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A map showing a salvage operation near the Sun is shown.

Reyes: Vesta 3 wasn't the only mining colony hit by the Olympus. Collateral left a huge cache of precious metals drifting near the Sun. Those resources are UNSA property. SetDef's got Skelters guarding the salvage team - Let's scramble air and claim what's ours.

A diagram of a Jackal is shown, showing its maximum temperature.

Reyes: Proximity to the Sun is a risk. Our Jacks can only take the heat for a matter of minutes. Let's get out and back on a tight loop.

Jackal Launch[]

Reyes climbs in his Jackal, puts on his helmet, and starts it up. The Jackal is prepared for launch.

Reyes: We got two enemies in this fight. SetDef and the Sun.

Salter: Nothin' we can't handle, Raider.

Ethan: Sir, Retribution will hang back to avoid heat damage. Be advised, SetDef will have you on radar.

Reyes: Copy. What's our time-line?

Ethan: Minutes, sir. We'll start the clock when you're in place.

Reyes: This one's for Omar.

Ethan: Hell yes, Captain.

ATC Mini Boss: SCAR-1s, tower advises, extreme heat warning.

Reyes: Check, 1-1.

Salter: Rog.

ATC Mini Boss: Launch in 3, 2, 1...

The Jackals launch and proceed to the target.


Reyes: We don't have a lot of time out here. Make every shot count.

Ethan: Starting the countdown now, sir.

Salter: Eyes on enemy Skelters!

Reyes: Let's rain hate, weapons free!

Salter: Holy shit. That's a whole Ace squadron.

Ethan: Tracking 4, 5 Aces in range.

Reyes: We'll have to earn this one, keep your eyes on the clock.

The SCARs begin engaging the Skelters. They soon eliminate all the normal Skelters.

Ethan: Sir, still seeing multiple Ace Skelters.

Ethan and Salter warn Reyes about the time remaining at intervals.

Ethan: Watch the clock, you two.

Salter: Let's step it up, time's flyin'!

Ethan: 2 minutes left, sir!

Salter: Shit, we need to wrap this up!

Ethan: One minute! Jackals can't take much more!

Reyes: Get the lead out SCARs!

Ethan: 30 seconds! Sir, you need to get out of there ASAP!

Reyes shoots down an Ace.

Reyes: One Ace down!

Reyes takes out a second Ace.

Reyes: Second Ace is smoke!

A third Ace is eliminated.

Salter: Another Ace down! Deuces wild, 2 Aces left!

The fourth Ace is shot down.

Reyes: Splash, one more to burn.

Salter: Hustle, Raider, clock's tickin'!

Reyes eliminates the final Ace.

Reyes: Five Aces down!

Salter: Who decided to call these guys "Aces", anyway?

Reyes: Not impressed?

Salter: Hardly. That's all of them!

Ethan: Heat levels are near critical, you two need to egress now!

Reyes: SCARs regroup and get back!

Reyes and the rest of the SCARs prime their Jackals' boosters. They launch away from the Sun.

Reyes: Thanks for the assist, Ethan, good eye.

Ethan: Just doin' my job, sir.

Salter: Let's get back to the Ret.

The screen fades to black. The Jackals land back at Retribution.


Reyes ascends the elevator to the bridge deck.

Crewman: Way to beat the heat, Captain.

Crew Discussion[]

Crewman 1: Yeah. It took guts going out there that close to the Sun for so long. That radiation is no joke.

Crewman 2: I don't think there anything that'll keep Captain Reyes from the objective.

Crewman 1: That's how SCARs do it. Delay, destruct, and destroy.

Crewman 3: One step up for the UNSA, one step back for the SDF. The way this ship and crew's pushing back, it's only gonna be a matter of time.


Gator: Captain, tough going out there. Glad you made it, sir.