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The Orda (Russian: Орда, lit. Horde), also called Elder Gods, Overlords, and Giants, and also known as Hulking Summoners in the game files are a type of creature introduced within Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. An Orda first made an appearance as an Easter Egg within Die Maschine and later appear as an enemy within Firebase Z and Outbreak.


Place Below Creation

Not much is known about the origin of the Ordas. Following the banishment of the multiverse into the Dark Aether, various creatures trapped within the dimension morphed into the gigantic creatures, becoming the top of the food chain and gathering armies of followers. The inhabitants and souls trapped in the Dark Aether started calling them "elder gods" or "overlords" with some survivors worshipping them.

The Ordas were initially led by a group of entities known as the Old Ones, ancient dark gods that ruled over the Dark Aether, but soon fell under the command of The Forsaken after his arrival into the Dark Aether.

During Operation Cerberus, a Requiem Strike Team entered the Dark Aether and spotted an Orda walking through the forest next to a mirror version of the Projekt Endstation facility in Morasko, Poland, knocking down trees as it walked.

Outpost 25

During Operation Lost Property, a Requiem Strike Team encountered an Orda in Omega Group Outpost 25 which was trapped in an outbreak zone which occured after Samantha Maxis was thrown in the Dark Aether by William Peck. Despite the Orda's abilities and gargantuan size, Requiem was able to defeat it. After Maxis was rescue, Orda came back for a final fight. Forunately, Requiem was able to defeat it again.

Ural Mountains

During Requiem's undertaking of Operation Threshold, some Ordas were spotted within the Ural Mountains.


Ordas are formed from human remains, particularly noticeable at their feet. They are also extreme in stature, with Oskar Strauss referring to them as "Giants".


Die Maschine

While making an appearance in the map through easter-eggs, the Orda itself is not an actual enemy. The Orda will simply either appear in the forests, walking about as it knocks down trees if the player reaches Round 45 in the Dark Aether, or it's hand will be seen attempting to grab something if the player shoots 4 buttons in the window behind Speed Cola.

Firebase Z

During the third Dimensional Tear Assault Wave against a Aether Reactor, a portal from the Dark Aether will open in the sky and drop an Orda outside the current Defense. As long as the Orda lives, the Assault Wave will continue while the Orda walks to the Aether Reactor or Fire Control Unit. If the Orda reaches a set distance, it will unleash a beam of energy onto either defense point which will deal heavy damage in fast succession until either the defense point has failed or the Orda has been killed, which counts as a successful defense.

An Orda also acts as the final roadblock during Maxis Potential, bursting out of the ground in the Village and blocking the Requiem Strike Team alongside Samantha Maxis from escaping Outpost 25.

Ordas are extremely unique in how they fight, as their slow and lumbering frame means that they are more prone to utilizing ranged attacks to their more lethal melees. Their ranged arsenals includes firing out swarms of flaming flies that will track players and a mortar like shot that will spawn a Hellhound upon impact. Ordas can also do a slow melee strike that can instantly down a player and temporarily darkening their screen, this also occurs if a player is stepped on by an Orda.

Ordas also have a form of damage resistance to all forms of weaponry, requiring weapons to be in effective range to deal the maximum damage possible.


Within Outbreak, as part of the Season Three Reloaded update, Ordas can now be encountered as a World Event. Signified by a unique ping on the Minimap alongside their World Event icon, Ordas within Outbreak act much differently than the ones encountered at Omega Outpost 25. Ordas are able to roam much more freely within the more open maps of Outbreak and are able to move faster with their size providing additional distance alongside an entirely reworked set of attacks. The Hellhound mortar attack will continuously fire Hellhounds that can be shot out of the air, but will not spawn a Hellhound upon impact. The swarm of flies now only spawns whenever the Orda opens its weakpoint and will orbit around it, now utilizing a health pool to protect the Orda from damage. The Ordas slam melee attack now deals a large amount of Area of Effect damage to any player whom are on the ground. Ordas are also now able to fire projectiles that spawn standard Zombies. Where the Orda is, multiple areas will be corrupted by Dark Aether, if the players lose aggression of the Orda, they will wander to one of these areas and slam their club-arm into the ground, regaining health until aggression is regained.

Ordas also retain the unique damage resistance from Firebase Z, however also possess the unique property of lacking hitbox modifiers as regardless of where the Orda is hit, the damage will remain the same.

When killed, Ordas will drop a large amount high tier loot regardless of the warp level, often consisting of Legendary quality weaponry. If players flee from an Orda for long enough, the Orda will start to regenerate lost health in chunks at a rapid pace.



  • In the files of the game, Disciples are referred to as "Son of Orda".