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The SDS Hellas is shown in Venus' atmosphere.

Reyes: SetDef Hellas is in Venus atmosphere repairing attack damage. Intel reports it's carrying chemical weapons. SCARs and Marines will board for search and destroy. We'll locate the chem-munitions and take out the carrier.


Griff: Ready to get rigged up, sir? I'd recommend a light machine gun. They can lay down some heavy fire. Get you out in a pinch.

After selecting his loadout, Reyes places his hand on the weapon rack, setting his suit's camo to Urban. The weapon rack raises and Reyes obtains his weapon.

Griff: You're locked and loaded. Go get them.

Jackal Launch[]

Reyes climbs in his Jackal, puts on his helmet, and starts it up. The Jackal is prepared for launch.

Ethan: Captain, I pulled the schematics on the Hellas and I'm set for overwatch. I'll guide you through the enemy ship and help you get back in one piece.

Reyes: Roger. Fever, you set?

Salter: Burnin'. Let's go.

ATC Mini Boss: SCARs, tower advises, winds are heavy on your course.

Reyes: Roger, 1-1.

Salter: Check, 1-2.

ATC Mini Boss: SCAR1-1, you're locked for go.

Reyes: Roger, we're green.

ATC Mini Boss: Launch in 3, 2, 1...

The Jackals launch and proceed to the target.


Salter: Gale force winds heavy at 2-5-0 echo.

UNSA Pilot: SCAR2s steady at wing.

Salter: Copy, heading upstairs.

Lightning strikes Reyes' Jackal, causing minor damage. They break out of the clouds and spot Hellas ahead.

Salter: SDF Hellas dead ahead.

Reyes: Check. Ethan, target is visual. Preparing search and destroy for chemical weapon.

Hellas launches Skelters to intercept the UNSA forces.

Brooks: We got Skelters!

Salter: They're defending Hellas.

Reyes: Gotta clear them out before we board.

Salter: Coming around. Watch your flank.

They begin engaging the Skelters. Lightning strikes.

Salter: Raider, we got lightning. Watch your wings.

Reyes: Copy that.

Brooks: Can lightning bring us down, Lieutenant?

Salter: Rarely, Brooks.

Brooks: Good to know.

The UNSA forces successfully eliminate all the Skelters, including two Aces. Hellas fires its engines and begins trying to escape.

Salter: Raider, Hellas is sparking engines. They're gonna make a run for it!

Reyes: Can't lose that ship. Everyone on me!

Brooks: Hellas air defense is going hot!

Salter: Avoid those turrets!

UNSA Pilot: Missiles incoming!

Salter: Heaviest damage is port side. We can touch down there.

Reyes: Roger. Ethan, SCARs are port side high. Find us an infil near the armory!

Ethan: Aye, sir. Marking now.

Reyes: Roger. I see it.

The UNSA Jackals catch up to Hellas and reach an opening on its port side.

Reyes: Let's get in. SCAR2, hold this perimeter. Engage anything that moves.

UNSA Pilot: Hard copy, 1-1. Will advise.

Reyes enters a hangar, where several SDF soldiers and a C12 are waiting.

Salter: Enemy personnel, all sides!

Reyes: Let's clear them out!

Reyes and Salter clear the hangar with their Jackals' weapons.

Salter: Mega's down! We're clear.

Reyes and Salter land, shut down, and exit their Jackals.

Reyes: Ethan, hangar secure.

Ethan: Outstanding, sir. Nearest access to the life support system is in the infirmary.

Reyes: Squad, we'll take control of their life support system and make our way to the armory.

Salter: We got chemical weapons aboard. Watch your backs.

Brooks: Yes, ma'am.

They enter the ships hallways and encounter enemies.

Brooks: We got movers!

Reyes: Fan out!

Salter: Watch your corners!

Brooks: No advance until we're clear!

They clear the enemies and continue moving through the ship.

Ethan: Infirmary should be close, sir.

They enter the infirmary and clear it of enemies.

Salter: We'll cover you, Reyes. Patch in.

Ethan: Patch in to the console, sir.

Reyes access a console in the infirmary.

Reyes: Ethan, accessing their network. You're in.

More enemies swarm into the infirmary.

Ethan: Routing support to your suit, sir. Gravity and pressure control are yours.

Brooks: SDF inbound!

Reyes may now temporarily disable the ship's gravity to make everyone float and stun enemies for a few seconds. They clear the infirmary.

Brooks: All clear.

Salter: Chemicals are in the armory. On me.

They move towards the armory.

Reyes: This is it. Lock and load.

Salter: Go!

They enter the armory and clear it.

Brooks: All clear.

Salter: Intel reports they're loading the chemicals into the warheads.

Reyes: I'll get a sample from the armory and we'll destroy the rest of it along with the ship.

Ethan: Captain, enemies are inbound to protect that armory.

Reyes: Copy. Everyone dig in, I'll hack the door.

Salter: Start the hack, Reyes.

Ethan: Proximity hack will open the armory door, Captain.

Reyes begins hacking the door.

Reyes: I'm connected. Ethan, how many inbound?

Ethan: At least two dozen, they've got C6s as well. I can lock down the doors, but it won't hold them long, sir.

Salter: Here they come, get ready.

SDF soldiers breach the armory.

Reyes: Fire!

Reyes, Salter, and Brooks hold off the SDF forces as the hack continues. The hack completes.

Reyes: Let's clear them out.

They clear the remaining enemies.

Salter: Get in there.

Reyes opens the armory vault. He picks up a chemical weapon sample from the shelf.

Reyes: Sample acquired. Plant your charges, let's make sure they never get a chance to use this shit.

Reyes, Salter, and Brooks plant charges on the missiles in the armory.

Brooks: Charges set.

Salter: Let's move.

They leave the armory and begin heading back to their Jackals.

Reyes: Retribution, we're proceeding to exfil.

Suddenly the ship rocks.

Ethan: Sir, the Hellas is losing altitude. You need to hurry.

Salter: Double time it to the hangar bays!

They rush through the burning ship and reach the hallway where they first encountered enemies. Some soldiers and a C8 are there waiting for them. They clear the enemies and continue towards the hangar.

Salter: Let's go!

If Reyes delays:

Salter: Reyes, mount up. Let's go!

Reyes enters his Jackal while Brooks and Salter enter Salter's Jackal. They start up the jackals and fly out of the ship.

Reyes: Ethan, we are clearing the target. Blow the charges!

Ethan: Sir, charge relays are patched to your cockpit. Get clear and let her rip.

Once they are clear of the ship, Reyes detonates the charges.

Reyes: SCARs, clear of the target. Blowing the charges.

The charges detonate, blowing the Hellas apart and destroying it.

Salter: That should get their attention.

Reyes: Hellas destroyed. One more outta the fight. Form up, let's go home. Raider to Main. Mission accomplished. We're RTB.

Gator: Hard copy, Captain. We've got you on radar. Fly safe.

The screen fades to black.


Reyes ascends the Retribution's elevator to the bridge deck.

Crewman: That ship's space dust now, ain't it, sir?

Crew Discussion[]

Crewman 1: I don't know. Word around the mast is that they were hauling a carrier full of chem weapons.

Crewman 2: Oh man. That's a huge payload.

Crewman 1: Exactly. Pretty sure the Captain just saved half of Earth.



Reporter: SATO forces have prevented a chemical attack on Earth, destroying a Settlement Defense Front ship carrying the payload. Despite the success, reports indicate that the chemical agent was not completely contained. Our experts tell us that the vacuum of space should render the compound inert, but without the exact makeup of the agent, they cannot say this with complete certainty. The Health Organization announced that relief efforts for off-world colonies are underway. This is Peter Bryant reporting from Geneva.

UNSA Soldier: Hello Retribution, goodbye Hellas! Hooyah!

Crewman: SetDef. You kill them and they're still a threat.


Gator: Rough skies out there. Good to see you back in one piece, sir.