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This is a list of quotes from the zombies map Origins.

Tank Dempsey

Buying weapons off the wall

"You gotta be kidding me. How does that work?"
— When purchasing a wall weapon for the first time.

Mystery Box

"Let's see if the German was telling the truth..."
— When using the Mystery Box.

"Well I'll be, this thing just spat out a weapon."
— When obtaining a weapon from the Mystery Box.


"Fuck, gun's empty!"
— When out of ammo.

"Can't do shit without ammo."
— When out of ammo.


"This work like a flak jacket or something?"
— When drinking Juggernog.


"Looks like we just got loaded up."
— When obtaining a Max Ammo.

"Wanna go unnoticed by your prey? Get their scent all over you."
— When obtaining Zombie Blood.


"Now I'm mad."
— When revived.

"Nice to know you've got my back."
— When revived.


"Field report. Confirming arrival at site identified in our intel. No sign of the target nor the other agents believed to be on intercept course. Dempsey out."
— Said at the beginning of the match (solo.)

"You're Doctor Richtofen right? I'm taking you outta here."
— Said at the beginning of the match (co-op)

"If powering up these conversion generators means we stand a better chance of survival, then I'm with the German."
— Said after Richtofen answers him at the start.

"This brain came from the cadaver the German had in his bunker?"
— Said when picking up the brain part.

"Target area appears affected by an unknown contaminant. Enemy personnel had degenerated to their primal instincts, exhibiting irrational and unparalleled savagery. Recommend all allied units set up excursion zone until further intel is available."
— Said at the beginning of round 2.

"Ugh, damn it... I can barely move in this mud."
— When moving in a muddy area.

"Think this was a bit of a tactical miscalculation!"
— When surrounded.

"Nice headshot, Richtofen."
— When Richtofen gets a headshot.

Nikolai Belinski


"I'm even more eager for battle than before!"
— Said when obtaining an insta-kill.

"They mistake me for one of there own."
— After obtaining Zombie Blood.

"Ammunition shared amongst us all, as it should be."
— After obtaining Max Ammo.

"I have something in common with the undead masses."
— After obtaining Zombie Blood.

"Perhaps these unknown forces seek To help us."
— After obtaining a Nuke.

"With greater strength,we will crush our enemies!"
— After obtaining an Insta-Kill.


"What in Lenin's name is going on? I saw a huge steel beast, tall as the spires of Moscow Cathedral, just what have the Germans been doing in this place?"
— Said at the beginning of the match (solo).

"My every step is beset by attacks from legions of unnatural creatures, stumbling, rotten.. filthy corpses!"
— Said at the end of round 1.

"I must find a way to survive this nightmare. Perhaps... These machines may help me fend off the wretched hordes."
— After the end of round 2

"Such machines could conquer nations!"
— After seeing a Giant Mech for the first time.


"You scrabble around like pigs in filth!"
— When attacked by a crawler.

"You're on your own, American."
— When Dempsey is surrounded.

"Who are you, fucking Rasputin? Die already!"
— When killing a zombie with a knife (similar to a quote said in World At War zombies.

"I will break you!"
— After killing a zombie that recently attacked.

"I am not your prey!"
— After killing a zombie with a knife.

"Your actions only hasten your demise!"
— After killing a zombie with a knife.

"Repel the monsters!"
— After activating a generator and the Templar zombies begin to spawn.

"The filthy rats use strength in numbers to there advantage."
— When being surrounded.

"Your numbers do not intimidate me, I feel nothing!"
— When being surrounded.

"We are under sustained attack!"
— After activating a generator and the Templar zombies begin to spawn.


"Eugh! This tastes like trench water."
— After drinking Quick Revive.

Mystery Box

"I am a simple man, I cannot begin to understand the means behind this object."
— After obtaining a weapon from the box for the first time.

Takeo Masaki

"Our concerns of the German plan appear well founded. Huge mechanised weapons stalk the battlefield. I must ensure the emporer learns of these developments."
— Said at the beginning of the match (solo).

"Edward Richtofen... you will come with me."
— Said at the beginning of the match (co-op)

"I am a servant of the Emperor... I have little wealth."
— When trying to buy something without requisite points.

"It is not wise to stand in the way of the giant!"
— Said when a Giant Mech approaches.


"For the moment, we need not worry about ammo."
— When obtaining a Max Ammo.


"I have the strength of a great warrior!"
— After buying Juggernog.

Edward Richtofen


"Uhh, I am not ready OR willing to die!"
— When killing a zombie that hit him.


"Gah! I...I am alive! ja...his brain...where's the brain? I completed the operation, just before the robot attacked. Nein, Maxis must wait. They will be here again soon. I must prepare the defences, start up the conversion generators."
— Said at the beginning of the matches (solo).

"You are very hungry... Considering there's only half of you!"
— When attacked by a crawler.

"I curse the day I created that suit."
— Said after a Panzer Soldat has entered the map.

"The machine functions just like Maxis predicted!"
— After using the Pack-a-Punch machine.

"Ahh, I consider this to be the very definition of an exercise in futility."
— When repairing a barrier.

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