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Operation Phoenix was an operation conducted by the UNSA to retrieve a prototype skelter aboard the SDS Cerberus.


The SDS Cerberus stopped near Miranda to resupply and the ship had a skelter prototype with advanced weapons. SCAR Team 1 along with Corporal Brooks and Private Kashima assaulted the ship and take the skelter.


SCAR Team 1 and Marines moved to the ship while taking out a couple of SDF troops. When they reached the ship, they planted EMP charges on the engines and shutting down the ship completely. Retribution and SCAR Team 2 arrived for air support as SCAR Team 1 and Marines advanced to the prototype, taking out several SDF troops. They arrived at the location of the prototype. Reyes then advanced into the hanger and took all of the troops in the hanger, including Junior Lieutenant Cesar Magana. Reyes then activated the prototype and joined the air battle. SCAR Teams 1 and 2 took out several SDF pilots including Colonel Young Kim, Major Nicholas Rado, and Captain Taras Emin. The SDS Cerberus managed to get back online and charged its rail guns with ret as its target. The SCAR Teams managed to get onto the Ret and it jumped before it could get shot.


The engineering staff of the Ret was already been able to reverse-engineer many components to provide the SCAR Jackals aboard upgraded weapons. Meanwhile, news came on about the captured prototype with an expected announcement from SATO, as this capture means a massive blow to SDF offensive capabilities.

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