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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
"Uses GPS technology to detect and display enemies."
— Menu Description

Oracle is a 14-point Support pointstreak introduced in Call of Duty: Ghosts which allows the player to see enemies through walls for a short duration. It pulses every 10 seconds seven times, and teammates can see the enemies for about two seconds. The perk Blind Eye grants immunity against Oracle systems, so players should keep this in mind, as a Blind Eye user could sneak up on someone with an Oracle system up.

Other effects[1]:

  • If multiple Oracles are active, they do not stack in the sense that a single Oracle pulses faster, or that it lasts longer. Each individual Oracle pulses on its own time span.
    • An example would be: if Player Team A1 activates their Oracle, it will pulse every 10 seconds. 23 seconds later, Player Team A2 activates their Oracle. This means that the first pulse happens, three seconds later, the second pulse happens, and the next pulse from the first doesn't occur until seven seconds later. After the first Oracle expires, the second will continue to pulse every 10 seconds as normal during its last two pulses.
  • Players can see enemies through material regardless of distance. Enemies without Stealth Perks can also be seen on the minimap when the Oracle pulses.
  • The number of materials and the type of materials can affect whether or not players will be able to see enemies through them. It is possible that players cannot see enemies if there are three or more materials between them and the enemy, or if a single piece of material is too thick.