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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII

"It's seven weeks since D-Day. To break outta Normandy we're pushin' inland to secure Marigny. That's how we'll control the roadways and plow across France to Paris. Liberation's comin' soon."
— Mission Briefing

"Operation Cobra" is the second campaign level in Call of Duty: WWII. The mission follows the Allied push into France in the weeks following Normandy invasion, described as "classic iconic 'through the hedgerows, through the crossroads towns kind of experience'".[1]



Three weeks after the Normandy invasion, the US forces beging Operation Cobra, an offensive with the ultimate goal of breaking out of Normandy, supported heavily by aerial bombardment. The 1st Infantry Division is tasked with retaking the town of Marigny.

Aielo, Stiles and Daniels discussed about boxing and while talking about it  Zussman walks up reunited with the rest of the platoon. Pierson doesn't believe Zussman is ready for combat and keeps pestering him about his wound. The platoon climbs on the tanks of 745th Tank Battalion, that form a convoy driving the infantry to Marigny. During the drive, Perez tells Daniels' squad the reason why Pierson is harsh to them. During Battle of the Kasserine Pass in Tunisia, he lost most of his men in an incident that even earned him a demotion, which according to Perez happened because Pierson acted like a "hard ass". Stiles and Aielo discussed some like what Germans contributed to the world.

Suddenly, a fleet of German Stukas attack the convoy, blowing up a tank in front of Perez. Daniels and his platoon move through the fields and reach an anti-aircraft gun which Daniels uses to shoot down most of the Stukas and clear the sky. The platoon the reunites with the tanks and keeps pushing through farms and fields, taking out several anti-tank cannons and trenches on the way. They also see two civilians executed by hanging in an orchard.

When the area is clear, Davis drives up to the platoon and informs them that Charlie Company is outnumbered in Marigny, and orders Pierson's squad to get there fast and rescue them. They take the jeeps to reach Marigny, and Daniels uses a machine gun to clear out Germans flooding the houses, saving Murphy's squad. When the area is clear, Pierson, much to Stiles' dismay, sets up a perimeter in the outskirts of the town. He then tells that the platoon will liberate Marigny next morning.

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