Journal Edit

November 3, 1942, 0430 hrs

El Alamein, Egypt

Partly cloudy, light winds, 50° F

We've been called upon to secure the gaps in Rommel's 30-mile long anti-tank minefield. The engineers call it "The Devil's Garden". Once we're past this barrier of mines, there's nothing between us and pushing the Afrika Korps out of Egypt. The blokes in X Corps made the first breaches a few hours ago - it's up to us to help secure these corridors so that the rest of the armour can pass through safely.

Sergeant John Davis

7th Armoured Division

Gameplay Edit

["Operation Supercharge"]

[Northern Egypt]

[November 3, 1943]

[Aproaching the Alamein line]

Captain Price: Split into groups of six per tank! Come on boys!

The player and his/her squadmates follow the tanks across the open desert.

Price: Let's go! Stay with the tanks!

The squad finds and clears the first enemy trench line.

Price: Minefields up ahead!

Price: Oi, Davis, let's chase those Krauts through this tunnel! We'll meet up with the tanks on the other side.

Davis, Price, and the rest of the squad enter the tunnel. After clearing it of Germans, they exit on the other side. 

Price: Hold for artillery barrage! Wait for the guns!

The squad stops at a trench. Davis begins sniping the enemies in the opposite trench line.

Price: Use the tanks for cover as we advance on that trench line!

Price: When we get to that trench line, work your way down to the trenches and silence those anti-tank guns as fast as possible!

Price: Move! Don't let them line you up! No stopping!

Price: Watch for those mines!

The squad enters another tunnel and clears it out, before entering and clearing a bunker. After, they find a flak gun and kill the crew.

Price: Davis! Get into that bunker and silence that field gun!

The player enters the bunker and kills the germans surrounding the FlaK 88. The squad exits through a tunnel.

Price: Hold up! There's another trench line on the next ridge!

After clearing another gun position, the squad advances through the trench and kills the last gun crew.

Price: Regroup! We've got to clean out these barracks!

Price plants a charge on the door and blows it off. After clearing the bunker, the squad moves through a tunnel to see two buildings in the open desert.

Price: Those buildings are the rally point!

Price: Clear these buildings! Move move move!

The player clears the area around and inside the buildings, including two German trucks.

Price: Davis, check these buildings for a wireless, then radio HQ and tell Monty's boys that we've secured the rally point.

The player finds a radio and activates it.

British radio operator: Bloody fine work, Sergeant Davis! At this rate, we'll be in Tobruk by the end of the week!

Captain Price gathers the British soldiers.

Price: Well done, boys. You've just taught Rommel a lesson.

The level ends.