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Operation D-Con was an operation conducted by the UNSA to destroy chemical weapons onboard the SDS Hellas.


The SDS Hellas was on its way for repairs as it was carrying chemical weapons for an attack on Earth. SCAR Team 1 with Corporal Brooks and an unknown soldier infiltrated the ship to destroy it and obtain a sample of the chemical weapons.


SCAR Teams 1 and 2 with Marines reached the carrier but were intercepted by six skelters. The team killing all sex pilots including Lieutenants Serozh Sarkisyan and Rulon Raymond. The Hellas then made a run for it, but the team managed to catch up with it, and Ethan located an entry at Hanger Bay 4, Reyes entered the hanger and took out all the soldiers who were there and a C12. The rest of the team arrived and then they advanced to a medical bay and took out all of the troops there. Reyes then gave Ethan access to life support as more SDF troopers appeared, but were all taken out as gravity was shut off by Ethan. The team reached the location of the chemical weapons and took out all of the SDF troops in the room. Reyes then hacked the door open as multiple SDF troops and C6 bots appeared. The team took care of all of the hostile forces as the door successfully opened. Reyes then entered the door and obtained a chemical weapons sample. The team then planted charges onto the chemical weapons. The ship began to lose altitude and the team moved to the hanger bay, taking out several SDF troops and an R-C8 and reached their jackals. The team got into their jackals and left the ship. Reyes then activated the charges and blew up the ship, killing everyone on board, including Vice Admiral Vlad Derhachov. The team then returned to the Retribution.


Although the chemical weapons on the ship was destroyed, it was believed reported that the chemical agent was not contained completely. Experts have said that the vacuum of space should render it inert, but was unsure. Meanwhile, the UNSA Health Organization announced that relief efforts for colonies were underway.

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