Optical Camouflage is a piece of equipment, featured in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II campaign. First found in "Celerium", the player is able to get it once they go indoors into the underground lab using the Access Kit. By pressing 7 (on PC), or on the D-Pad, the player can cloak themselves with the surroundings, but the weapon equipped by the player will not be affected by the camouflage, due to it being an outside agency.

The player can also obtain it in the mission "Achilles' Veil", by going downstairs at the right tower and hacking a box. Despite what it may seem at first, it does not seem to hide the player from enemies, rather it significantly decreases their accuracy. Mercs have it equipped during the levels "Celerium" and "Judgement Day". The camo modifies the player's vision to some degree, giving the screen a minor green tint. The camo also emits a high-pitched shriek when active.

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