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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Retribution: Aftermath[]

Reyes exits the Captain's office.

Gator: Seal the bridge! Commander, Drop prep is complete. Course is plotted... We're prime to drop on your go, sir.

If Reyes delays:

Gator: Drop commences on your go, Captain.

Reyes stations at the bridge terminal.

Reyes: Ready.

Gator: Sir, your key now has activation clearance for the fast travel drop ignition.

Reyes: Check.

Reyes inserts his card and activates the Drop Engine switch. Panels on the bow of Retribution raise up.

Reyes: Switch is set.

Comms Officer: I have Tigris Captain Ferran for the Commander.

Reyes: Patch it.

Ferran: Captain, Tigris will drop in outside the Area of Operation. Once Ret joins, we'll hold position until your Marines are ready. Good flight. Out.

Gator: On you, Captain.

Reyes: Go for Drop.

Yetide: Collision arms up.

Tigris jumps away.

Salter: Away in 3-2-1...

Retribution enters FTL travel. A terminal in the bridge catches fire.

Yetide: CPU Fire in bridge sector 3!

Reyes: Status?

Yetide: location accuracy is .97. Hull integrity below normal.

Salter: Can we make it Gator?

Gator: I'll get us in.

Reyes: Steady as she goes.

Yetide: Exiting the slip...

Gator: Influx in 3, 2, 1...

Retribution exits the drop.

Salter: Get that fire out!

Crewman: Yes, ma'am.

Bridge Crewman: Got it, Lieutenant.

The crew puts the fire out.

Ferran: Commander, Tigris is set for close air support. Notify when your Marines are staged for insert.

Reyes: Tigris is standing by, let's bug out. You got the conn Gator.

Gator: Aye sir.

Boats: Lieutenant, Captain, I'll see you to the Armory.

Reyes and Salter follow Boats to an elevator. The elevator starts descending.

Boats: Staff Sergeant Omar's squad is on the Well Deck.

Salter: Why is Sergeant Omar taking lead on this?

Reyes: It's a joint operation Salt. He's the senior Marine on board.

Salter: He disrespected you.

Reyes: Don't let him under your skin.

Boats: Warrant Officer Griff is expecting you both in the Armory, Captain.

The elevator reaches level 1. They exit the elevator. Reyes may approach an engineer, Hamilton, to talk to him.

Hamilton: Captain.

Reyes: How's she looking?

Hamilton: Under par, sir. Gaskets are fried, valves need to be resealed. Retribution's seen better days. Guess we all have.

Reyes and Salter enter the Armory.

Salter: Griff.

Griff: Lieutenant. Cleaned up round here best I could considering we'd be getting a visit from the Captain.

Reyes: Nothin's changed Griff.

Griff: Speaking of changes, let's change your loadout, sir.

Reyes approaches the Armory terminal. Griff pulls a Volk out from the 3D printer.

Salter: That a Volk, Griff?

Griff: Energy weapon. Just got the scan from the surface. Couldn't wait to print this bad boy out. So what's the op?

Reyes: Reinforcing the Lunar Gateway.

Reyes activates the Armory console.

Griff: You're going to want an energy weapon, then. Makes quick work of those SetDef bots. Got some attachments in stock, too. Anything catch your eye? Now, to round you out, there's equipment. There's frag grenades, ol' faithful, but we got the cool, new shit. Seeker bots and hack tools.

Reyes selects his loadout and places his hand on the weapons rack, setting his suit's camo to Urban. The rack raises and Reyes picks up his weapon.

Griff: That should get the job done. Never say die Captain.

Reyes: Not on your life.

Griff: Give 'em hell, sir. We're behind you.

Reyes and Salter exit the Armory.

Salter: We need to stay ahead of them, Reyes. None of this is standard operating procedure.

They enter an elevator. It starts descending.

Reyes: Outgunned, not outmatched Lt.

Salter: When did we become the underdogs?

Reyes: About an hour ago.

The elevator passes the hangar bay.

Salter: Hold it here.

The elevator stops. Gibson and Ethan hop in the elevator.

Salter: We're good.

The elevator starts moving again.

Salter: Boss?

Ethan: Commander.

Reyes: Not how we aim for promotion, Ethan.

Ethan: No sir.

Gibson: You're the right man for the job, Reyes. May Alder rest in peace.

Salter: Hangar shaping up?

Gibson: Affirmative. Top men on it.

Reyes: Ethan, I want you on this one with us.

Ethan: Roger that sir.

Gibson: Corporal Brooks will check you in.

The elevator stops at the Well Deck. Reyes, Salter, and Ethan exit the elevator.

Brooks: Captain Reyes. Lieutenant. You'll need boost-rigs on this one.

Salter: Thanks for looking out, Corporal.

Reyes: Be cool, Salt.

Salter: Like ice, Captain.

They put on their helmets (except Ethan) and equip the boost rigs.

Ethan: What are these packs for, ma'am?

Salter: They power your jumps and your wall runs. Gives you control in zero-G.

Reyes: Don't you know all this, Ethan?

Ethan: I do Captain. I find the Lieutenant's voice soothing.

Brooks: All aboard, sir, Lt.

They enter to the Well Deck room. Marines are entering vehicles and preparing to deploy.

Omar: Good to go Nunez, Bravo 1, left rear.

Nunez: Staff Sergeant!

Omar: Goodwin, Private, load up.

Brooks: That's eighteen, sir, plus our officers. And this guy.

Omar: What's your assignment, drone?

Ethan: Captain's orders, Staff Sergeant. And it's bot, not drone, but, deserving attempt at humor, sir.

Omar: Don't call me sir, I work for a living. Check your bot, Captain, before I throw him out of the air-lock. I've seen what those things can do.

Reyes: That won't be necessary, Staff Sergeant. Ethan. Park it.

Ethan: Aye, sir.

Kashima: Rovers are at capacity.

Salter: Not a problem, Private. He doesn't need a seat. Step up, Ethan. Hang on tight.

Ethan: Yes, ma'am.

Omar: Let's load up!

If Reyes delays:

Omar: Get on up there, Captain.

Everyone enters the rovers.

Omar: Shift it, robot.

Ethan gives way for Omar to enter the driver's seat.

Omar: Eyes up on your HUDs, be briefed or be sorry.

Brooks: Staff Sergeant.

Kashima: Staff Sergeant.

Ethan: Staff Sergeant.

Cutscene 1 - Civilian Terminal[]

Reyes and the others are aboard vehicles and about to jump onto the moon

A video showing a map of the moon appears while Omar is reading the plan

Omar: Earth's Lunar Gateway Port is currently under siege. To defend it, the Retribution will insert two teams, Alpha's and Bravo's, 1's and 2's. Our primary objective is to retake that port. Oorah?!

Group: OORAH!!

Gameplay - Civilian Terminal[]

Omar: Masks on!

Everyone lowers their visors.

Reyes: Tigris Actual, how copy?

Ferran appears in the top right corner of the HUD

Ferran: Solid. You set?

Reyes: Affirmative.

Gator: Taking heavy fire sir! We need to insert now!

Reyes: Open the well deck!

The well deck opens. Skelters fire at Retribution right outside. The Marine standing in the rover in front is killed by the fire.

Salter: Heads up - we're hot!

Reyes: Good to go, Gator. Cut the cord.

Omar: Roll 'em out!

The rovers get released and fly down to the surface. One of the rovers immediately is destroyed by enemy fire. A Marine rolls on Reyes' rover.

Salter: Alpha 2's down!

The rover's use their thrusters to stabilizer before discarding the thrusters.

Brooks: Bravo's in.

Salter: Alpha 1 is in.

Reyes: Gator, get outta here!

Gator: Moving to holding pattern.

Retribution starts flying away. Ethan points towards the terminal.

Ethan: Terminal is due north, Staff Sergeant.

Omar: I don't need coordinates from you, Ethan.

They enter the terminal's perimeter. An SDF FKV approaches from the right.

Salter: Contact!

Omar: Right side!

Reyes: I got him!

Omar: Take 'em down!

An SDF trooper pops out of the FKV. Reyes takes him out. The FKV loses control, rolls over, and crashes into a shuttle.

Omar: Bravos, break right!

Brooks: Copy. Good hunting, Alpha.

An SDF ship fires on them, blowing up a parked shuttle. A Skelter strafes them, taking out the rover in front of them. They break left.

Omar: Alpha's going in the hard way! Hang on!

Reyes: Brace!

They crash through a window and the rover falls on its side. The room depressurizes but the window shutters close shortly after.

Reyes: Ethan, you good?

Ethan: Stellar, sir.

Omar is exits the crashed vehicle. Ethan tries to help him up but is refused.

Ethan: Effective driving Sergeant.

Omar: Stay outta my way Ethan. Let's get in gear and take this terminal. Push SetDef back up the asshole it came from.

Salter: Section's cordoned off.

Ethan: Emergency airlock's open.

Omar: That's our access point. Let's stack in.

The group enters the airlock. Goodwin closes the door. The airlock pressurizes.

Salter: Here comes gravity.

Omar: Masks up.

They raise their visors.

Salter: Move out.

Reyes opens the door to the terminal. They see many dead civilians.

Baker: Oh no...

Salter: Firing squad.

Ethan: Shot in the back.

Omar: Not shot, executed. SetDef don't take prisoners.

Goodwin: Down here's blocked. No way through.

Salter: Let's try the second floor.

If Reyes shoots the windows:

Omar: Stay clear of the glass! Shutters closing! | Window's blown! | Get away from the window!

Salter: Windows broken! Shutters closed! | Get away! | The glass is breaking!

They move through the terminal and see SDF soldiers. The group eliminates the soldiers. The floor ahead is broken.

Omar: Lead the way, Lieutenant!

Salter: We can run this wall to get across!

Reyes and the others wall run across a wall.

Coast Guard RT0: All call signs, this is Coast Guard 1!

Omar: What's your location Coast Guard 1?

Coast Guard RT0: We are pinned down! End of the terminal, concourse D!

Reyes: Let's get to 'em.

Ahead SDF soldiers execute some civilians.

Ethan: Down below.

SDF Soldier: Make sure they are all dead.

Civilian: No, please! No! No!!!

Salter: They're shooting civilians!

The group engages the soldiers.

Reyes: Ground floor!

Omar: We clear through the terminal and take back the cargo port.

They clear the enemies and continue pushing, finding more soldiers as well as C6s in the concourse.

Omar: Don't let up! Keep clearing the concourse - we need to fight our way to allied forces.

The group makes their way through the concourse.

Omar: Keep pushing them back! We're clearing 'em out!

They clear out all the enemies. Before the can advance, a C8 drops in from above and kills a Marine.

Ethan: Hunters in the AO!

Reyes: Get cover!

The group attacks the C8.

Omar: Frontal attack has no effect!

Salter: We gotta get behind it! Flank their shields.

If Reyes throws a grenade at the C8:

Omar: Grenade stunned it!

They destroy the C8.

Salter: It's going down!

Omar: It's down!

Ethan: Captain Reyes, the Hunter shields are outstanding. Commandeer one.

Reyes and Salter each pick up a shield from the destroyed C8. They try it out.

Reyes: How do these spec Ethan?

Ethan: High velocity center fire resistant with a vision mode.

Salter: Bad ass armor.

Omar: Marines make due. We need good men, not machines captain. Let's get the Guard out from under the boot. SCARS, take point.

Salter: Door's up ahead. I'll help you with it.

Reyes and Salter begin lifting the door to the next section.

Salter: Concourse C. Coast Guard's not far.

Omar: Alpha to Coast Guard 1, we are inbound your way.

Reyes and Salter lift up the door. Enemies approach on the other side.

Salter: Contact front! Shields!

Salter activates her shield and shoots one soldier before shield bashing the next.

Reyes: Hold your line!

Omar: Neutralize and advance. All stations, Alpha's team's moving up. Next deck.

Ethan: Friendlies at 9 o'clock.

Coast Guard forces are engaged with a C8 ahead. The group helps destroy the C8.

Coast Guard: Shit. Thanks.

A friendly soldier opens the door. Wounded civilians are being taken care of on the other side.

MDF Soldier: Our people are just behind here.

Guard Trooper: We've got a team pinned down in the hangar with your marines.

Reyes: Terminal secure behind us. Get the wounded to safety.

They move through the room.

Coast Guard: Over here! We have incoming enemies!

Omar: Advance!

Reyes: Let's move!

Coast Guard: SetDef! Twelve o'clock!

Omar: Get guns on them! We're pushing through!

They engage the SDF soldiers ahead.

Omar: Keep after them!

They move through a glass hallway. A Skelter appears outside looking at them.

Salter: Look out - Skelter!

The Skelter fires on the window, decompressing the hallway, sucking everyone out.

Salter: Decompression!

Reyes: Breathers down!

Salter holds on to a support pillar. Reyes grabs her hand.

Salter: Reyes, hang on!

A C6 crashes into the pillar, breaking it and causing Reyes and Salter to fly out.

Salter: Reyes!

Reyes crashes into a crate, cracking his visor and causing him to start leaking oxygen. He and Salter tumble along the ground. A forklift almost crashes into Reyes but Ethan stops it. Ethan helps Reyes up.

Salter: Your mask! You're leaking O2!

Ethan: Hangar entry dead ahead, on me!

The group begins running to a hatch. A Skelter fires on them, killing some of the group.

Omar: Get in there! Go!

Salter: Reyes, hustle, now!

Omar: Let's get on that hatch, we'll have to force it!

Reyes visor cracks even further.

Salter: Captain's mask is code 3. He needs air!

Everyone tries to open the hatch, but the pressure keeps it shut.

Ethan: Back pressure's too much!

Omar: Captain Reyes, we need you!

Salter: Son of a bitch!

Reyes helps them open the hatch.

Salter: C'mon!

They get inside. Reyes takes off his broken helmet and drops it.

Ethan: Everybody in one piece?

Reyes: Good to go, Ethan, you?

Ethan: Full steam sir.

Omar: Earth's in trouble if we don't take back the cargo port.

Ethan: Can two capital ships hold this airspace sir?

Reyes: Negative. They need air support.

Salter: One step at a time. Let's get the captain a weapon. Where do you keep your ordnance?

MDF Soldier: Armory. Just up ahead. Follow me.

They start moving towards the armory.

Omar: All Bravo, Alpha's on the north side of the hangar. What's your status?

Kashima: Moving your way, Actual. Rendezvous on your order.

Omar: Copy, out.

MDF Soldier: Here's the armory captain.

Reyes opens the armory door. Everyone enters.

MDF Soldier: This is our arsenal. Take anything you need.

Omar: Thank you, Guardsman.

Salter: Shotguns and LMGs. Right on time.

Omar: Captain. These shock grenades are very effective against the bots.

Ethan: Yeah, keep those away from me, will you, sir? There's an upgrade terminal here too captain.

If Reyes delays:

Salter: Shotgun and LMG, gonna need both Reyes. (Subtitles say "Shotgun and LMG, we need 'em both Reyes.")

Omar: Captain, take these shock grenades, you're gonna need 'em.

Reyes picks up a Reaver and a Mauler, as well as some shock grenades.

Reyes: I'm good, let's get moving.

Omar: Open it up trooper.

The MDF soldier opens the exit.

Omar: This is a counterassault on the base. Let's get out there and lock it up. Alpha's en route, Bravo! Hold on!

They rush to the cargo hangar, where Coast Guard soldiers and Bravo team are engaged with SDF soldiers and C6s.

Reyes: We got allied troops in contact up here.

Ethan: Got eyes on Bravo.

Omar: Brooks, Kashima. What's your status?

Brooks: Taking heavy fire.

Reyes: We're at your six. Coming to reinforce.

Kashima: Roger that.

Salter: Bots on the lower deck, use your shock grenades.

Reyes throws some shock grenades at the C6s below, dealing heavy damage to them.

Salter: Take 'em out, they're fried!

The UNSA forces begin pushing. Reyes' group rejoins with the rest of the allied forces.

Brooks: Staff Sergeant! Sirs!

Kashima: We're knee deep in shit sir!

Omar: Harden up son.

They keep pushing through the cargo hangar.

Omar: All stations, Alpha team's moving up.

The SDF soldiers start retreating into a control room.

Omar: We're clearing 'em out!

The SDF soldiers shut the control room doors behind them. The UNSA forces prepare to breach the room. Reyes slowly opens the door.

Salter: use a grenade, Reyes.

Reyes throws a shock grenade in. They clear the room.

Ethan: All clear.

Salter: Clear.

Omar: Hangar's secure! Squad, bring it in.

They move through the control room, which overlooks a hangar that contains Jackals.

Omar: Good to see your Marines.

Salter: I see jacks with our names on 'em. Let's get that unlocked, trooper.

MDF Trooper: Roger, Lt.

The trooper unlocks the door and Reyes opens it.

Salter: You got clearance for launch prep?

MDF Soldier: I do, ma'am.

Salter: Fire us up for send off.

Omar: What's your course of action?

Reyes: We're gonna board a SetDef capital ship and take it down. Ground phase of this operation is over Sgt. SCARs are going airborne. Time to earn your wings.

Omar: You got some spine Captain. My guys, hold this rock, we'll send your exfil.

Salter: Let's get that elevator moving.

MDF Soldier: Check.

Ethan: What are my orders, Captain?

Reyes: You fall in with us Ethan.

Ethan: Yes sir.

Reyes, Salter, Omar, and Ethan enter the elevator. It closes and they descend to the hangar.

Reyes: Omar, you're with Salter, Ethan, you're up with me.

Omar: This ain't no drill, Captain. Leave the bot. Take a Marine.

Reyes: I've chosen my team, Sergeant.

Ethan: Appreciate the confidence sir.

Reyes: Let's get off the ground.

Reyes and Ethan enter a Jackal while Salter and Omar climb in another Jackal. Some Coast Guard troopers also enter Jackals. Reyes starts up his Jackal.

Gameplay - Shipping Storage[]

Reyes: Nozzles are good. Engines good.

Omar: Coast Guard's getting overrun.

Ethan: Tigris needs air intervention.

The hangar door opens. Skelters can be seen outside attacking the base.

Salter: One step at a time, boys. We secure the base, then we assist Tigris.

Reyes: Roger. Go for launch.

The Jackals launch.

Guard Trooper: 3-1, full afterburner.

Guard Trooper: 3-2, launchin'.

Salter: SCAR 1-2, away.

Reyes: Only way we're holding this port is reclaiming air superiority. Let's clean this up and drive SetDef out of this airspace.

Guard Trooper: Tally four! Tally four! Skelters inbound!

Reyes shoots down a couple of Skelters.

Reyes: Two down.

Salter: That all? I'm on 4.

Reyes: Let's stay on 'em, we're pushing them back.

Salter: They have reinforcements. Stay sharp. Keep those Skelters off the turrets!

Some base turrets are destroyed.

Salter: Keep those Skelters off the turrets!

Brooks: Another turret down. | Tower five is hit! | Tower 4 lost all its turrets. | Turret 4-A down. | We lost tower one! | Lost turret 6-B.

Kashima: Turret 2-E down. | 4-C offline.

Omar: Protect those turrets!

A Skelter fires missiles at Reyes.

Reyes: Their missiles are guided. Coast Guard jacks aren't set up for this. Tigris, we need something to even the playing field.

Tigris Navigator: Roger, SCAR 1-1, we have a missile supply drone ready. Mark your position for delivery.

If Reyes delays:

Tigris Navigator: SCAR 1-1, mark your position for supply drone delivery. | Captain Reyes, we need your coordinates. Confirm your position.

Reyes calls in a supply drone.

Tigris Navigator: Position marked, supply drone inbound.

The drone arrives, giving Reyes missiles.

Reyes: Locked and loaded. Scars, hit them with your missiles.

Ferran: Actual, what's your status?

Reyes: Sweeping up, base is almost clear!

Ground forces try to engage the SDF forces.

Kashima: Fox three. | Can't get past their countermeasures. | Missiles loose. | They're outflying our AA. | Got him! | We're losing ground support.

Brooks: These guys are fast. | Skelter down. | 1-1, evade! Evade! | Got one! | Bogey down. | Argh, flared. | Missiles loose.

They take out many of the Skelters.

Reyes: Few more left. Let's x 'em out and go help Tigris.

Only a few Skelters remain.

Reyes: Almost there...

A couple of A-Jaks jump in.

Guard Trooper: Shit! Gunships!

Reyes: Scars, we got Ajaks in the battle zone. Engage those gunships!

Salter: Copy, they are going for the towers.

Guard Trooper: 3-2, inbound hot.

Guard Trooper: Rog'. 3-1, inbound.

Reyes: All teams, fire on those gunships! Target their weapon systems!

Ethan: Focus fire on their turrets, sir.

They begin engaging the A-Jaks.

Ethan: Good hit, sir! Turrets destroyed! | He's goin' for another run!

Salter: Flak cannons, heads up! | Missiles in the air! | Turrets are on you, Raider, roll out! | Missiles inbound! Missiles inbound! | Salter: Keep it up, we're making progress.

Omar: Watch that flak! Keep moving! | Get more firepower on it!

One of the A-Jaks is destroyed.

Omar: Nice one, Captain!

Reyes destroys the other A-Jak.

Guard Trooper: Hell yeah!

Salter: Good kill, Raider!!

Omar: Well done, SCARs, well done!

The port is clear of enemies.

Ethan: The port is secure, Captain.

Reyes: Affirmative. SCARs, RV for orbital launch.

Salter: Copy that, let's climb. Reyes, we're in position. Holding for you.

If Reyes delays

Guard Trooper: Rendezvous at the LZ.

The Jackals rendezvous and prepare to launch.

Omar: Good work, Marines. Get a transport set, we'll link up at Retribution.

Brooks: Copy that, Staff Sergeant.

Kashima: Good luck up there, LT.

The Jackals prime their engines and launch towards Tigris.

Ferran: Raider, Tigris is taking port engine damage. Request immediate support.

Reyes: Actual, Raider is inbound to board and disable enemy warship. Stand by.

Omar: What's your infil plan, Captain?

Cutscene 2 - Boarding Party[]

A diagram of the enemy ship, SDS Ares Vallis, is shown. The team's path through the ship is outlined.

Reyes: We'll bail out over the port side bow and zero-g to the bridge.

Salter: Once aboard, we'll shut down the bridge and aft combat systems.

Omar: Copy. After shut down, we exit through the cargo bay.

Reyes: Affirmative. Tigris engages when we're clear.

Gameplay - Boarding Party[]

Salter: Got our big bandit, 12 'o clock high.

Reyes: Eyes on. Tigris, we're visual.

Ferran: Copy visual. Covering fire!

Salter: Follow me in, Raider.

Reyes: On you, Fever.

The Jackals fly past Tigris and weave through debris while flying towards Ares. Ares starts firing at them.

Salter: Watch for flak!

Reyes: I see it.

One of the Coast Guard Jackals is shot down by the flak.

Reyes: Coast Guard Jack is down!

Under heavy fire, Reyes and Salter reach Ares.

Omar: Drop zone's coming up.

Salter: Boots out in 3, 2, 1. Go, go, go!

They exit their Jackals on top of Ares. The Jackals fly away.

Salter: 1-2 away!

Reyes: 1-1 is away!

Ethan: Bridge dead ahead, sir!

Reyes: Rog. Let's get there!

Salter: We got hostiles!

Reyes: Take them!

Ethan: SetDef transport inbound!

Omar: Force up to the bridge!

They engage SDF soldiers over Ares' hull. An SDF Warden drops more soldiers.

Salter: They're inserting reinforcements! More incoming!

Omar: Dig in! Drive them back!

They push up and continue engaging soldiers.

Salter: Skelters are getting too close!

Reyes: Actual, we need suppression on these Skelts!

Ferran: Copy, we're on them!

Ethan: More from below!

Reyes: Keep pushing!

Ethan: On the debris!

They clear all the enemies around Ares.

Salter: Zone is clear! Here's our infil.

Omar: Their blast shields are up.

Reyes: Copy, Tigris, we are exterior of the bridge. Preparing to breach.

Ferran: Copy. Standing by.

If Reyes delays

Ethan: We breach on you, sir!

Salter: We need to breach the bridge, Reyes!

Omar: Let's open this tub up, Captain.

They stack up on the bridge windows to breach it.

Ethan: I'll short circuit them.

The blast shields lower. The crew inside realizes what's about to happen and try to run. Reyes plants a charge on the window. It detonates, shattering the window. The bridge decompresses and nearly everyone inside is sucked out.

Reyes: Force in. Let's go!

The Captain of the ship manages to stay inside but suffocates shortly after.

Reyes: Staff Sgt., cover the exit. Ethan, shut down primary weapons.

Ethan: Aye, sir.

Reyes: Salt, scope the windows.

Ethan access a terminal in the bridge. The blast shields raise again.

Ethan: Activating gravity.

Gravity and oxygen in the bridge are restored.

Reyes: I'll get the CO's card.

If Reyes delays

Omar: Let's secure the card and go, Captain.

Reyes grabs the Captain's ID card.



Reyes: Tigris Actual, primary weapons down. Moving to secondary.

Ferran: Roger that.

They move towards the elevator.

Reyes: Down the elevator shaft. Go!

Omar forces the elevator doors open. They slide down the shaft. Omar opens a maintenance hatch and they enter it.

Salter: Aft combat control is close

They move through the maintenance tunnel.

SDF Soldier: Move, move, move! Get to the bridge!

Omar: Check fire. They don't know we're here.

They reach aft firing control.

Ethan: Combat control is through here, one deck down.

Reyes: Copy. Get it open.

Omar opens the hatch to firing control. Enemies are seen in it below.

SDF Soldier 1: Bridge is down. Enemies have not been located.

SDF Soldier 2: Roger. Commence cordon and search.

SDF Soldier 1: Move out!

Salter: Check low.

The group surprises the SDF soldiers.

Reyes: Light them up!

The soldiers are eliminated.

Ethan: Clear!

Omar: All clear!

Reyes: Go to work, Ethan. Shut down secondary weapons.

Ethan: Check.

They go down to the firing control console.

Ethan: CO's card opens the board, Captain.

Reyes inserts the Captain's card into the console.

Ethan: Patching in now, Captain.

The ships weapons are disabled.

Reyes: Weapons are locked off. Let's go!

Ethan: Sir, I found something else.

A map showing other SDF ships appears.

Reyes: Looks like enemy warship positions. Can you pull it?

Ethan: Already downloaded, sir.

Reyes: Solid. Let's go. Tigris Actual, weapons are down. Moving to exfil.

Salter: Staff Sgt., take us out.

They leave the room. Two enemies charge around the corner but they are quickly taken down by Omar and Ethan.

Omar: Fast work, Ethan.

Ethan: Bravo Zulu, Sergeant.

They continue moving.

Ferran: SCAR Team, be advised, Ares is spooling to jump from the combat zone. Get your team off that ship now, Captain.

Reyes: How much time have we got?

Ferran: 3 minutes max!

Reyes: Tigris Actual, go weapons free!

Ferran: Roger. Danger close. Danger close.

They engage enemies at the doors ahead.

Reyes: Through the doors! Go!

Omar: Near the strut!

PA: All response 4 stations, prepare for emergency jump. I repeat, all response 4 stations, prepare for emergency jump.

They come to a door.

Reyes: Hold up!

Salter: On you, Reyes.

If Reyes kicks the door open:

Reyes: Go.

They clear the enemies on the other side.

Salter: Clear!

In the cargo bay, a C12 starts firing at them. SDF soldiers scramble towards the group.

Ethan: Cargo bay doors are across group the room, sir.

Ferran: Actual, the Ares jump is imminent. We can't hold back any longer.

Salter: They've been holding back?

Reyes: Let's push to the control room. Move out!

The doors open. The group starts engaging enemies.

Salter: I think we got their attention!

Omar: Clear the hold!

Salter: Coming down the stairs!

Ethan: Second level!

Omar: Advance, we're running out of time!

Salter: Coming from the control room!

Ethan: Behind the pillar!

They start pushing to the control room.

Reyes: Squad, clock's ticking down. We gotta move!

Salter: Control room ahead!

Omar: Sweep and clear to the control room!

They reach the control room. Reyes uses the control panel.

Reyes: Depressurizing! Grab hold!

Reyes opens the cargo bay doors, causing the C12 and several soldiers to get sucked out into space.

Reyes: Tigris, we need birds.

Ferran: Copy. Sending Jackals.

Some soldiers move towards them.

Salter: Gunners approaching!

Ethan: Overhead!

They kill the soldiers. Their Jackals arrive outside the cargo bay.

Salter: Jacks are in!

Reyes: Copy. Load up!

They enter their Jackals.

Reyes: Set. Turn and burn!

They fly away from Ares.

Reyes: Tigris, SCARs are clear!

Ferran: Copy clear! Engaging. Weapons loose.

Tigris fires at Ares with full broadsides. Ares explodes.

Salter: Hell yeah!

Omar: Good effect on target!

Reyes: Mission accomplished, Tigris. SCAR flight is Oscar Mike.

The Jackals approach Retribution for landing.

Ferran: STRATCOM has cleared Tigris to proceed with tasking outside this AO. No doubt our paths will cross again. We're all there is to keep the enemy away from home. Fly safe, Captain Reyes.

Reyes: Thank you, Captain Ferran.

They land on Retribution. The assist drone slows them down.

Gator: Captain Reyes, priority dispatch from the Admiral.

Reyes: Roger. Patch it.

Gator: Yes sir. Here it comes.

Retribution: Back in the Fight[]

Reyes' and Salter's Jackals are recovered by Retribution.

Raines: Commander Reyes, STRATCOM decrypted a fleet transmission form Admiral Kotch broadcast six hours before the attack.

Reyes: Roger, Admiral. Go ahead.

A video feed of Admiral Kotch briefing his troops appears.

Kotch: Today, the front embarks on a conquest. Here and now, we will eradicate the authority and influence on the Earth! Our world is just beginning. Theirs is dying! It is not enough to break free. We will break them! Their cities will burn along with the pages of their history. Mars aeternum.

The SDF troops cheer. The video feed ends.

Raines: Captain, they won't stop until they take our world. This may be our last stand.

Reyes: Understood, sir.

Reyes shuts down his Jackal and takes off his helmet. Kloos takes his helmet.

Kloos: Ship repair updates for you, sir. Hangar deck is back online.

Kloos hands Reyes a tablet showing the status of the ship.

Reyes: Good news.

Omar: I'll hit out an After Action Report right away.

Reyes: Ethan, accompany Sergeant Omar. Assist him with the AAR.

Ethan: Yes, sir.

Omar: I got it well in hand, Cap'n.

Reyes gives the tablet back to Kloos. Kloos helps Reyes out of the jackal.

Reyes: No doubt you do. You've got your orders, Ethan.

Ethan: Yes I do, sir.

Salter: A little forced face time for those two, huh? Shame to miss that.

Reyes: My money's on Omar.

Salter: Eh, I got Ethan.

Reyes and Salter walk to the elevator.

Gibson: You boarded an enemy airship?

Reyes: Cannot confirm or deny that, Boss.

Gibson: I'll take that as a yes.

Salter: Take that as a hell yes.

Gibson: Making all kinds of history today.

Salter: Let's get upstairs, Reyes. See what we got.

They enter the elevator. It starts ascending.

Salter: Couple ways this plays out.

Reyes: Tell me.

Salter: Well, we hold them back with these tag team tactical ops...

Reyes: Or?

Salter: Or SetDef cuts us off with a blockade, and we never see home again.

Reyes: We'll get home again, Salt.

Salter: I know.

The elevator reaches the bridge deck. They exit the elevator.

Hamilton: Captain, Lieutenant. News report's coming on about The Gateway battle if you want to join us.

Salter: I'll pass. No news is good news.

On the bridge deck, a couple of crew members are talking.

Crewman 1: I'm telling you, the Captain was on that ship.

Crewman 2: When it blew up?

Crewman 1: Might as well have been. jacks weren't inbound until he bow was already gone.

Also on the bridge deck, crew members are watching the news.

Officer: Grab a seat! Get settled!

Crewman: This is gonna be good, man.

Soldier: I hope SetDef is watching.

Marine: To hell with them!


Reporter: Clashes on the Lunar surface have come to an end as SATO forces reclaim the Moon Gateway harbor from the Settlement Defense Front. The gateway complex is the Earth's primary cargo commerce and passenger terminal... A join operations between Gateway Coast Guard Defense Forces and special operations groups including the Navy's elite SCAR Team and UNSA Marines forced the SetDef into a full-scale retreat.

Officer: Yeah! SCAR Team all day!

Crewman: Go Navy!

Reporter: For UNSA Armed Forces Media, this is Renee Syhan from New Delhi.

Crewman: They got their asses handed to 'em.

Marine: Oorah!

Crewman: UNSA!

Marine: Go Ret! Go Tigris!

Reyes heads to the bridge.

Reyes: It's gonna be a long day, Fever.

Salter: Yeah, six on, twelve off, ain't gonna cut it today, Raider.

Reyes and Salter enter the bridge.

Gator: Captain has the conn.

Reyes: Helm, come left, steer course two-seven-zero.

Gator: Aye, sir.

Reyes: What's the update on that intel?

Gator: Mac, a little show and tell?

MaCallum: Whenever the captain's ready.

Reyes helps MaCallum out from a floor panel.

MaCallum: Captain, engineering and bridge sifted through Ethan's hack from the seizure. It's a gold mine, sir.

Reyes: What do we got here?

A map of ship positions appears on the bridge console.

MaCallum: That's Ret and Tigris. The others are SetDef.

Salter: Those are enemy tubs.

Gator: Each SDF ship tracks every other in its fleet. Now, we've pinpointed some of their positions. We can assault at your discretion, sir.

The bridge menu opens.

Gator: New targets of opportunity on radar, Captain. Tracking four enemy vessels. Where should we engage, sir? Triads indicate targets of opportunity. We should select one, Captain.

After Reyes selects a mission:

Reyes: Good work Chief. We can use every edge.

MaCallum: I understand. I once stood in your shoes, commander.

Reyes: You were a captain, Mac? Why'd you give up your commission?

MaCallum: I committed the mortal sin that can break a commander in two...I cared.

Salter: We all care, chief.

MaCallum: Ordering men into battle isn't for everyone. So the machines are now in my hands and we're all in yours, Captain.