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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

"Assault Almalik's base of operations and mark his weapons for aistrike, spiking the AQ foothold in Verdansk"
— Mission briefing.

Operation Kuvalda is an Operation featured within the Special Ops mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It is a follow-up to Operation Headhunter.


Using the data recovered from the scramblers, Armistice located all the warehouses belonging to Almalik in Verdansk. Several Armistices teams were deployed to attack all the warehouses at once.

The "Arm-4" team was sent at the Arklov Peak military base, Almalik's base of operations and primary storage facility. The team infiltrated the base and accessed the data server to find and mark weapons stockpiles for missile strikes. Arm-4 also found ballistic missiles inside the hangar. After the team was exfilled, the military base was destroyed killing Almalik in the process.


Operation Kuvalda will require players to infiltrate an Al-Qatala military base, mark crates full of weapons for detonation, and exfil. Players can choose to enter undetected or to storm the base. They'll need to first capture a server that contains data on the crates' locations by interacting with it and staying close. The more players near the server, the quicker the capture will be. Several Juggernauts will spawn during the capture.

After the server is captured, the players are able to access computers at three different locations, find the manifest (displayed as /Manifest on the screens) and then mark crates for detonation that bear the logo displayed on the computer. Three crates that can be marked will be in each area. Several enemy attack helicopters can spawn during this objective. After all of the crates are marked in the level, a player will need to go to the control tower to open the doors to a hangar. Inside the hangar, ballistic missiles will need to be marked for detonation, effectively completing the objective.

Players can then use one of the two Infantry Assault Vehicles available in the hangar to regroup to the exfil, destroying several armored vehicles in the way.




  • A version of the map Killhouse from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare can be found in the operation across the Barracks.
  • The player can search other folders on the computers, but due to the required data being in /Manifest, searching any others will yeild "NO RESULTS FOUND"