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A schematic of the SDS Galaxius is shown.

Reyes: SDF Galaxius is holding a weapon they poached from the black site on Europa. (Subtitles say "SDF Galaxius is holding a weapon they poached off Europa.") They've got kidnapped engineers on board to help replicate it. Best efforts to secure the engineers but weapon retrieval is primary.

Gator: Aye, sir.


Griff: Got a fresh batch off the printer. I tacked on suppressors to help minimize your signature.

After choosing his loadout, Reyes places his hand on the weapon rack, setting his suit's camo to Urban. The rack raises and Reyes picks up his weapon.

Griff: I'd say you two are ready to go kick some ass.

Jackal Launch[]

Reyes climbs into his Jackal, puts on his helmet, and starts it up. The Jackal is prepared for launch.

Reyes: You and Kash all set, Fever?

Salter: Tight. We're lit.

Reyes: Brooks?

Brooks: Thumbs up, sir.

Reyes: Tower, SCARs are green.

Ethan: Captain, I'll be your eyes on this one. Marines will escort the engineers to Retribution while you and Salter recover the weapon. I'll get you there and back.

Reyes: Copy that, Ethan.

ATC Mini Boss: 1-1, 1-2, tower advises, Skelters are in formation around Galaxius.

Salter: Copy, 1-2.

Reyes: 1-1, copy.

ATC Mini Boss: SCARs are locked for go.

Reyes: Roger- count it.

ATC Mini Boss: Launch in 3, 2, 1...

The Jackals launch and proceed to the target.


Reyes: Alpha team in position. Exiting Jackals.

Ethan: Be advised, Galaxius is scrambling fighters at 2-4-2 mark 6.

Reyes exits his Jackal near Galaxius.

Reyes: Keep them busy, Salt.

Salter: Copy. Approaching with SCAR2. Light them up.

Reyes: Alphas, weapon retrieval is our primary, but we make every effort to rescue the engineers. Clear? Fan out, use debris for cover.

Kashima: Copy, peeling right.

Brooks: Check. Going left.

Reyes: Stay sharp, they know we're in the wire.

They move towards Galaxius.

Ethan: Sir, enemy triggers converging on your position.

Reyes and the Marines move through the debris of a ship.

Brooks: This was the UNSA Ocana.

Kashima: What's left of it.

Reyes: All we can do is hit them back.

They near the Galaxius. Enemy soldiers can be seen outside it.

Ethan: Sir, targets converging on your position.

Kashima: Targets inbound. They're searching for us.

Reyes: Let them get closer then open fire.

They wait for the targets to get closer.

Kashima: Target in sight.

Brooks: Taking the shot.

Reyes: Engaging.

Brooks: Eyes on, dead ahead.

More SDF soldiers appear and start shooting at the UNSA forces. A Warden drops off more soldiers.

Kashima: Got boosters in the open.

Brooks: Copy. Transport dead ahead.

Reyes: Take them. Approaching ingress. Keep hitting them, Salt.

Salter: Check.

Brooks: I see them. Guns, 1 'o clock.

The UNSA forces eliminate all the SDF soldiers.

Reyes: Moving to breach. Alphas go to secondary infil.

Brooks: Copy.

Reyes moves to the breach point while Brooks and Kashima move to a different infil point.

Reyes: Ethan, give me a hull scan.

Ethan: Enemies directly inside, sir.

Reyes: Not for long.

Reyes plants a breaching charge on the shutters and moves back

Reyes: Fire in the hole.

The charge detonates. The enemies inside are sucked out into space. Reyes enters through the breach.

Reyes: Ethan, I'm onboard. I'll patch you in.

PA: Attention, ship has been boarded. Report to Response 4 stations.

Reyes accesses a terminal.

Reyes: Ethan, you're in.

Ethan: Scanning now, sir.

Ethan scans the ship for the weapon. The weapon is located in the armory.

Ethan: Stolen weapon is in the armory.

Reyes: Where are the engineers?

Ethan: Searching. They're blocking my access.

The screen in front of Reyes changes to show footage of the captured engineers as well as the Captain of the ship.

Captain Barkov: To the UNSA forces aboard my ship, this is Captain Barkov. Yield or the personnel will die.

Reyes: Where's he transmitting from?

Ethan: Cargo bay; that's where they're holding the engineers.

Reyes: Alpha Team, change of plans, we move on the hostages now.

Brooks: Yes, sir. On the move.

Reyes goes through the door to the hallway.

Reyes: Ethan, seal the room.

Ethan: Copy. Restoring atmosphere.

The door closes behind Reyes and the gravity and oxygen in the hallway are restored.

Ethan: Sir, multiple signatures ahead. Take it slow.

Reyes moves through the hallway. Two SDF soldier are seen dragged a body ahead.

Ethan: Find cover or drop them quick.

Reyes hides or takes them out. He then moves into a cafeteria. A soldier shines his flashlight through the cafeteria's window, which Reyes hides from.

Reyes: Ethan, can you access the ship's closed circuit?

Ethan: Accessing. Standby.

Reyes enters a vent.

Ethan: Camera feeds are in your HUD now, sir.

Reyes may now use the ship's cameras to locate nearby enemies. He exits the vent and takes out a soldier who is tending to dead bodies. He then lays the soldier among the bodies. As he moves towards the cargo bay, Barkov's voice can be heard broadcast throughout the ship.

Captain Barkov: Their blood is on your hands. Just turn yourself in and they'll live. | You have come here only to fail. | The Earth born are gutless, afraid to endure suffering. | Come. Save them. You're the only one who can. | Only you can stop this. It is entirely your choice. | They were not brought here to die. You are killing them. | You came a long way to let your people die.

Reyes nears the cargo bay.

Ethan: Captain, you're closing in on the cargo bay. Engineers are inside. Captain, you're close. Advise you stay out of sight and thin out any SDF. If they see you, they may execute the engineers.

Reyes: Copy that.

Reyes enters the cargo bay.

Reyes: Ethan, I'm in the cargo bay.

Ethan: Copy. The engineers are being held down in the main bay. I'm seeing over a dozen hostiles, Captain. A direct fire fight will likely get the engineers killed. Advise you thin the herd first.

Salter: Reyes, we're locked and loaded. Standing by.

Reyes: If shit hits the fan, go loud.

Salter: Solid copy.

Reyes opens the door to the cargo bay and starts silently eliminating the SDF soldiers.

Ethan reminds Reyes not to kill enemies near others from time to time.

Ethan: Make sure no one sees. | Careful. Wait until no one's looking. | Don't let the others see him drop.

Ethan comments on Reyes' kills if they are unnoticed.

Ethan: Good kill. Still dark. | Clean shot. | In the clear, Captain. | No chatter. Radio's still quiet. | Nice work, sir.

If Reyes is discovered:

One of the engineers gets killed.

Salter: Go, go, go!

Kashima: Coming in hot, Lieutenant!

Reyes takes out all the enemies, leaving just Captain Barkov.

Ethan: Well done, sir. You're clear to take out their captain.

Reyes kills Barkov.

PA: The Captain is down. Engage intruders in the cargo bay.

Reyes: All clear, we're go for rescue.

Salter: Copy. Alpha, prep for civilian extract.

Kashima: Roger. Raven is on station for egress.

Reyes, Salter, Brooks, and Kashima regroup at the engineers.

Reyes: Four alive.

Ethan: Outstanding, Captain.

Reyes: Three alive. One KIA.

Ethan: Well done, Captain.

Salter: Brooks, Kashima, secure the engineers and exfil to the Retribution.

Brooks: Copy.

Kashima: Copy.

Reyes: Salt, let's go get our weapon back.

Salter: Copy, on you.

Reyes: Ethan, we're moving to the armory for stolen weapon retrieval. Get my Jackal on station for exfil.

Ethan: Aye, sir. I'll have your Jackal standing by.

Salter: Let's get what we came for and get the hell out of here, Reyes.

Reyes and Salter begin heading to the armory. When they exit the cargo bay, they are involved in a gunfight between UNSA Marines and SDF soldiers.

Salter: Targets down front. Drop them.

They take out some enemies and begin pushing.

Salter: Force up. We're almost there.

More enemies come in from the armory. The UNSA forces clear the SDF soldiers.

Brooks: Captain, civilians are secure. Alpha's inbound for Retribution.

Reyes: Roger that. Good work.

They enter the armory and clear it out, including a C8.

Reyes: Clear. Ethan, we're at the armory.

Salter: Package is behind a vault door.

Ethan: Proximity hack should crack it, sir.

Reyes: Copy.

Reyes hacks the vault door. Once the hack is complete, Reyes opens the door and finds the weapon inside.

Reyes: Jackpot. Eyes on.

Reyes picks up the weapon and inspects it.

Reyes: It's a charge shot; P-LAW personal laser weapon.

Salter: Sturdy hardware.

Enemies begin flooding into the armory. The UNSA forces fight their way out. Reyes may use the P-LAW to clear out the enemies.

Salter: They're closing in. We need to move.

Ethan: Copy, 1-1. Jackals are on station.

Salter: Bots incoming. Keep moving.

Reyes takes out a C8.

Salter: Almost to the exfil.

Reyes and Salter exit the armory and start moving to exit the ship. They engage more soldiers and another C8.

Ethan: Sir, Jackal is in position at the exfil point.

Reyes and Salter go through an airlock. Reyes' Jackal comes to them.

Salter: Looks like I'm riding back with you.

Reyes: Don't be a back seat driver.

Reyes and Salter enter the Jackal. Reyes starts it up and starts flying.

Salter: Hope you fly better than you shoot.

Reyes: Just hold on. Let's go home.

Reyes' Jackal lands back at the Retribution.


Reyes ascends the elevator to the bridge deck.

Crewman: That was payback for Europa, huh, sir. Peace to the fallen.

Crew Discussion[]

Crewman 1: I'm on my way to engineering. Have you seen that weapon they brought back?

Crewman 2: No. How'd you see it already?

Crewman 1: One of the benefits of being of my class. You should've done better on your STEM tests, man.



Reporter: Reports tonight of a UNSA victory against the Settlement Defense Front. SATO SCAR team units have recaptured top-secret SATO tech, stolen mere hours before today's vicious attack on Geneva. SATO officials have not responded to questions regarding the nature of the weaponry retrieved, nor is there word on the fate of the allied engineers reportedly kidnapped from the UNSA site where the SATO tech in question was stored. We will report the latest developments as details become available. This is Gerome Davies for IW News.

Crewman 1: They can't just take anything they want. Not on SCAR team's watch.

Crewman 2: Our boys got them out. No casualties.


Gator: That definitely put a damper on their plans. May have given us quite the advantage as well.