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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare


A layout of an SDF refueling station on Titan is shown. A diagram of an A-Jak is also shown.

Reyes: SetDef Ajaks are refueling on the surface on Titan. After the air battle with Olympus Mons, they won't expect us there. Element of surprise is on our side. Let's move in for a strike.

Jackal Launch[]

Reyes climbs in his Jackal, puts on his helmet, and starts it up. The Jackal is prepared for launch.

Salter: Back to Titan?

Reyes: Gotta be done.

Salter: Can you try to make it home with us this time?

Reyes: You were Captain for a minute there.

Salter: Not my bag.

Reyes: Too bad, I was gonna promote you.

Salter: Don't you there.

Ethan: I'll be your eyes from Ret, sir. Fueling vessels have limited combat capability. Primary threats are Skelters and airborne Ajaks.

Reyes: Copy, Ethan. SetDef almost punched us out up here.

Ethan: Payback, sir?

Salter: Damn straight, Ethan.

ATC Mini Boss: SCAR-1s, tower advises, limited visibility and high winds.

Reyes: Roger, 1-1 check.

Salter: Check, 1-2.

ATC Mini Boss: SCARs are locked and ready for launch

Reyes: hit it.

ATC Mini Boss: Launch in 3, 2, 1...

The Jackals launch and proceed to the target.


Salter: Thick fog. Tower was right.

Reyes: We should be in range.

Ethan: Affirmative. You're just overhead. Marking positions on your HUDs now.

Salter: Eyes on multiple airships. Counting 5.

Reyes: Clear to engage. Light 'em up!

Reyes takes out an A-Jak. Skelters are launched to defend the A-Jaks.

Ethan: Sir, I've got fighters approaching hot.

Reyes: Salt?

Salter: Confirmed, Skelters incoming.

Reyes: Rog. Let's give 'em heat.

The SCARs engage and eliminate the Skelters.

Ethan: All Skelters accounted for. SCARs are clear.

Reyes takes out another A-Jak.

Ethan: Three more gunships on radar.

Salter destroys an A-Jak.

Salter: One Ajak up in smoke.

Reyes: Nice one Fever.

Ethan: Minus one- two left.

Reyes brings down another A-Jak.

Ethan: One gunship remaining. Be advised, I'm tracking 2 Aces.

Reyes: Copy that.

Salter: Welcoming party.

Reyes: Let's introduce ourselves.

Salter: Where are my manners?

Reyes shoots down an Ace.

Reyes: One down, one to go.

Reyes takes down the other Ace.

Salter: Second Ace is toast.

Reyes: Ethan, we clear?

Ethan: Affirm. Aces eliminated. Good shooting.

Reyes: We still got bogeys, let's dust 'em.

Salter: Let's zero on these Ajaks.

Reyes destroys the last A-Jak.

Ethan: All enemy Ajaks disabled. Good kills.

Salter: We're clear, station secure. Thanks for the assist, Ethan.

Ethan: All in a days work, ma'am.

Reyes: All SCARs, RTB, back to the Ret.

Ethan: Tower is ready for traffic, Ethan out.

Reyes approaches the Retribution.

Reyes: Tower, this is 1-1, we're on approach.

ATC Mini Boss: Roger, Jackals are clear for landing.

Reyes: 1-1.

Salter: 1-2, inbound.

Reyes approaches the runway.

ATC Mini Boss: line up for drone assist, Captain.

Reyes: Gears out for baton.

The drone attaches to Reyes' Jackal and slows it down.

ATC Mini Boss: Lock is good, 1-1. Welcome back.

The Jackals are recovered by Retribution.


Reyes ascends the elevator to the bridge deck.

Crewman: Way to give those SDF bandits a taste of their own medicine, Captain.

Crew Discussion[]

Crewman 1: I wonder what happened to the civilians working at that refueling station.

Crewman 2: It's SetDef. What do you think happened?

Crewman 1: Man I am glad the Captain's taking back ground. We can't let SetDef keep planting flags.

Crewman 3: Yeah. You'd think with the SDF on high alert, they wouldn't be taken by surprise. Good thing too. Looked like they were gearing up for another strike.


Gator: Jackpot squared away, Captain. Scans confirm zero active targets.