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A map showing SDF salvage operations near Pluto is shown.

Reyes: The Front have been salvaging parts from a scrapyard outside Pluto. They have one Destroyer and a small Skelter squadron on station. We deploy now, we can hit the ships and commandeer that salvage. We need all the scrap we can get.

Jackal Launch[]

Reyes climbs in his Jackal, puts on his helmet and starts it up. The Jackal is prepared for launch.

Salter: This could put a dent in our scrap issues.

Reyes: That's what it's come down to.

Salter: We can't let SetDef hold back our resources.

Reyes: I don't think they'll be sharing anytime soon.

Salter: Roger that.

Gator: Captain, SDF Skelters have already set up a perimeter, expect contact the minute we punch in.

Reyes: Roger. Any intel on the scrapyard?

Gator: Lots of debris, not a lot of space for aerial maneuvers.

Salter: Sounds like fun.

ATC Mini Boss: SCARs, tower advises caution while maneuvering through wreckage.

Reyes: 1-1, check.

Salter: 1-2, check.

ATC Mini Boss: SCAR-1s you're good to go.

Reyes: Copy that.

ATC Mini Boss: Launch in 3, 2, 1...

The Jackals launch and proceed to the target.


Salter: SetDef Destroyer at 12. We're visual.

Reyes: Retribution, hold up. SCARs will take it from here.

Gator: Roger that, sir, good hunting.

Salter: Let's get in there, Raider.

Reyes: Skelters are primary. We thin the herd and target that Destroyer.

Salter: Copy. 1-2 is weapons free.

They begin to engage the Skelters, taking down a few.

Reyes: Skelters are thinning out, keep hitting 'em!

Salter: My pleasure.

They continue engaging the Skelters until only a few remain.

Salter: Couple stragglers left.

Reyes: Let's mop 'em up.

They eliminate all the Skelters. Two A-Jaks jump in.

Gator: Be advised, multiple Ajaks inbound.

Reyes: Solid copy. Let's get evil, Salt.

Salter: Roger, evil. Weapons loose.

Reyes destroys an A-Jak.

Reyes: Got 'em!

Salter: Nice shot, Raider.

The other A-Jak is destroyed.

Reyes: Ajak down.

Salter: Good effect. Target destroyed!

Gator: Focus fire on the Destroyer, they can't get away.

Reyes: Roger. SCARs, focus fire on that Destroyer.

Salter: Get guns on those turrets!

The SCARs take out the destroyer.

Reyes: Good kill, good kill!

Salter: SetDef Destroyer down.

Reyes: Nice work, squad. Gator, how's radar lookin'?

Gator: Sector's almost clear. Heads up for an Ace fighter in the battle-zone.

Salter: Take him, Raider.

Reyes: Engaging.

Reyes eliminates the Ace.

Salter: Splash, one Ace! Solid, Raider.

Gator: Good shooting, sir! Picture is clear. All SDF vessels have been eliminated. Good shooting out there, SCARs.

Reyes: Relay to STRATCOM and get a salvage team in here.

Salter: Good call, Reyes. UNSA needs every bit of this.

Reyes: Let's get in the net, SCARs.

Reyes begins approaching the Retribution.

Reyes: Ret, SCARs are on approach.

Gator: Copy, all yours tower.

ATC Mini Boss: You're clear for landing.

Reyes approaches the runway.

ATC Mini Boss: Stand by for drone lock.

Reyes: Flaps, gears out, ready for baton.

The drone attaches to Reyes' Jackal and slows it down.

Salter: Nice work out there, Reyes.

Reyes: You too, Salt.

The Jackals are recovered by Retribution.


Reyes ascends the elevator to the bridge deck.

Crewman: Be an honor to fly combat air patrol with you sometime, sir.

Crew Discussion[]

Crewman 1: And they were getting iced left and right! And Skelter pilots everywhere, man!

Crewman 2: Yeah. They stitched up the hull of that destroyer pretty quick too.

Crewman 1: You think Captain Reyes is feeling the pressure?

Crewman 2: Nah, Captain knows how to secure an objective. He and Lieutenant Salter have been flying together forever.


Gator: Another job well done, sir. Potential operations on-screen when you're ready.