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For the faction, see Operation Deadbolt (faction).

Operation Deadbolt is a large-scale Zombies experience featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. It takes place in the Dark Aether Saga introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, serving as a sequel taking place more than 35 years after the events in Forsaken.

It is primarily set within Zaravan, Urzikstan, and sees players completing contracts as well as various other objectives across a large-scale map with the goal of ultimately exfiltrating with High Value Items.


Operation Deadbolt is divided into three different tiers of difficulty the further in the map one goes: Low Threat (Tier I), Medium Threat (Tier II), and finally High Threat (Tier III). When players begin a match, they will spawn at the outer edges of the map at Tier I.

The primary objective in Operation Deadbolt is to complete contracts, which can be found scattered across the map. When a contract is completed, a Reward Rift will spawn, containing various items that can either be used or stowed in one's rucksack to save for another match. Alongside contracts, various other minor objectives can be found known as "Activities", which will also reward the player with random loot.

Within the map at a random point is the "Aether Storm", a hostile area of the map that contains extremely difficult enemies. Being present in the Aether Storm will cause the player to take damage unless they are wearing a Gas Mask. The player has roughly 45 minutes to explore the map as they please before the Aether Storm will begin to expand. The player will have 15 minutes to reach an Exfil Site and exfiltrate before the Storm consumes the entire map. If the player fails to do so, they will die and lose their gear.

Certain items can be stored in one's rucksack and exfiltrated with as "High Value Items", such as Aether Tools or Perk Cans. If a player exfils with these items in their rucksack, they will be available to spawn in with if selected for use in another match. 11 of these items can be stored in one's "Acquisitions Stash" in the menu.

Interactive Map[]


There are various contracts scattered across the map, acting similarly to how they did in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0's DMZ mode. They reward essence as well as a Reward Rift containing various items.

Aether Extractor[]

Terminus Outcomes is extracting Aetherium through use of rockets. Players are tasked with rushing the rockets to overload and destroy them while fighting off Terminus mercenaries. The amount of rockets is dependent on which Tier the contract is completed in, with Tier I having three rockets and Tier II having five.

Deliver Cargo[]

Players tasked with stealing a Terminus Outcomes LTV containing precious cargo. After breaking into a garage (which will sometimes have mercenaries or zombies waiting inside), players must drive the LTV to a marked location while avoiding damage from an enemy helicopter. Once players reach the marker they will see a rope with a hook hanging from a helicopter. They must then drive through the hook and allow it to hook onto the cargo, lifting it away.

Defend Ground Station[]

Dr. Hugo Barrera is conducting a seismic scan of the Exclusion Zone. Players must collect data from three seismic refractors, then afterwards activate a nearby server to begin uploading the data back to Deadbolt HQ. Players must then defend the server from attacking Terminus mercenaries for around 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

Eliminate The Bounty[]

Dr. Barrera has located a High Value Target, and players are tasked with finding and eliminating it so Barrera can study its genetic material. A marker will indicate where the HVT is located. Players must then kill the HVT, which will either be a Mimic, Mangler, Disciple (Tier II and III only), or Mega Abomination (Tier III only).


Players are tasked with escorting and defending an Aether Containment Vehicle across the Exclusion Zone so it can harness Aetherium from various Dark Aether vortices in the area. Once it is finished doing this, players must briefly defend the ACV while it begins a protocol to launch a container back to Deadbolt HQ.


Players are tasked with finding a squad that lost contact with Dr. Barrera. After making their way to a Phase Neutralization Device, players must re-activate it, remain in the area and survive a horde of the undead until the PND is finished with its analysis to destroy the Aetherium crystals present.

Raid Weapon Stash[]

Terminus Outcomes has various safes filled with weapons across the Exclusion Zone. Players are tasked with finding and breaking into these safes while surviving against a horde of the undead. Once the contract is complete, alongside the usual reward rift the safe that players broke into will also be available to loot, usually containing weapons and other useful gear.

Spore Control[]

Dark Aether Spores are growing across the Exclusion Zone, and could tear open new rifts to the Dark Aether if not dealt with. Players are tasked with heading to an infestation of Spores, breaking through their shell using Inhibitors that can be found in a toolbox nearby, and destroy the Spore by shooting it. There are a total of six spores that must be destroyed before the contract is completed.


Alongside Contracts, there are also some secondary objectives known as Activities found across the map. These also offer rewards but not Reward Rifts, and are similar to World Events from Outbreak in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Aether Nests[]

There is a multitude of Aether Nests located across the map, containing Zombies and native Nest Crawlers who thrive in the gaseous environment. Entering without a Gas Mask is toxic to players and will cause them to slowly take damage. Players must shoot and destroy all cysts present to clear out the Nest, spawning a Power-Up and unlocking a nearby chest.

Harvester Orbs[]

Identically to Aetherial Orbs from Outbreak, players can find various Harvester Orbs from the Dark Aether floating across the map. If an Orb is not interacted with, it will eventually summon a vortex above itself and teleport away. Shooting the orb will cause it to jitter around, as well as occasionally dropping a vial of Essence. Eventually, the Orb can be destroyed, dropping a pile of Essence as well as an Aether Tool.

Infested Stronghold[]

Essentially larger versions of Aether Nests, players must clear out the Stronghold by destroying all cysts present to unlock a variety of chests.

Mercenary Camp[]

Small camps guarded by Terminus Outcomes mercenaries are scattered across the map, with a Counter-UAV drone hovering in the area to interrupt players' HUD. If the players attack the camp and kill all the mercs present, they will be able to loot a small chest nearby with some loot and a Mercenary Stronghold keycard.

Armored Convoy[]

A convoy of three Terminus Armored Trucks can be found patrolling the map. Once the convoy is taken out and all the mercs present are killed, players can loot small chests located in the pick-up bed of each truck. If they so desire, they can also drive one of the trucks, provided they haven't been destroyed yet.

Mercenary Stronghold[]

Essentially larger versions of Merc Camps, Mercenary Strongholds can only be entered if the player obtains a keycard to unlock the door (done either by completing a Merc Camp or purchasing one at a Buy Station). Once the player raids the Stronghold and kills all mercs present, they must then crack open a safe while defending themselves from incoming Terminus forces trying to take the building back. Once cracked, the safe will contain random items as well as a Warlord Fortress Keycard.

Story Missions[]

The story of Operation Deadbolt is told through a series of missions divided into Acts. Each mission completed will reward the players with a Random Perk Power-Up inside a match, as well as rewards such as Schematics and Acquisitions. Each Act ends with a unique Story Mission accessible through the main map but taking place in an isolated area with specific objectives and an additional 45-min timer.

At launch, three Acts were available with Act IV becoming available with the release of Season One and contained only one Story Mission.

Act I: Welcome to Operation Deadbolt[]

"As Operation Deadbolt's newest recruits acclimate to the horrors of the Exclusion Zone, the motives of Zakhaev and Terminus Outcomes come into focus."
— Act I Description
Mission Name Description Tasks Rewards
Tier 1
Direct Line No time to waste. The team heads out into the EZ to begin containment measures. Deadbolt's drone pilot, Captain Lucas Dobbs, conducts a crash course on navigation and threat indicators.
  • Ping a Contract in the Tac Map.
  • Complete a Contract.
  • Exfil.
Treasure Hunter Corporal Krystal Miller reminds us that Operation Deadbolt's budget isn't infinite. She instructs the new recruits on where to find the supplemental supplies while out in the field.
  • Open 25 Loot Caches.
Road Rage Chief Mechanic Color Sergeant Rupinder Kapoor hands over the keys to his fleet of vehicles so that the new members of Operation Deadbolt can go over offensive maneuvers and post-care.
  • Kill 30 Zombies by running them over with a vehicle.
  • Repair 1 vehicle tire.
Wall Power The Operation Deadbolt recruits learn to balance budget and firepower under the watchful eye of Quartermaster Corporal Miller, who explains the function of the mysterious "Wall Buys" that have appeared across the Exclusion Zone.
  • Purchase a weapon from a Wall Buy
  • Kill 50 Zombies with a Wall Buy weapon.
Firepower SSO Greene advises the recruits to get familiar with the experimental ammunition mods available to Operation Deadbolt.
  • Pack-A-Punch a weapon to Level I.
  • Kill 50 Zombies with a Level I Pack-A-Punched weapon.
Take Up Arms Specialist Ravenov gives the squad a quick rundown on the use of the "Mystery Box" - one of the more useful pieces of hardware to fall out of the Dark Aether.
  • Purchase a primary weapon from a Mystery Box.
  • Kill 50 Zombies with a Mystery Box weapon.
Tier 2
Interceptor Training day's over. One of Dobbs' drones has located a Terminus Outcomes convoy moving something valuable. Greene assembles a team to intercept it and recover the cargo.
  • Destroy Mercenary Convoy.
  • Collect Stronghold Keycard dropped by Mercenary Convoy.
  • "Bone Rattle" DG-56 Weapon Blueprint
  • 3000 XP
Tier 3
Freezer Burn Ahead of any major troop movements, Miller suggests a novel method of clearing a path for the advancing force.
  • Kill 50 Zombies with Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod.
  • Slow 10 Hellhounds with Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod.
Minelayer Terminus Outcomes is getting far too comfortable in the EZ. Soap tasks the Strike Team with deploying Energy Mines to compromise the safety of the mercenaries' routes.
  • Kill 25 Zombies with the Energy Mine Field Upgrade.
  • Kill 15 Mercenaries with the Energy Mine Field Upgrade.
Pit Stop Kapoor is developing a contingency plan for refueling vehicles in the event the assault on the mercenary Stronghold goes sideways. Scout out a few gas stations in the EZ and check how much fuel is left.
  • Fully refuel 3 different vehicles at Gas Stations.
  • Double XP Token
    2XP PlayerXP Token MWIII
  • 1500 XP
Saboteur Not to be outdone by Soap, Ravenov decides to hit Terminus Outcomes' Aetherium extraction operations. Destroying their equipment will be a costly inconvenience - high causality rates will be even harder to recover from.
  • Complete an Aether Extractor Contract.
  • Kill 15 Mercenaries guarding the Extractors.
  • Shoot down a reinforcement helicopter.
  • Exfil with the Uncommon Aether Tool Plans.
Automated Backup Chief Mechanic Kapoor needs a Strike Team to conduct service and repair operations on Auto Turrets across the Exclusion Zone. Once operational, Terminus Outcomes' movement will be restricted, freeing up hands for Operation Deadbolt.
  • Activate 3 Deadbolt Turrets with Ammo Mod Circuit Boards.
Tier 4
Infiltrator Applying pressure to Terminus Outcomes has paid off. A clear path of attack opens to the Stronghold where the intercepted convoy was headed. Soap takes command as the squad moves to capture the facility and uncover the PMC's plans.
  • Obtain a Stronghold Keycard.
  • Clear a Terminus Outcomes Stronghold.
  • Retrieve Terminus Outcomes Record from the Stronghold Safe.
Tier 5
Hands Off The race to locate the would-be Terminus Outcomes defector is on. The mercs are in possession of her cypher. Kapoor takes over as the squad moves to recover the cypher before Terminus can return it to their command.
  • Kill 20 Zombies with Sentry Guns.
  • Kill 10 Mercenaries with Sentry Guns.
  • Acquire Cyphered Tablet
Blasted An armored corpse has been spotted carrying a Terminus Outcomes tablet. Fearing it may be one of Jansen's cyphers, Corporal Miller lends her expertise in deadhead disposal.
  • Destroy armor on 25 Zombies using Shatter Blast Ammo Mod.
  • Acquire a Cyphered Tablet.
Bring 'Em On Another would-be PMC defector, trusted with one of Jansen's tablets, is facing a swarm of undead mercenaries. Ravenov takes command of the recovery team.
  • Kill 50 Zombies with Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade active.
  • Kill a Special or Elite enemy with Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade active.
  • Acquire a Cyphered Tablet.
  • Double Weapon XP Token
    2XP WeaponXP Token MWIII
  • 1500 XP
Hostile Takeover Greene wants the team to hit Terminus Outcomes where it hurts - in their weapon stockpiles. No such thing as too much ammo while the hunt continues.
  • Loot 3 Safes.
  • Kill 50 enemies while drilling Safes.
Chaperone Terminus Outcomes have been inflicting high levels of attrition against Operation Deadbolt equipment. Kapoor needs the team to take good care of an ACV on an essential Escort mission.
  • Complete an Escort Contract.
  • Kill 75 Zombies during a single Escort Contract.
  • Maintain ACV's health above 50%.
  • Exfil with Quick Revive Recipe.
Nest Wrecker Gas masks up. Ravenov guides the team toward another cypher located inside an Aether Nest.
  • Obtain a Gas Mask.
  • Destroy an Aether Nest.
  • Acquire Cyphered Tablet.
Tier 6
Where's Dr. Jansen? With the cyphers cracked, Deadbolt is once again on Dr. Jansen's trail. They head to the specified location to deal with all threats and take Jansen into custody.
  • Complete an Outlast Contract.
  • Obtain Dr. Jansen's Tablet.
  • Exfil.
Story Mission
Extraction With Dr. Jansen finally located, the Strike Team travels deep into Terminus Outcomes-held territory. The mission: get in and bring the scientist home. Greene has questions for her.
  • Deploy to Dr. Jansen's coordinates.
  • Bring Dr. Jansen in for questioning.

Act II: Mother of Invention[]

"While SSO Greene doesn't trust her, Dr. Ava Jansen - recently defected from Zakhaev's service - could be the key to moving beyond containment and shutting down the incusion entirely."
— Act II Description
Mission Name Description Tasks Rewards
Tier 1
Same Day Delivery Now that Dr. Jansen is in Deadbolt's hands, she'll need a lab set up to get to work. Green decides to twist the knife further by stealing Terminus Outcomes' lab equipment.
  • Complete a Cargo Delivery contract.
  • Destroy the enemy helicopter chasing the Cargo Delivery Vehicle.
  • Destroy the Cargo Delivery Vehicle after contract completion.
Tier 2
Safe Cracker Hoping to smooth over any questions regarding her loyalty, Jansen proves the location of a safe where Terminus Outcomes keeps their security details. The sooner the contents of this safe are procured, the better.
  • Complete a Raid Weapon Stash Contract.
  • Kill 30 Zombies attracted by the safe drill.
  • Do not allow the safe drill to pause.
  • Exfil with the Cryo Freeze formula.
Ascension Jansen is taking stock of the technology Operation Deadbolt has available. Some of it may provide useful components for her prototype Dark Aether-neutralizing device. Dobbs invites her to sit in while he oversees Redeploy Drone training.
  • Use a Redeploy Drone to free fall or parachute to a different Threat Zone.
  • "Pistol Partner" Emblem
  • 2000 XP
Merc Cleanup Greene has intel on a merc plan to take out Ava. She orders the squad to raid several camps nearby that might make good bases for such an operation.
  • Kill 20 Mercenaries in Merc Camps.
  • Loot 3 Merc Camp caches.
Reaper Barrera wants to show Dr. Jansen what's been coming through from the other side, and how Operation Deadbolt cleans up the mess. Jansen observes as he leads a Harvester Orb hunt.
  • Collect 15 items from Harvester Orbs.
  • Destroy 3 Harvester Orbs.
Guardian Angel Dobbs advises that Deadbolt has been losing personnel in the field and new protocols are being put in place. With Dr. Jansen observing, the squad sets out to aid their endangered teammates.
Shocked Jansen is working on providing power to her prototype. She asks for a demonstration of Dead Wire in case it can be repurposed for her needs.
  • Stun 25 Zombies with Dead Wire Ammo Mod.
  • Stun 5 Special Zombies with Dead Wire Ammo Mod.
Tier 3
More Firepower The infusion of Dark Aether energies into Deadbolt weapons has caought Jansen's attention. Seeing augmented weaponry in action may further guide her design process as the Dark Aether-neutralizing device comes together.
  • Pack-a-Punch a weapon to Level II.
  • Kill 75 Zombies with a Level II Pack-a-Punched weapon.
  • Kill a Special Zombie with a Level II Pack-a-Punched weapon.
Bounty Hunter The variety of Dark Aether lifeforms in the EZ means there are many unique properties that Jansen's device will have to neutralize. She sends the team out to obtain a new batch of tissue samples for her testing.
  • Complete a Big Bounty Contract for a Mangler.
  • Complete a Big Bounty Contract for a Disciple.
  • Complete a Big Bounty Contract for a Mimic.
Essence of Aether Thinking ahead, Jansen goes on the hunt for a test site for her prototype. She tasks the team with recovering samples of Essence from different areas in the EZ.
  • Collect the Essence Sample from the container in Hamza Bazaar at Hadiqa Farms.
  • Collect the Essence Sample from the container in Rostova Shops at Levin Resort.
  • Collect the Essence Sample from the container in Quadri Shopping Center at Zaravan City.
Tier 4
Heist Busting up a Terminus Outcomes mining operation will not only keep Aetherium off the black market, but also yield enough material for Dr. Jansen's tests. Ravenov and Soap orchestrate the robbery.
  • Complete an Aether Extractor Contract.
  • Collect a filled Essence Container from an Aether Extractor.
Tier 5
Mind Control There's no guarentee that Dr. Jansen's device will be a success. Greene puts in an order for aggressive corpse clean-up in case containment efforts need to continue.
  • Turn 20 Zombies with Brain Rot Ammo Mod.
  • Allow 25 Zombies to be killed by turned Zombies.
Frost Bite Jansen is getting close to finishing her prototype, but the war goes on. Miller keeps the team on their toes by requesting a report on the effectiveness of Frost Blast in the field.
  • Freeze 50 Zombies with Frost Blast Field Upgrade.
  • Freeze 5 Mimics with Frost Blast Field Upgrade.
  • Double XP Token
    2XP PlayerXP Token MWIII
  • 2500 XP
Exterminator Based on alarming data received from Barrera, Greene wants to destroy as many Aether spores as possible before they turn into something worse.
  • Complete a Spore Control Contract.
  • Complete the Contract in under 2 minutes 30 seconds.
Story Mission
Shephard Dr. Jansen's prototype has passed its commissioning tests with flying colors. The Strike Team escorts the precious device to a site deep within the EZ to conduct final tests. If this goes well, it could change everything.
  • Deploy to Neutralizer Test Site.
  • Successfully test the Neutralizer.
  • "Warmageddon" LTV Vehicle Skin
    LTV Warmageddon Skin MWIII
  • 5000 XP

Act III: Confrontation[]

"Zakhaev and Fletcher are now aware that Operation Deadbolt possesses technology posing a direct threat to their plans and their bottom lines. The race is on to perfect and deploy Dr. Jansen's device before Terminus Outcomes inflicts a mortal blow."
— Act III Description
Mission Name Description Tasks Rewards
Tier 1
Two Factor Authentication Zakhaev, aware of Deadbolt's plans, starts to move offensively. Barrera has suggested that his seismic detectors could be augmented to detect enemy movements, and Greene eagerly puts that theory to the test.
  • Complete a Defend Ground Station Contract.
  • Kill 20 Mercenaries during a Defend Ground Station Contract.
  • Keep the computer's health above 60 percent.
  • Exfil with the Death Perception Recipe.
Tier 2
Firestarter The high density of hostiles in the EZ is preventing Deadbolt search teams from deploying. The squad heads out to wrangle the local residents and clean house.
  • Ignite 50 Zombies with the Napalm Burst Ammo Mod.
  • Ignite 5 Special Zombies with the Napalm Burst Ammo Mod.
Ghosted Ravenov wants the team to carve out a kill box for Terminus Outcome's best and brightest. His commands: quell the undead locals and create an illusory path of least resistance for the mercenaries to take.
  • Kill 100 Zombies with Aether Shroud Field Upgrade.
  • Kill 20 Mercenaries with Aether Shroud Field Upgrade.
Alternate Current For Operation Deadbolt to execute the next phase of its counter-offensive plan, there's more shaping operations to perform. The team makes use to tools that will expedite this process.
  • Hit 10 Mercenaries with the Tesla Storm Field Upgrade.
  • Kill 50 Zombies Affected by the Tesla Storm Field Upgrade.
Most Firepower While Deadbolt's attention has been divided between defensive operations and efforts to locate Dr. Strauss's research, the denizens of the Exclusion Zone have been growing in strength and number. It's time to make a real dent.
  • Pack-a-Punch a weapon to Level III.
  • Kill 100 Zombies with a Level III Pack-a-Punched weapon.
  • Kill a Megabomb with a Level III Pack-a-Punched weapon.
Paint the Target With Terminus Outcomes moving to cut off Operation Deadbolt's lines of supply, Soap wants some hate laid from above. He's got precision airstrikes ready to go. It's time to rain on their parade.
  • Kill 20 Mercenaries with a Precision Airstrike.
  • Hit a Mercenary Convoy with a Precision Airstrike.
  • Hit a Merc Camp with a Precision Airstrike.
Crash and Burn Enemy helo patrols are impeding Deadbolt recon efforts to find the research that Dr. Jansen needs to continue her work. The team's orders are clear - take out those birds.
  • Shoot down 3 enemy helicopters.
  • Double Weapon XP Token
    2XP WeaponXP Token MWIII
  • 2500 XP
Tier 3
Storm the Castle Strauss's research is finally in sight. Unfortunately, Zakhaev has entrusted it to one of Fletcher's most trusted lieutenants for safekeeping. The team moves out to get the job done.
  • Complete a Merc Camp.
  • Clear a Mercenary Stronghold.
  • Defeat Warlord.
  • Collect Strauss's Research.
Tier 4
Closing Time Hoping to uncover a way to increase the power output of her neutralizer device, Dr. Jansen asks the team to head into the heart of an Aether Storm and observe the behavior of a particular being - one that Strauss believed to be the instigator of the terrifying phenomenon.
  • Enter the Aether Storm.
  • Kill 50 Zombies inside the Aether Storm.
  • Defeat Stormcaller inside the Aether Storm.
Spring Cleaning Jansen needs confirmation on some of Strauss's theories about the nature of the Dark Aether's spread. This could get messy.
  • Clear an Infested Stronghold in the High Threat Zone.
Holdout Dr. Jansen admits that her prototype was a hammer where a scalpel was needed. To more efficiently calibrate her next version, she sends the team to collect incredibly accurate measurements of Phase Crystals on the brink of their dissolution.
  • Complete an Outlast Contract.
  • Kill 50 Zombies inside the corrupted space.
  • Exfil with the Wunderwaffe DG-2 Plans.
Story Mission
Defeat Zakhaev This is it. Dr. Jansen's machine is complete. The team assaults Zakhaev and Fletcher's central base of operations, aiming to rid him of his most potent weapon - and hopefully put an end to the Incursion once and for all...
  • Deploy to Zakhaev's Stronghold.
  • Cleanse the Exclusion Zone.
  • "The Bone Collector" Ripper Operator Skin
    Ripper The Bone Collector Skin MWIII
  • 10000 XP

Act IV: Contact[]

"Faced with a worsening situation in the Exclusion Zone, Operation Deadbolt struggles to contain the evolving threat while searching for a way to neutralize the incursion once and for all."
— Act IV Description
Mission Name Description Tasks Rewards
Tier 1
Bad Signal A garbled transmission emanating from a strange portal catches Dr. Jansen's attention. Wary of a new threat popping up in Deadbolt's backyard, Ravenov orders the team to investigate.
  • Investigate the Anomaly.
  • Leave the Dark Aether.
Tier 2
Countermeasures When Terminus Outcomes moves on a newly detected anomaly in the EZ, Operation Deadbolt scrambles their forces to intercept.
  • Investigate the Anomaly.
  • Escape the Rift.
Story Mission
Union While Operation Deadbolt Strike Teams investigate a puzzling uptrick of activity within Exclusion Zone, Dr. Ava Jansen goes AWOL from her lab. Greene and Soap order their forces to locate and return the errant scientist.
  • Investigate the Anomaly.
  • Extract from the Dark Aether.

Dark Aether Rifts[]

Starting from Season One Reloaded, players are able to enter the Dark Aether as an end-game activity. After completing the Act 4 story mission as well as a small quest, players can earn "Sigils" by completing Tier III contracts, which can then be used to activate a Dark Aether Rift, which players will need to vote on whether to enter or not. When entering the Dark Aether, the player will have 30 minutes to complete three contracts present in the area before needing to exfil using Rifts located across the map. There also exists a hardcore version of the Dark Aether Rift, which can only be accessed using "Elder Sigils" and has a 15 minute timer.

Rift #1 (Opal Palace)[]

The first Dark Aether Rift, added in Season One Reloaded, is located on a small island south of the Opal Palace in the High Threat Zone. To unlock the rift, players need to acquire the following relics:

  • Locked Diary: available in the Reward Rift for defeating Gorm'gant in the Bad Signal story mission.
  • Pill Bottle: acquire an Epic-tier Pill Bottle by shooting at a cyst in an Aether Nest or Infested Stronghold with the Brain Rot ammo mod, then open the cyst to get the item. Next, find a portal that teleports players to the sky, then parachute and glide onto a green portal, which will then spawn a special Mimic Bounty contract in the Low Threat Zone. Kill the Mimic Bounty, which will drop the Legendary-tier Pill Bottle.
  • Surveillance Camera: acquire an Epic-tier Surveillance Camera by shooting at a Harvester Orb with the Dead Wire ammo mod, and destroying the orb to get the item. Next, find a portal that teleports players to the sky, then parachute and glide onto a blue portal, which will then spawn a special Disciple Bounty contract in the Medium Threat Zone. Kill the Disciple Bounty, which will drop the Legendary-tier Surveillance Camera.
  • Dog Collar: acquire an Epic-tier Dog Collar by putting a Molotov Grenade into a Dog House, which will spawn a hostile Hellhound that drops the Collar upon being killed. Next, find a portal that teleports players to the sky, then parachute and glide onto a red portal, which will then spawn a special Mangler Bounty contract in the High Threat Zone. Kill the Mangler Bounty, which will drop the Legendary-tier Dog Collar.

Take the four relics to the rift location, and place them on the corresponding altars. The tornado surrounding the area will fade away, and the rift will form. A Mega Abomination will spawn from the rift, which will drop a Sigil upon being killed.

Upon entering the rift, the players can explore the map, which is based on Al Mazrah's Al Bagra Fortress, and complete the three available contracts, which are Aether Extractor, Outlast, and Escort. In the regular version of the rift, contracts reward random high-tier items, including a high chance for the Aether Blade Case, Dog Bone or Golden Armor Plates. In the hardcore version, schematics for these three items drop as guaranteed contract rewards.

Rift #2 (Nahr Bathhouse)[]

The second Dark Aether Rift, added in Season Two Reloaded, is located on a hill in the northeast corner of the High Threat Zone. Similar to the first rift, players need to acquire four relics to unlock this rift:

  • Drums: available in the Reward Rift for defeating Krawvir in the Countermeasure story mission.
  • Tattered MMA Gloves: during the Countermeasure story mission, go to the ship at the D5 coordinate and activate a totem, which will spawn an Insta-Kill power-up. While Insta-Kill is active, get melee kills near the totem to power it, which will spawn an Epic-tier Tattered MMA Gloves relic. Bring this relic in a subsequent match to a boxing ring, located at the F8 coordinate, and place it in the ring to activate a timed objective. Using fists only (no weapons equipped in one weapon slot), punch the three punching bags in a corner from left to right, which will light them up in flames if done correctly. A glowing zombie will spawn, which requires to be killed with fists only. Once killed, the zombie will dropped the Legendary-tier Tattered MMA Gloves.
  • Perforated Target: during the Countermeasure story mission, go to the intersection at the E4 coordinate and activate a totem, which will spawn numerous zombies. Get headshot kills near the totem to power it, which will spawn an Epic-tier Perforated Target relic. Bring this item in a subsequent match to a firing range, located at the H8 coordinate, and place it to activate a timed challenge. Numerous targets around the range will light up, which will turn red upon being shot at. Shoot at all the glowing targets in time to spawn a zombie, which will drop the Legendary-tier Perforated Target if killed with a headshot.
  • Pristine Mirror: during the Countermeasure story mission, go to the fogged area between H8 and I8 coordinates and activate a totem, which will spawn numerous zombies as well as four mirrors surrounding the totem. Each mirror will spawn one of the four elemental Alternate Ammo mods, which needs to be used to kill zombies with corresponding colors. After getting enough kills with all four Ammo mods, the Epic-tier Pristine Mirror will drop. Bring this item in a subsequent match to a church near the graveyard at I3 coordinate, and place it to activate a timed objective. A glowing zombie will spawn which requires to be killed using one of the four elemental Ammo mods. A nearby church tower will have mirrors that spawn the ammo mods. After killing the zombie, the Legendary-tier Pristine Mirror will drop.

Take the four relics to the rift location, and place them on the corresponding altars. The tornado surrounding the area will fade away, and the rift will form. A special Mimic will spawn from the rift, which will drop a Sigil upon being killed. This Mimic is similar to the one in the Countermeasure story mission, which can attack players with EMP waves.

Upon entering the rift, the players can explore the map, which is based on Al Mazrah's Sa'id City, and complete the three available contracts, which are Aether Extractor, Outlast, and Bounty. In the regular version of the rift, contracts reward random high-tier items, including a high chance for the Mag of Holding, Blood Burner Key or V-R11 Case. In the hardcore version, schematics for these three items can drop, though players are not guaranteed to get them all in one session.

Rift #3 (Old Town)[]

The third Dark Aether Rift, added in Season Three Reloaded, is located on the Old Town courtyard within the High Threat Zone. To unlock the rift, players need to acquire the following relics:

  • Giraffe Toy: available in the Reward Rift for defeating Taoxia in the Union story mission.
  • Laptop with Stickers: kill a Terminus Outcomes Sergeant using either the V-R11, a friendly Hellhound, or a Brain-Rotted zombie. Upon his death, a Reward Rift will spawn with an Epic-tier Laptop with Stickers.
  • Imaginary Friend Drawing: equip the Death Perception perk, then go to the mansion at coordinate I7, and follow highlighted footsteps to a room on the second floor. Look under the bed to find a lock box. Interact with the box, which will prompt a voice line from the Entity, followed by a Reward Rift spawning with the Epic-tier Imaginary Friend Drawing.
  • Science Journal: kill 50 Zombies in the Aether Storm. A Reward Rift will spawn upon the 50th kill, containing the Epic-tier Science Journal.

Within the High Threat Zone, players can find three triangular runes on the ground, each of which indicate locations of three rune stones to shoot at. Upon shooting at three rune stones at each location, a larger triangular rune will highlight on various building surfaces. Players have to line up the rune fragments from their point of view to form a complete triangle, which will allow them to activate a summoning ritual. A ritual circle spawns upon activating the sequence, and players have to kill glowing purple zombies while inside the circle, which power up an orb in the middle of the circle. Eventually, an Elite zombie will spawn, which requires to be killed. A Reward Rift will then spawn with 2000 Essences, a Legendary Aether Tool, a Flawless Aetherium Crystal, and one of the three Rift relics attuned to Legendary tier. Repeat this process for all three unattuned relics.

Take the four relics to the rift location, and place them on the corresponding altars. The tornado surrounding the area will fade away, and the rift will form. An Elite Disciple will spawn from the rift, which will drop a Sigil upon being killed.

Upon entering the rift, the players can explore the map, which is based on Al Mazrah's Zarqwa Hydroelectric, and complete the three available contracts, which are Bounty, Outlast, and Escort. In the regular version of the rift, contracts reward random high-tier items, including a high chance for the Dead Wire Detonators, Golden Mask Filter or Sergeant's Beret. In the hardcore version, schematics for these three items can drop, though players are not guaranteed to get them all in one session.

Unstable Rifts[]

With Season Four Reloaded, players can enter the Unstable Rift to gain new rewards. To enter the Unstable Rift, players need to find and activate three obelisks scattered across the map by killing zombies with the required ammo mod attachment near the obelisks. When all three obelisks are activated, an Unstable Rift will open, with a visible icon on the map for every player in the match to access. However, only the first team that interacts with the rift and votes to enter it will pass through; afterwards, the portal will disappear, and other teams are required to activate different obelisks.

Once inside the Unstable Rift, the player(s) will be put in the center area of Al Bagra Fortress (as it appeared in the first Dark Aether Rift), where they'll have to survive 5 phases of zombie attacks. Furthermore, the players will receive all perks (minus Tombstone Soda), have their weapons Pack-a-Punched to Tier III, and the rarity tier of their weapons will be put at Legendary. They will also receive the Golden Armor Plate alongside Mag of Holding.

Each phase has a different boss and finishing each of them grants the player(s) four random rewards. The boss from the previous phase becomes a normal high-value target that spawns in the next one, and the zombies' health get increasingly higher as the phase goes on. After each phase finishes, there will be a short break, followed by a five-second countdown to the next phase.

Once the player(s) eliminates the fifth phase's boss, they will awarded with the "Mark of The Survivor" Weapon Camouflage, and their insured weapon slots alongside all the schematics' cooldown periods will be fully reduced.

Containment Levels[]

With Season Two Reloaded, a new tiered Exfil streak system called Containment Levels was introduced. This grants to the player buffs that will allow them to start a match with benefits, such as starting with more essences, more Armor Plates, discounts on Perk-A-Cola machines and Pack-A-Punch Machine costs, discount on Mystery Box costs, and increased Contract Essence Rewards. The system uses 10 tiers, with each tier requiring a specific Contaiment Level to be unlocked. The player gets points to increase the Containment Levels by completing contracts. Completing a Contract in the Low Threat Zone (Tier I) will guarantee 1 point, Medium Threat Zone (Tier II) 2 points, and High Threat Zone (Tier III) 3 points. The player needs to successfully Exfil to guarantee a Level increase. If the player is unable successfully Exfil, they will be knocked back a single tier.


Opening Cutscene Transcript
In Urzikstan, Victor Zakhaev, Jack Fletcher and Terminus Outcomes Mercenaries see a visual on the Police in the streets.

Zakhaev: It is time, Mask up.

Fletcher: Roger.

Zakhaev: Light them up.

The Terminus Outcomes Mercenaries in the LTV advance while Zakhaev, Fletcher and his men wear their Night Vision Goggles. The Mercenaries hop off the LTV and the LTV's turret fires on the police. Zakhaev, Fletcher and his Mercenaries advance while having a firefight with the Police and one of the Mercenaries gets shot. Zakhaev with Fletcher and a mercenary breach the door inside the building while advancing inside. Another merc then breaches the wall with a Breaching Charge and Zakhaev uses a detonator.

Terminus Outcomes Mercenary 1: Go.

Zakhaev blows up the wall with a breaching charge while him, Fletcher and a mercenary enter the basement downstairs. Zakhaev uses a lightstick and they see the corpse of Grigori Weaver, as well as three others, surrounding a table with a strange device in the middle.

Terminus Outcomes Mercenary 1: All good.

The device opens up, containing two vials of Aetherium.

Fletcher: Room's clean.

Zakhaev picks up two vials of Aetherium and removes his Night Vision Goggles equipped with a Gas Mask while Fletcher and a mercenary follows suit.

Zakhaev: Oh, they're actually real. They're actually here. (chuckle)

Fletcher: Let's go.

Zakhaev puts two vials of Aetherium in a small pouch while him, Fletcher and a mercenary leave the basement. The Scene then cuts to outside, where the Terminus Outcomes Mercenaries are next to the LTV and the crashed vehicle.

Terminus Outcomes Mercenary 2: Cover me!

The Door explodes from the breaching charge while Zakhaev, Fletcher and one of the Mercenaries come outside from the building and meets up with The Terminus Outcomes Mercenaries, while sirens heard.

Terminus Outcomes Mercenary 3: Boss, we gotta go!

Terminus Outcomes Mercenary 4: It's the cops!

Zakhaev, Fletcher and a mercenary notice the Police Cars arriving while pinned down by a minigun.

Terminus Outcomes Mercenary 5: Here they come!

The Police Cars ambush Zakhaev, Fletcher and the Terminus Outcomes Mercanaries while next to the LTV and their cover.

Terminus Outcomes Mercenary 6: Put 'em down.

Terminus Outcomes Mercenary 7: Roger.

One of the mercs fires an RPG-7 at the Police Convoy, while one of the Police cars are destroyed and three of the Polices cars stop while armed police get out of the vehicle.

Cop 1: Move out to target.

Cop 2: Blanket 'em.

Cop 3: Target sighted.

The LTV's turret opens fire at the police forces by shooting them, Zakhaev, Fletcher and another merc leap down obstacles. A police sniper shoots the LTV's turret, disabling it. As Zakhaev, Fletcher and the Merc are ambushed, Zakhaev takes cover on one of the destroyed vehicles. One of the Terminus Outcomes mercenaries opens the LTV's car door while the another merc gets shot by the police sniper next to the other Mercenary's corpse. The Police Sniper then shoots Zakhaev, who just barely dodges the shot. Desparate, Zakhaev then throws one of the Aetherium Vials up and then he runs to the LTV while a merc opens the back door of the vehicle to him. Zakhaev gets grazed by the sniper, and the Aetherium vial inches closer to the ground. Zakhaev manages to run inside the LTV while one of the mercs gets shot in the head by the sniper. However, the Aetherium Vial hits the ground, shattering, releasing Aetherium mist. Police and Terminus mercs alike begin to stumble around, slowly zombifying. A merc rises up and touches the LTV's window in front of Zakhaev and Fletcher and transforms into a Zombie, his eyes turning yellow as he growls and screams. Chaos ensues as the zombies begin to attack the living, with one particular zombie slamming its head into the LTV's window in front of Zakhaev and Fletcher.

Terminus Outcomes Mercenary 5: No! No! (screams)

Fletcher: Fuck. Fuck.

Zakhaev grins menacingly, staring at the zombie trying to bash its way in.

Zakhaev: Looks like we have our weapon.

The Zombies start gathering at the LTV, leaving Fletcher and Zakhaev to drive off to safety. The scene then cuts to a dotted map of Urzikstan, displayed on a tablet. The camera pans out to reveal the player on a helicopter.

Helicopter Pilot: We're coming up on the EZ. ETA, 2 minutes.

Kate Laswell, Johnny "Soap" MacTavish and Sergei Ravenov are in the helicopter speaking to the strike team.

Laswell: We got intel that Zakhaev was planning something a few months ago.

Soap: By the time we worked out where he was operatin', All we could do was go kinetic an' hope to flush the bastard out.

Laswell: One of our checkpoints reported hostile contact, then the whole town went dark.

Soap: Until we know what's goin' on, containment's the name o' the game. No one gets in, nothin' - I mean, nothin' gets out. Clear?

Laswell: Ravenov here has experience with this kind of... incursion.

Ravenov: Priyvet (Hello).

Soap: He'll give ye the lay o' the land. Keep your head up and listen to him if you want to survive.

Laswell: Report to SSO Greene. Out here, This is her show! Welcome to Operation Deadbolt.

The Helicopter door opens as the helicopter begins to land, while Soap, Ravenov and the strike team exit the helicopter and advance.

Ravenov: This is us. Let's move.

Soap, Ravenov and the strike team exit the helicopter. Cut to black.

Welcome to Operation Deadbolt Transcript
In the Operation Deadbolt HQ, Johnny "Soap" MacTavish and Sergei Ravenov are taking Dr. Ava Jansen to an Interrogation Room.

Jansen: Is all this cloak and dagger stuff necessary? I'm the one who called you. Remember?

Soap and Ravenov stop walking.

Soap: I'm not the one that need convincin'. Keep walkin'.

Soap, Ravenov and Dr. Jansen continue to walk while looking at the Security Camera with night vision.

Ravenov: Welcome to Operation Deadbolt. The boss would like a word with you.

Ravenov with Soap takes the head bag off of Dr. Jansen while Soap shows Dr. Jansen's face to the Security Camera by taking a scan, allowing the three to enter the interrogation room. The camera pans out to Selma Greene looking over news reports of Dr. Jansen on her computer. With a distrustful look on her face, she gets up and leaves her desk while Dr. Jensen is talking to Soap and Ravenov in the interrogation room.

Jansen: The company hired me to continue my research on energy production from n-dimensional interactions. It was purely theoretical -- right up until it wasn't.

Greene then enters the interrogation room while Soap and Ravenov listen to Dr. Jansen.

Jansen: As for Zakhaev, I had no idea I was working for a terrorist!

Greene: You're lying.

Greene tosses the files down onto the desk as pictures of Jansen with Zakhaev slide out.

Jansen: I thought he was the CEO. I'm a physicist, not a mind-reader. And I wouldn't have to work for him -- or anyone -- if you arseholes hadn't shut me down. Zakhaev is still out there with even more weapons-grade Aetherium. But I happen to know he keeps it on his person at all times. Why would I tell you that if I didn't want him stopped? Look, I know this element down to its protons. I'm fairly certain I can find a way to neutralize it.

Soap: Fairly certain won't cut it. Can you do it or not?

Ravenov: Perhaps we should hear her out.

Jansen: Please, I have to fix this. I may be the only person who can!

A short pause, before Greene takes out her knife while Dr. Jansen gets up from her chair.

Greene: (firmly) You better be right.

Greene then cuts the zip cuffs off of Dr. Jansen's hands by freeing her. The scene then cuts to Terminus Outcomes HQ, where Zakhaev and Jack Fletcher are watching the Aetherium Vial move about.

Fletcher: Extraction's going great - we're gonna make a killing selling this Aetherium.

Zakhaev: (sighs) When I've enriched enough to make more of these, you can do as you please with the rest.

Fletcher: And what about our runner?

Zakhaev: Hmph. She played her part, find her and kill her.

Fletcher nods at Zakhaev and leaves the Terminus Outcomes HQ, while Zakhaev keeps looking at the Aetherium Vial. Cut to black.

Mother Of Invention Transcript
In the Operation Deadbolt HQ briefing room, Dr. Ava Jansen swipes the pages of the tablet searching for the Aetherium pages while the images change. In front of Johnny "Soap" MacTavish and Sergei Ravenov are two pictures of Victor Zakhaev and Jack Fletcher on the wall.

Jansen: As you can see, The test was a success.

Dr. Jansen zooms in the image of the Aetherium page while showing it to Soap, Ravenov and Selma Greene.

Jansen: The Aether Neutralizer destabilizes any Aetherium within its blast radius. What remains of the element rapidly decays into harmless isotopes. But, that was raw, unprocessed Aetherium. The Material in Zakhaev's vial is highly enriched. My projections show this weapons-grade Aetherium can withstand our prototype.

Greene: In other words, you failed. This is a waste of time and resources.

Jansen then drags the image of the Aetherium Crystals.

Jansen: Not true! The principle has been proven. We just need to amplify the neutralize and recalibrate its output.

Soap: An' you can do that, can you?

Jansen: Not quite. But Zakhaev obtained key research written by the expert on Aetherium enrichment.

Dr. Jansen slides the image to see the image of Dr. Oskar Strauss, an ex-Projekt Endstation scientist who defected to Requiem. His status is listed as deceased. Ravenov looks at the image of Strauss, recalling his prior interaction with him.

Ravenov: Strauss...

Soap: Old mate of yours?

Ravenov: Friends are a luxury I can seldom afford.

Dr. Jansen drags the image of Strauss's Research facility in a map. Ravenov touches and pulls up an image of Fletcher, revealing his full name to be "James Tobias Fletcher".

Jansen: Zakhaev stored Strauss's research in a vault. It'll be heavily guarded, but that research holds the key to upgrading the neutralizer.

Greene: We don't have time for this. Our focus should Zakhaev himself.

Ravenov then looks at Greene.

Ravenov: And If we find him, then what? He unleashes his remaining vial, and we have nothin' to counter it...?

Soap: Deadbolt might be able to hammer this hard enough to contain it... but if the objective is to end it, that neutralizer's our best shot.

After a short pause, Greene then nods at Soap and Ravenov.

Greene: Fine. Get Strauss's data. See what Dr. Jansen can do with it.

Soap and Greene leave the briefing room, while Ravenov stops and sees Dr. Jansen feeling a little pain in her head after touching an image of the Aetherium on the map image of Urzikstan while she is wincing. Dr. Jansen takes out a bottle of Clozapine and takes two pills.

Ravenov: Ava, what is wrong?

Jansen: Just a migraine. It'll pass. They always do.

Dr. Jansen leaves the briefing room and Ravenov then sees the map of Urzikstan from the Aetherium radiation while beeping and later Ravenov leaves the briefing room. Cuts to black.

Confrontation Transcript

In Urzikstan, The Orcus roars while Dr. Ava Jansen covers her ears groaning pain While looking at the Aetherium Neutralizer. Quickly regaining her Bearings, She Runs over to the Aetherium Neutralizer while Sergei Ravenov and Operation Deadbolt Soldiers take cover.

Ravenov: Doctor Jansen! Wait!

Ravenov Attempts to run over to Dr. Jansen, But the Orcus swiftly Attacks. while The Orcus slithers and roars, Dr. Jansen runs over to the Aetherium Neutralizer and grabs the Lever while purple electricity is crackling around it. She pulls the lever and the orange energy from the Aetherium Neutralizer bursts out with an explosion Killing Orcus And sending out a Shockwave which knocks Down Everyone. Due To Being in close proximity of the Shockwave, Dr. Jansen is knocked unconscious. However, From the Corpse of Orcus, a Dark Aether Portal opens And begins to Pull Everyone in. Ravenov realizes The portal is pulling him in and Grabs a nearby debris pole. A soldiers Attempts to escape the Dark Aether Portal But Fails, Resulting In a Soldier Being Lost in The Dark Aether. The Gravitational Pull Becomes Stronger, Resulting in a large amount of debris and a second Soldier being pulled into The Dark Aether. While unconscious, Dr. Jansen is slowly lifted from the ground by the Aether Portal. Jack Fletcher and Victor Zakhaev notice.

Fletcher: Zed, we've gotta get out of here!

Zakhaev gets up from the crates.

Zakhaev: Coward!

Zakhaev then notices The Aetherium Vial Begining to Freeze.

Zakhaev: This can't be happening!

Dr. Jansen is Slowly lifted up by the Dark Aether Portal with debris Zooming right past her into the portal. Fletcher notices This Before Finding Cover inside a building, Zakhaev and Fletcher run inside the building to escape the pull of the portal. Before Fletcher runs inside he turns to watch Dr. Jansen . While Dr. Jansen Is Slowly Waking up She is held In front of the portal Rather than Being Pulled in. She awakes And Spots a dark Humanoid figure Looking at her.

Entity: Let us in.

Realizing the Horror she has witnessed, Dr. Jansen screams in shock at The Entity. The Portal Then abruptly Closes Dropping Any Debris and Dr. Jansen. As She lays on the ground, Ravenov quickly runs over to the doctor.

Ravenov: Ava?

Dr. Jansen then Opens her eyes, Revealing a Purple glow that quickly disappears.

Jansen: What happened?

Ravenov: Do you not... Do you not remember?

Jansen: No. I thought I heard a voice. (breathing) something... calling, from the other side.

The scene then cuts to the MP soldiers dragging unconscious Terminus Outcomes Mercenaries to a truck ordered by Johnny "Soap" MacTavish.

Soap: Take 'em to the brig. Greene'll get the interrogations started.

Soap turns to Ravenov and Dr. Jansen.

Soap: Nae sign o' Zakhaev. He may be bloodied, but he's still breathin'. Next time he sticks his head up - I'll take it off.

Jansen: What about the neutralizer?

Ravenov patches into Lucas "Luke" Dobbs on the radio.

Ravenov: Dobbs? What's the sitrep? Give me some good news.

Dobbs: (over radio) Mmm... Negative. Good initial clear on detonation, But Dark Aether contacts are repopulating.

Ravenov: Pizdetz (Damn it).

Dobbs: (over radio) Also picking up an energy spike in The Red Zone. Never seen anything like it.

Soap: Looks like this shit-show just keeps getting better an' better. Everyone RTB! Looks like this op isn't gonna' be over anytime soon!

Soap and the MP soldiers move Hastily while Dr. Jansen and Ravenov prepare to contact Amy Fang.

Ravenov: Fang, Ravenov. Ready for evac.

Fang: (over radio) Solid copy. Stand by, ETA two minutes.

The camera then pans over to a tornado-like Dark Aether vortex with ominous Storm Clouds Surrounding it. The Scene then cuts to Black.

Contact "Bad Signal" Transcript
In the Dark Aether, the mysterious Entity floats next to the Portal, surrounded by the items encountered by Deadbolt operatives.

Entity: (distorted) Your presence means nothing here.

The camera zooms in to the mysterious Entity's body. The scene then changes to Ava Jansen looking at her laptop in her room.

Entity: (distorted) This is not your domain. It is ours. Made of memories you will not corrupt.

Jansen groans in pain, picking up her bottle of Clozapine. Suddenly, the lights go out as Klazon Alarms begin to blare. Jansen picks up a 1911 and cocks her pistol, walking out of her room to see a bloodied handprint alongside seeing dead bodies, a wounded MP Soldier in the hallway, and hearing muffled screams and gunfire off screen. Dr. Jansen walks further as the wounded MP gasps for help. However, Jansen sees bloodied corpses in the hallway as the lights go out briefly. The lights then turn on, revealing a large group of zombies surrounding Jansen. Circling her are the purple eyed corpses of Grigori Weaver, Oskar Strauss, Elizabeth Grey and Mackenzie Carver.

Entity: Let... us... in.

The four zombified corpses of Weaver, Strauss, Grey and Carver point at Jansen while standing as the Zombies attack. Jansen begins to shoot at the zombies, defending herself before running out of ammo. A zombie on the ground grabs Jansen by the foot as she pulls out a Machete, stabbing the zombie in the head. Another zombie grabs Jansen, who uses her Machete to slice the zombie's neck, killing four more zombies until Sergei Ravenov shouts from behind her.

Ravenov: Ava!

Jansen turns around and makes a slashing motion. As she opens her eyes, she finds Ravenov's throat slitted as he collapses to the floor. Two MP arrive at the hallway with their weapons to apprehend Jansen, accompanied by Selma Greene.

Greene: Drop your weapon! Drop it!

Mortified by what she has done, Jansen drops the machete as the MPs prepare to arrest her. The shot zooms into Jansen's face, then zooms out, revealing the entire ordeal was a hallucination. The Entity speaks through Jansen as her eyes glow purple.

Entity: We will never be alone again. We. Will. Be. One.

Jansen then snaps out from the Entity's control and hears Ravenov's voice on her radio.

Ravenov: (over radio) Jansen, this is Ravenov. The Strike Team have returned from the rift.

Jansen picks up the radio.

Jansen: Ravenov?

Ravenov: (over radio) Ava, they made contact with some kind of entity, and are coming for debrief. Report to Ops.

Jansen: Th-They met... what?

Jansen then puts her laptop to her bed. Her laptop shows a screen with images of Weaver, Grey, and Carver, their statuses listed as "Deceased", while Ravenov is listed as "Active".

Ravenov: (over radio) An entity, inside the rift.

Jansen: I'll be right there.

The camera then zooms to Jansen's laptop to see the profile of Samantha Maxis. Her status is listed as "Classified - Janus - Directive 6776d, before cutting to black.

Contact "Countermeasures" Transcript
In the Operation Deadbolt HQ Medical Room, Sergei Ravenov is using medical stitches to fix his arm wound while grunting in pain. Ava Jansen opens the door and enters the room.

Jansen: You've got some explaining to do.

Jansen notices Ravenov's wounds.

Jansen: You're hurt.

Ravenov: (sighs and nods) I have had worse.

Ravenov then continues stitching his wound. Jansen puts her tablet on the bench next to Ravenov. The tablet shows a profile image of Ravenov from 1985, his status listed as "Active".

Jansen: I don't doubt it. Or I wouldn't have to, if your file wasn't a black hole.

Ravenov looks at the tablet, then looks at Jansen.

Ravenov: My file? How did you-

Jansen: -Please. Breaking the locks on a few cold-case CIA files? From a CIA terminal? Not exactly a challenge-

After a quick pause, Ravenov resumes stitching his wound while grunting in pain. Jansen approaches him.

Jansen: -You're making a mess of that. Give it here.

Jansen sits down and uses the medical tools to stitch Ravenov's wound. Ravenov picks up the tablet and swipes through it, viewing the profiles of Elizabeth Grey and Samantha Maxis. Grey's status is listed as Deceased, while Maxis' is listed as Classified.

Jansen: You were part of Requiem.

Ravenov: Yes.

Jansen: What happened to them?

Ravenov: Maxis sacrificed herself to end the outbreak. We promised we would find a way to rescue her. And when we failed... it was... a blow. Some of us took it very hard. We vowed to never let this happen again-

Jansen: -Oh so you're zero for two on those promises.

Jansen then cuts the stitch line while using the medical tool to fix Ravenov's wound.

Ravenov: But I am still here, am I not Dr. Jansen? I am still fighting.

Jansen: And here's the thing. You shouldn't be. That was 30 years ago, and look at you.

Ravenov: (scoffs) I have good genes-

Jansen: -Oh that's a crock, and you know it! What was the focus of Requiem's Aetherium Research?

Ravenov: Dr. Jansen... Ava... Perhaps when the Outbreak is contained... we will talk of the old days.

Jansen: (nods) Fine. If that's how you want to play it.

Jansen then checks Ravenov's arm before leaving the medical room.

Jansen: (firmly) If you won't help me, I'll find my own answers.

Jansen gets up and walks out of the room. Ravenov checks his arm, then smiles as the door closes.

Ravenov: Oh Ava... Your parents would be... are... they are so very proud of you.

Ravenov looks at the tablet one more time. This time, the tablet shows the profiles of himself, Maxis, Grey, and Mackenzie Carver. Carver's status is also listed as "Deceased". The scene slowly zooms out from Ravenov, then cuts to black.

Contact "Union" Transcript
In The Operation Deadbolt TV Room, where Dr. Ava Jansen is sitting in a chair while Sergei Ravenov walks in and uses the computer.Ravenov: We almost lost you, Ava. Your obsession with Grey's research almost got you killed. It is too dangerous to keep this from you anymore.

Jansen: What is it?

Ravenov: Grey's last words to you..

Ravenov then presses the spacebar on the computer to watch Dr. Elizabeth Grey's video in the screen In 08/15/96 while Ravenov and Jansen watch.

Grey: Ava. I went through this in my head so many times but... (sighs) I'm still not sure what to say... But I can't do what I need to, without trying to talk to you. Even if it's just to say goodbye. I carried you, I gave birth to you, but your biological mother - was Sam - Samantha Maxis.

Jansen is then reacted in shock and looks at Ravenov and watches the screen while Ravenov stills watches the video.

Grey: She was the kindest, bravest soul I have ever met. And I miss her so much. We were all exposed to The Dark Aether - Sam most of all. One day she went into The Dark Aether... and didn't come back. This is why you're so important. You are bonded to The Dark Aether. It's in your genes. No one knows whether that could be something wonderful or something... dangerous.

Ravenov then looks at Jansen while she still watches the video and whimpers a little.

Grey: We are dying, but we can ensure that someone will watch over you. We agreed Ravenov would be the best choice - especially given his connection to you.

Ravenov and Jansen then look at each other.

Grey: I know the Jansen's will have given you the best life, but giving you up? At only three years old? I am so sorry. I'd like to hope there's a part of you that will remember me.

Jansen: (emotionally smiles) There is.

Grey: (emotionally smiles) I love you, Ava. Goodbye.

Ravenov then pauses the video, which Jansen starts to look at him.

Jansen: How could you not tell me the truth?

Ravenov: I did not choose to be your father.

Jansen: My father?! Do you even think of me as a daughter? Or am I more of a 'liability'?

Ravenov: (seriously) Requiem took 'genetic' samples from all of us - with or without our consent.

Jansen then angrily gets up from her seat.

Jansen: Who the fuck did you people think you were to make these decisions?!

Ravenov then stands up from his seat.

Ravenov: (firmly) The Entity. It is a reflection of you. A shadow. Born the same moment you were - and every time the veil between this world and The Dark Aether is lifted - its influence grows stronger. (calmly) Please. You need to let me help you.

Jansen: Help me?! All you've done... is LIE!

Jansen then angrily leaves the room while Ravenov tries to help her.

Ravenov: Wait, Ava wait- Ava!

Jansen then slams the door, Ravenov then sighs and looks at Grey in the screen.

Ravenov: (sadly) I'm sorry.

Ravenov then feels sad, then cuts to black.

Audio Logs and Radios[]

Main article: Operation Deadbolt/Audio Logs and Radios

Several Audio Logs and Radios can be found throughout the map.


Main article: Operation Deadbolt/Documents

Several Documents can be found throughout the map.

Easter Eggs[]

There are many Easter Eggs that can be done in Operation Deadbolt.

Shahin Manor Easter Egg[]

For this Easter Egg, the player and their squad have to do the following steps, which can be done in any order.

  • The Rook: Eliminate a Terminus Outcome Sniper mercenary at his fortress in C5 and use the phone that he drops.
  • The Bishop: Eliminate a Terminus Outcome Recon mercenary at the train tunnel between Levin Resort and Popov Power Plant and use the phone that he drops.
  • The Knight: Eliminate a Terminus Outcome Recon Soldier traveling on an Armored Truck around the exclusion zone and uses the phone that he drops.
  • The Pawn: Go to the small shack located at I1 and use the phone there.

Once all four steps above are done, the player and their squad must head to the underground section of the Shahin Manor, where a vault is located, upon interacting with the keypad outside, the door is unlocked. Afterward, the player and their squad can freely take the loot inside, with one of the cache being a mimic under the name King.



Promotional Artwork[]


  • The Act 3 mission "Storm the Castle" originally had "Defeat Legacy" as an objective. Following the addition of Dokkaebi, the mission objective was changed to "Defeat Warlord" to accept any Warlord for completion.
  • Originally, the Act 1 mission "Hostile Takeover" erroneously stated "Deadbolt" instead of "Terminus Outcomes" in the mission description. This was fixed following an update.