover. Keep firing! Keep firing!

Explosions occur throughout the shipyard. A piece of debris hit's Reyes' visor, cracking it.

Salter: All stations, this is SCAR 1-2. Transmitting in the blind. Shipyard destroyed.

An enemy destroyer crashes into the command center, causing large explosions.

Salter: Reyes, do you copy?

Two more pieces of debris hit Reyes' visor, damaging it further.

Salter: Raider? Nick? Nick, do you copy?

One last piece of debris hits Reyes' visor, shattering it and exposing Reyes to the vacuum of space, killing him. The screen fades to black.

Cutscene #6 (Ending)[]

SDF Shipyard: Destroyed

Retribution Casualties: 763

Survivors: 4

Mission: Success

A panning view of Memorial Garden in Geneva is shown.

Admiral Coupe: ...both officers, aware of the imminent danger, in spite of extensive casualties, planned and skillfully executed an attack with unwavering devotion to their duty. Commander Reyes and Lt. Salter gallantly offered their own lives and those of their crew, mobilizing at close-range against superior fire power. The operation eliminated vital numbers of enemy vessels and destroyed the Settlement Defense Front's Orbital Shipyard. The officers commitment exhibited the highest traditions of Naval Service.

Salter puts her hat on and salutes to the names on the wall.

Salter: Peace to the fallen.

Salter walks away. The camera zooms in on Reyes's name. The screen cuts to black and the credits roll.

Credits Messages[]

Usef Omar

Marine CO, UNSA Retribution

Staff Sergeant

Killed in Action

Omar: To my dearest wife Sarah, my son Noah, and my daughter, Abby. If you are reading this, I can tell you with utmost confidence, that I died for something right and just. The cost of war is higher than any one life, and I happily give mine in defense of my men and family. Abby, I'm sorry I didn't keep my promise when I said I was coming home. My hopes for your future, gave me the strength to protect everything we hold dear. You will always be daddy's little girl. Noah, be an honest man. Keep your word. Only use violence as a last resort. You're the man of the house now. Sarah, please keep our babies safe and find it in your heart to forgive me for leaving you alone. If my last breath is not in the battlefield, then it surely will be in your arms. Keep me in your hearts, always.

Diallo, Victor "Gator"

Navigator, UNSA Retribution


Killed in Action

Gator: For my dear wife Olivia and my daughter Nissrine. If you are reading this, I guess I didn't make it home. I was prepared to face danger and death. I hope I did so with dignity. My time was cut short, but I had countless blessings. I married the perfect woman. I have a brand new daughter on the way. I'd be selfish to ask for more. I love you Olivia. Welcome our baby into this world and cherish her for me. Remind her about her daddy, and, please, never be afraid to do what you need to find happiness. Nissrine. Hello, sweetheart. I left for this tour before you were born. I'm sorry I won't be able to see you grow up. Daddy wanted to make the world a better place. That's why we made you. Keep me in your prayers and try to do one good deed every day. Be safe, my family, Victor.

MaCallum, Audrey

Chief Engineer, UNSA Retribution

Lieutenant Commander

Killed in Action

MaCallum: My dearest children. Well, as this letter will only be used in the event of my death, it may seem somewhat sorrowful, but I don't want you to see it that way, okay? I have always felt that our stay on Earth, the time we call "life", it's a temporary gift to be spent in service of something greater than ourselves. Death comes to us all. It is not to be feared. I loved my job, but I hated war. But the secret mission I undertook every single day, was to protect the two of you from anyone, or anything, that threatened your health and well being. So promise me you will take care of one another, and, please, live your lives to the fullest. With all the love in my heart, Mom.


UNSA Retribution

Petty Officer First Class

Killed in Action

Ethan: Sir, we're behind enemy lines now, in the heat of battle. Time is short. You've given an order from which there is likely no return. You did what had to be done. I'm proud of you. You're a born leader, sir. Today was one of the worst days in history, and forgive me for saying it- but it was the greatest day of my life. I did everything I was trained for, and more. Together, we fought the good fight. Over Titan, you said we were brothers. I always wanted to know what a family really is. Now, I do. Admiral Raines told me that a soldier is only as good as his last mission. If this is ours, then I can say with certainty, we were damn good, sir. Better to burn out, than it is to rust. Metal-1, out.

Griffin, Maynard "Griff"

Armorer, UNSA Retribution

Warrant Officer

Killed in Action

Griff: Sir, I'm not quite sure how a son greets his father after not seeing him for a lifetime. Guess I'll say, "Hi, dad." I finally tracked down your address through the human resource department in Washington. I had to use my birth certificate to prove we were related. I want you to know I followed in your footsteps. I joined the Navy. Thought it would make you proud and if we ever saw each other we'd have more to talk about. I went to sniper school to be a sharpshooter, but my vision changed and I became an instructor. I'm currently deployed aboard the UNSA carrier Retribution. My mom, Sandy, passed away this year. I went back to the old house just before shipping out and found a box with your silver star for Valor. My mom kept it all this time. I wish I'd known you still lived in Tennessee. I would have dropped by. We could've had a beer and caught up. I forgive you for leaving. I hope you're not mad at me for writing. Thanks for helping bring me into this world. I did my best to be a good man. Maynard Griffin.

Yetide, Ebele

Drop Officer, UNSA Retribution

Lieutenant Junior

Killed in Action

Yetide: Marta, the Navy has made my life a long distance love affair. The things I love are all far away. My home, my animals... You. I am doing important work. I'm ready for anything. Even this. The military did not take my life. I volunteered it. I know this isn't easy. Please don't cry for me, or us. Cry for a world that couldn't make peace. I think of you and my heart races, I smile, I laugh out loud and people tell me I always seem so happy. I am. I have you. Your forever... Yetide.

Gibson, Laura

Air Boss, UNSA Retribution


Killed in Action

Gibson: Dear Andrew, it's fleet week. Warships are dry docked against the dawn sky. I'm home, but it's not home without you. I know I had what every woman envied, a husband that gave life more meaning. You were my handsome better half. Since the day we locked eyes, I thought of you constantly. I still do. The internal drive that earned me my rank, cost me a marriage. The Navy imbued me to accomplish the mission and never quit. To that end, I'll never stop loving you no matter where, or when, I go. Thank you. Being together was a gift. With love always, Laura.

Kashima, Todd

UNSA Retribution

Private First Class

Killed in Action

Kashima: Hey, Mom, Dad. When I joined the Marines, I told you that I'm ready to give my life for fighting for a good cause. If I don't come home for any reason, then that's what happened. I hope I died doing something heroic, and in the long run, I hope that I made you proud. I promised myself I wouldn't get close to people here, but it's kind of impossible not to. I wasn't scared here, but I was home sick. Mom, I had a dream, last night, that you were making dinner. Yes, my favorite, porkchops, and we were all at the table together. Tell Aunt Joyce I said hi and I love her, and give Baily a big kiss and a new tennis ball for me. Everyone here has a mother and father, but you and dad only have one son. So I'm sorry I didn't make it back. Semper fi, your loving son, Todd.