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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
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"The second phase of Armistice’s plans to destroy Al-Qatala’s financial support involves destroying everything that “The Banker” has holed up in his vault. Conduct the most badass bank heist by using stolen crypto keys to break into his bank, crack open the vault, and escape the premises with enough cash to put “The Banker” out of business."
— Official description

Operation Strongbox is an Operation featured within the Special Ops mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It is a follow-up to Operation Just Reward. The Operation was released during the Season One of Modern Warfare on December 18th, 2019.[1][2]


Operation Strongbox will require players to infiltrate a bank in downtown Verdansk used by The Banker to transfer funds to Al-Qatala networks, shutting it down by acquiring the private key to his cryptocurrency operation inside the bank's vault, and then eliminate The Banker.

At the infiltration point, a Technical is provided to move to objectives, although it will not survive long against sustained fire or heavy weapons. Up to 4 saws can be acquired near the Parliament building. In order to open the door to the vault, a player will need to have a saw equipped, which will be dropped if the player is downed. If the front entrance of the bank is approached, the team will encounter enemy infantry and Infantry Assault Vehicles. The tanks can be quickly destroyed by Cruise Missiles pickups on the way to the front entrance. The back entrance avoids most of these threats, but is defended by enemy Sentry Guns.

Once inside the bank, both sides of the vault gate must be cut open using the saws. Inside the vault is a Juggernaut. Furthermore, Suicide Bombers will begin to assault the team after the Juggernaut is eliminated. Several deposit boxes can be searched, with one of them containing The Banker's private cryptocurrency key.

After acquiring the private key, the team is tasked with proceeding upstairs to The Banker's office, where he is preparing to leave. Enemy Wheelsons will be a common sight on the upper floors. One team member must plant a breaching charge on the door to The Banker's office to proceed. However, the door is reinforced and will not be destroyed. The Banker will make his escape up an elevator, but a Juggernaut inside the office will bust the door open and pose a threat afterwards.

Proceeding upstairs to the roof, the team much catch up with The Banker and may kill him, while also facing a hostile Little Bird. Afterwards, the team must await extraction while facing off against Al-Qatala fighters, Juggernauts, and mortar teams. After some time, an extraction helicopter will arrive, and the mission will be accomplished once all living players have boarded it.


  • The Banker (Calling Card)
  • Vault Assault (Calling Card)
  • Chilled Out (Yegor Operator Skin) (Modified - Veteran)