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Operation Taken Dagger was an operation conducted by the UNSA to retrieve a weapon that was stolen during the SDF attack on Europa as well as rescue kidnapped engineers.


During the SDF attack on Europa, they got possession of a weapon and took off with it, after that, they kidnapped engineers to help replicate it.


Alpha Team arrived near the ship in Jackals and when they got to the ship, they engaged SDF troops and eliminate all hostiles as Salter and SCAR Team 2 provided air support. Reyes then went to a nearby sealed door and used a breaching charge and destroyed the door to explode, causing everyone in the room to fly out of the ship. Reyes then entered the room and patched Ethan into a nearby terminal. Ethan managed to find the weapon, but was blocked out before he could locate the engineers. Then suddenly Captain Lieutenant Captain Lieutenant Radoslav Barkov sent a transmission that he would execute the engineers if Reyes and the others didn't surrender. Ethan managed to locate the transmission to the ships cargo bay. Reyes then told the team to move to the engineers now. Reyes then moved through the ship, taking out several SDF troops in the process until he reached the Cargo Bay. There he took out all of the troops inside of the Cargo Bay including Barkov and saved the engineers. After that, SCAR Team 1 fought through the ship, taking out many SDF troops and bots. When the reached the armory, Reyes retrieved the weapon called the Personal Laser Weapon. After that, they fought through the ship and exited through a gravity door. After that, Reyes and Salter got into his jackal and they flew back to the Retribution.


The operation gave the UNSA the advantage to win against the SDF, especially with the new technology. SATO officials so far have given no response regarding the P-LAW and the fate of the engineers that were kidnapped.

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