Ordnance Training is a Vehicle Perk in Call of Duty: World at War that is unlocked at level 12 and allows a tank's cannon to reload 30% faster than normal.

In Game Edit

This perk gives the player a huge advantage in tank versus tank scenarios, as one can fire faster than the enemy can, although it is unlocked early making it available for many players. Higher leveled players may overlook this perk in favor of Coaxial Machine Gun.

Popularity Edit

Ordnance Training is quite popular for vehicle users due its effect, effectively doubling the power of one tank. It, however, has been criticized that the effect is too drastic, and can make a player in a tank a hard target to kill while one's team takes heavy casualties from the single opponent.

Call of Duty WaW Team Deathmatch TDM Outskirts

Call of Duty WaW Team Deathmatch TDM Outskirts

A player using this perk

Tactics Edit

Ordnance Training, as stated before, gives the player a huge advantage over any other player in a tank without it, or any player in view of the tank. Combined with practiced hit-and-run tactics make this a very useful perk. Also, note that tanks have the least armor at the rear, and aiming at the tracks can disable the tank; however, the main gun can still be used.

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