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Operator Mods are an attachment variation available in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. An operator mod modifies a weapon's behavior in a fundamental way, to a greater degree than regular attachments. Furthermore, operator mods require a special Wildcard in order to be equipped.


Not all weapons have operator mods available, but all available operator mods tend to emphasize some aspect of a weapon's design. For example, the Cordite's Belt-Fed operator mod emphasizes the weapon's large magazine capacity by giving it a whopping 600-round magazine.

List of Operator ModsEdit

Assault RiflesEdit

Weapon Operator Mod Description
Vapr-XKG Bayonet Attach a knife to the end of your rifle, allowing you to 1-hit-kill enemies from a greater melee distance.
Maddox RFB Echo Fire Converts the weapon to a 2-round burst weapon with an insane cycling rate.

Submachine GunsEdit

Weapon Operator Mod Description
GKS Quad Shot Converts weapon to 4-round-burst and increases damage falloff range.
Spitfire Wild Fire Greatly increased fire rate, increasing weapon recoil and decreasing player movement speed while aiming and firing.
Cordite Belt-Feed Weapon gains 600-round magazine that does not reload, but the weapon can overheat.
Saug 9mm Dual Wield Allows the user to wield two of this weapon.

Tactical RiflesEdit

Weapon Operator Mod Description
Auger DMR Double Tap Converts weapon to 2-round-burst.
ABR 223 Repeater Delay between bursts decreases the longer the trigger is held.
Swordfish Penta Burst Increases burst from 4 to 5 rounds.
S6 Stingray Impact Blast Flechette projectiles explode when impacting an enemy.

Light Machine GunsEdit

Weapon Operator Mod Description
Titan Oppressor Suppresses enemies near your bullet stream.
Hades Cross Bar Attaches a horizontal grip to the weapon, greatly increasing ADS strafe speed, but replaces ADS with a tighter hip-fire.
VKM 750 Fat Barrel Shoots larger rounds which hit enemies easier.
Tigershark Burst Rush Converts weapon to fire a 6-round burst. The last four bullets in the burst fire at an accelerated rate.

Sniper RiflesEdit

Weapon Operator Mod Description
Outlaw Bolt Cylinder Converts the weapon to 3-round-burst.
Koshka Strelok Precision accuracy while entering ADS.
Vendetta Bipod


Weapon Operator Mod Description
Strife Stiletto Knife Melee attack is always lethal.
Mozu Skull Splitter Headshots are always lethal.


Weapon Operator Mod Description
MOG 12 Dragon Breath Incendiary ammunition inflicts wound status effect.
SG12 Strobe Light Aiming activates a strobe light, visually impairing whoever sees it.
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