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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

Operations SpecOps Icon MW.png

"Choose your role, perfect your loadout, and deploy with 3 other Operators to complete epic story-based operations."
— Mode description

Operations, also known as Special Operations, is a mode within the Special Ops mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The mode features large-scale 4-player cooperative missions using matchmaking. Those operations also serve as a continuation to the Modern Warfare's campaign story, taking place during the War Against Al-Qatala.


In the Co-op menu, players can select between the different Operations, each requiring 4 players to launch and only available online. Players can also create their loadout, choosing between perks and munitions as well as selecting their Role when playing any Operation.

In the menu is also featured an Intel tab in which players can read further information about Operators and the lore of Modern Warfare. A cinematic tab is also available featuring five cutscenes.


This mode features several mechanics from Ground War, such as deployable parachutes and Vehicles. HUD is very similar to multiplayer, displaying Compass, Field Upgrade meter and a killstreak tab, the later two being replaced by Active Abilities and Munitions, respectively. It also includes an Armor Bar and several icons indicating downed, dead players or the time left for the revive plane to appear.

In terms of gameplay, players are tasked to complete several objectives throughout a very large map, such as collecting items, eliminating certain enemies or securing a certain area.

Every set of 2 missions focuses on disrupting a specific Al-Qatala high value target, the first being an intel acquirement task while the second is based on destroying a certain target related to a specific power broker and the data collected within the first mission. All Operations are unlocked by default and can be completed in any order.

Unlike in campaign, there are no difficulties available for selection. However, different types of enemies can appear during matches, such as Juggernauts, Suicide Bombers, APCs and Choppers. They also appear mixed in large waves and spawns in all directions with infinite spawning at some objectives. A.I. difficulty is generally very accurate, with Weapons and Damage being also based-off multiplayer, since enemies can destroy armor or down players easily in a few shots when using high-damage weapons like AK-47, FR 5.56, FAL, PKM and snipers, for example. Some enemies can also wear armor, significanly increasing the number of shots to kill them.

Players have 30 seconds to be revived after getting downed. Bleeding Out leaves them in Spectator Mode for 1 minute, when they are automatically respawned in the match via parachute deploy from a plane. But if a player dies while the revive timer is counting down, it delays the timer an extra 10 seconds. If all 4 players are downed, the mission is failed and generally must be started over. In some operations, however, after completing a certain objectives, they can quickly restart back from halfway the mission, such as Operations Brimstone and Just Reward.

As a whole, Operations is considered one of the Hardest Co-op missions to complete in the franchise. For this reason, it is advisable to aim for Headshots, which greatly boost the damage taken by tougher enemies, like Armored Troops or RPG troopers. In addition, a great combination of teamwork, skill, good management of Active Abilities and Munitions is required to advance within each section and avoiding being overrun by taking fire from all sides or getting trapped with Juggernauts in close quarters situations.

If all 4 players are downed, the mission is failed and generally must be started over. In some operations, however, after completing a certain objectives, they can quickly restart back from halfway the mission, such as Operations Brimstone and Just Reward.

Completing these missions rewards new cosmetic items, ranging from Calling Cards and even new Operators. Furthermore, all missions are playable with any Coalition or Allegiance operators, since both of them are now part of Armistice faction. Completing all 4 operations included at launch (Headhunter, Kuvalda, Paladin, Crosswind) rewards the Liberation achievement.


On March 3rd, 2020, Several months after the deaths of The Wolf and Russian general Roman Barkov, the terrorist organization Al-Qatala, renamed Al-Qatala-Aljahdid, under the new leadership of Khaled Al-Asad, also known as "The Immortal Lion", and heavily supplied by arms dealer and known Ultranationalist Imran Zakhaev, also known as "Mr. Z", invaded and occupied the Kastovian city of Verdansk.

As a result, a temporary military alliance, called Armistice, was formed between the Coalition and Allegiance forces in the region under the command of Case Officer Kate Laswell of the CIA and Sergeant Kamarov of the FSB with support from Captain John Price's Task Force 141 and Chimera Leader "Nikolai". Armistice became the only line of defense preventing Al-Qatala from pushing through to Urzikstan.

Several Operations were mounted to find, fix and finish off high-value targets of Al-Qatala's network in Verdansk with the purpose of stopping and crippling the organization access to weapons, funds, intelligence and hardware. These mission were carried out by the Arm-4 team who successfully eliminated Almalik and its warehouses, the Banker leaving his accounts and money frozen, prevented El Traficante weapon shipment from leaving Verdansk and retrieved a nuclear core from the hand of Al-Qatala. However, Al-Asad and Zakhaev, also serving as his advisor, remained at large, thus still representing a serious thread in the region.

At some point after the invasion of Verdansk, an Al-Qatala cargo chopper carrying chemical weapons was shot down by Operator Nikto, under the command of Kamarov, somewhere several kilometers outside of Faridah in Urzikstan. Coalition forces under the command of Lieutenant General Lyons and led by Operator Mara were sent to investigate. A skirmish occured between the two factions.

Back in Verdansk, Al-Asad watched the ensuing conflict through a monitor in a TV Station as Al-Qalata was seizing the building with hostages. When asked about the gas, Al-Asad replied they still possess more than enough gas at their disposal.

While operations conducted by the Arm-4 against Al-Qatala had proven succesful, it was ultimately not enough to stop Al-Asad and Zakhaev. After the remaining of the terrorist organization left the city, massive gas clouds were deployed in Verdansk and Armistice members began fighting amongst themselves in a desperate bid for survival. Simon Riley was one of the only survivors. This proved to be the death blow to the fragile alliance and soon enough, Armistice was officially disbanded.



Munitions found inside an Operation appear as boxes, except for the Trophy System, as of Title Update 1.14. They can picked up by players up to three times before they had to use one, if not all of them, if they want to pick more munitions. Munitions found in an Operation aren't kept afterwards.

Players can also select up to three munitions before starting an Operation. After killing enemies and completing Operations, players will be rewarded with points that can be used to buy munitions.

When a player died, the unused munitions they brought with them will be saved when they'll respawn. Munitions unused after completing an Operation will be carried over into the next one unless the player remove it.

Munitions Cost
Ammo Crate Free
Armor Crate Free
Grenade Crate Free
Trophy System 100 points
Deployable Cover 100 points
UAV 200 points
Shield Turret 250 points
Cluster Strike 300 points
Cruise Missile 400 points
Precision Airstrike 400 points
Respawn Flare 500 points
Sentry Gun 500 points
Juggernaut 1000 points
Chopper Gunner 3000 points
Gunship 3500 points


Every role has its unique Active and Passive abilities. Active abilities work similar to the Field Upgrades in multiplayer, being ready to deploy after a certain recharge time, boosted by getting kills, while Passive abilities are essentially built-in perks to a specific role.

Role Active Ability Recharge Rate Passive Ability
Heavy Team Armor
Give team heavy armor
Launcher Ammo+
100% more ammo in launchers
Recon Recon Drone
Remote-controlled drone that marks enemies
Steady Aim
Weapons have very low recoil
Demolition Thermite Launcher
Grenade Launcher with Thermite Rounds
Scavenge Grenades
Enemies drop grenade pickups
Medic Team Revive
Revives all down teammates
Quick Revive
Revive downed players faster
Assault Team Stopping Power
Gives team stopping power rounds that deal extra damage
Fast Reload
Reload your weapon much faster
Engineer EMP Drone
Launch and control a drone that disables enemy vehicles and equipment
Armor Piercing
Extra Damage to Armored Targets and Vehicles.


Like in Multiplayer, Perks are featured in the Special Ops mode. Some perks are adapted to the Spec Ops mode and offer different effects than their Multiplayer version.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Special Ops Perks

Tier 1 Perks

Name Unlock Lvl. Effect Icon
Double Time 1 (Default) Double the duration of Tactical Sprint. Increase crouch movement speed by 30%.
E.O.D. 1 (Default) Take reduced damage from explosives and fire.
Scavenger 18 Resupply ammo from dead enemies.
Cold-Blooded 29 Enemy vehicles takes longer to target you.
Kill Chain 34 Kills increase Role Ability charge.
Quick Fix 42 Consecutive enemy kills will increase your health regeneration rate.

Tier 2 Perks

Name Unlock Lvl. Effect Icon
Restock 1 (Default) Recharge equipment over 25 seconds.
Hardline 1 (Default) Consecutive enemy kills will earn random munitions.
Overkill 8 Carry two primary weapons.
High Alert 11 Your vision pulses when high damage enemies outside of your view see you.
Ghost 24 Patrolling enemy visual detection range reduced.
Pointman 49 Amount of time between "consecutive" enemy kills is increased.

Tier 3 Perks

Name Unlock Lvl. Effect Icon
Tune Up 1 (Default) Reduces the charge time of Role Ability by 33%.
Amped 1 (Default) Faster weapon swap and rocket launcher reload speed.
Shrapnel 13 Spawn with an extra piece of lethal equipment.
Battle Hardened 26 Reduce strength of enemy flash, stun, EMP, and gas effects. Immune to snapshot grenades.
Spotter 38 See enemy equipment through walls. Mark them for your team by looking at them while aiming down sights.
Tracker 51 Patrolling enemies are outlined for a time after they leave line of sight.


Operation Headhunter

"Infiltrate, expose, and eliminate the terrorist network of Almalik - AQ's slumlord-in-chief."
— Mission briefing.

This operation requires players to eliminate high value targets then capture and defend several objectives.

Main article: Operation Headhunter

Operation Kuvalda

"Assault Almalik's base of operations and mark his weapons for airstrike, spiking the AQ foothold in Verdansk"
— Mission briefing.

This operation requires players to find and mark objectives.

Main article: Operation Kuvalda

Operation Paladin

"Go behind enemy lines, extract Dr. Linda Morales, and user her intel to hunt "Mr. Z" - benefactor and source of AQ's new arsenal."
— Mission briefing.

This operation requires players to rescue a hostage, escort an APC and mark and defend several objectives.

Main article: Operation Paladin

Operation Crosswind

"Infiltrate the AQ-occupied Verdansk Airport, board the hijacked 747, and recover its deadly cargo."
— Mission briefing.

This operation requires players to infiltrate an airport to capture objectives, board a plane to steal its cargo before jumping and fighting Al-Qatala forces on the ground.

Main article: Operation Crosswind

Operation Harbinger

"Gather intel on the whereabouts of local informant MAGE and verify his reports of a "major shipment" leaving Verdansk."
— Mission briefing.

This operation requires players to gather intel before rescuing and exfiltrating a hostage. This operation was released on November 22nd, 2019.

Main article: Operation Harbinger

Operation Brimstone

"El Traficante's train has left the quarry carrying explosives. Fight your way through the railyard, recall the train, and rig it for detonation."
— Mission briefing.

This operation requires players to capture and defend objectives, eliminate high value target, rig a train with explosives and fight Al-Qatala forces before exfil. This operation was released on November 22nd, 2019.

Main article: Operation Brimstone

Operation Just Reward

"Cut off AQ's money supply in Verdansk and target the head of their financial operation - the Banker."
— Mission briefing.

This operation requires players to collect four phones, chase a HVT with a helicopter to capture and interrogate them before hacking several devices and exfil. This operation was released on December 3rd, 2019 as part of the Season One of Modern Warfare.

Main article: Operation Just Reward

Operation Strongbox

"Push into the Verdansk Bank, cut open the vault, and find the key to AQs financial network. If the banker is there, capture or kill."
— Mission briefing

This operation requires players to approach and breach the vault with a saw, find the crypto private key inside it, eliminate a HVI and defend the bank's rooftop until extraction arrives. This operation was released on December 18th, 2019 as part of the Season One of Modern Warfare.

Main article: Operation Strongbox


This tab in co-op menu gives access to a database containing further information about both Allegiance and Coalition Operators, some earlier operations by Armistice factions conducted in multiplayer maps or even memento objects scattered around the battlefield containing information regarding Al-Qatala's invasion of Verdansk, such as paper pieces and SMS text messages, for example. In order to access those files, it is necessary to collect intel pieces around the map during an Operation.

Operation Headhunter

  • Intel #1 - Caves Allegiance (Allegiance Intel)
  • Intel #2 - Wyatt (Coalition Intel)
  • Intel #3 - Rodion (Allegiance Intel)
  • Intel #4 - Note AXX (memento)
  • Intel #5 - SMS Olena (memento)

Operation Kuvalda

  • Intel #1 - DDay (Coalition Intel)
  • Intel #2 - Syd (Allegiance Intel)
  • Intel #3 - Yegor (Allegiance Intel)
  • Intel #4 - Vadym Karpenko (memento)
  • Intel #5 - Garma Pass (memento)

Operation Paladin

  • Intel #1 - Aniyah Coalition (Coalition Intel)
  • Intel #2 - Alice (Coalition Intel)
  • Intel #3 - Minotaur (Allegiance Intel)
  • Intel #4 - Note AXV (memento)
  • Intel #5 - SMS Baba (memento)

Operation Crosswind

  • Intel #1 - Runner Coalition (Coalition Intel)
  • Intel #2 - Alice (Coalition Intel)
  • Intel #3 - Thorne (Coalition Intel)
  • Intel #4 - Antonina Morozova (memento)
  • Intel #5 - Verdansk Airport (memento)

Operation Harbinger

  • Intel #1 - Caves Coalition (Coalition Intel)
  • Intel #2 - Otter (Coalition Intel)
  • Intel #3 - Domino (Coalition Intel)
  • Intel #4 - Note OIII (memento)
  • Intel #5 - Gora River (memento)

Operation Brimstone

  • Intel #1 - Golem (Coalition Intel)
  • Intel #2 - Raines (Coalition Intel)
  • Intel #3 - Zane (Allegiance Intel)
  • Intel #4 - SMS Lyubov (memento)
  • Intel #5 - Anton Savych Vlasyuk (memento)

Operation Just Reward

  • Intel #1 - Aniyah Allegiance (Allegiance Intel)
  • Intel #2 - Bale (Allegiance Intel)
  • Intel #3 - Grinch (Coalition Intel)
  • Intel #4 - Note AX (memento)
  • Intel #5 - SMS Mom (memento)

Operation Strongbox

  • Intel #1 - Runner Allegiance (Allegiance Intel)
  • Intel #2 - Charly (Coalition Intel)
  • Intel #3 - Krueger (Allegiance Intel)
  • Intel #4 - Downtown Verdansk (memento)
  • Intel #5 - Yana Kostyuk (memento)