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  • Originally, the intro cutscene featured Samantha with a hollow and ghastly voice. In the game however, she sounds a lot clearer akin to a little girl. More dialogue was also added in the final version.
  • The intro cutscene of Origins uploaded on Treyarch's YouTube channel was taken down and re-uploaded later to correct Nikolai Belinski's name being misspelled as "Nikolai Belinksi".
  • An official poster of Origins was released, created by Alex Ross. It is the loading screen of the map.
  • Origins has its own independent soundtrack. It has a total of 30 songs, including the Easter Egg song Archangel.
  • As in World at War, and similarly to the Black ops III maps, players can go prone in front of a Perk-a-Cola machine and get 25 points.
    • Players can now get 25 points from the Pack-a-Punch by going prone in front of it, making this the only time to do so. This is not the case in Black Ops III.
  • The Medieval Zombie on the poster is wearing the Cross of the Knights Templar.
    • The Medieval Zombies on the poster have yellow eyes, even though they have purple-white eyes in-game.
  • When activating a generator while Double Points is active, the player who activated the generator only gets refunded half their points. This does not affect solo gameplay, however, as the 100 points earned for activating the generator before the refund are doubled, resulting in the same 300 total points (provided the player stays on the generator until all points are given).[source needed]
  • It is possible to obtain the Ray Gun Mark II without the Vengeance DLC, but it is extremely rare.[source needed]
  • The prices of doors, weapons and generators depend on the number of players in game.
  • None of the Perk-a-Colas play their jingles. The devices attached to their sides will simply whistle.
  • In the opening cutscene, the sign for Generator 3 says "Pump Station 3" instead of "Generator Station 3".
  • The statues at the bottom of the dig site bear the faces of Richtofen, Takeo, Dempsey, and Nikolai
  • The dig site, portals and the Crazy Place are very similar to the 2009 Wolfenstein game, in its use of the Black Sun dimension.
  • Crusader Zombies wear the same symbol found on The Keepers, which is associated with the Black Sun symbol.
  • While in the Crazy Place, if the player has not yet collected any of the elemental gems, the large walls that drop and block random paths will not fall down, allowing uninterrupted access to the large room.
  • There are four Giant Robots within the map. Three of them pass through the map, and another one is shot down near the Tank Station at Generator 2. The three Giant Robots (Freya, Odin, and Thor) share their names with the three Norse gods.
    • The forth destroyed robot is speculated to be named Loki, however there is no in-game evidence that supports it.
    • Some Pack-a-Punch weapons, such as the Boomhilda, and the upgraded staffs also make reference to different mythologies.
    • The robot that attempts to step on the players in the opening cinematic is the robot Thor.
  • The starting room weapons being the M14 and an Ballista with an iron sight. This is different than other Black ops II maps who have M14 and Olympia, and similar to World at War map, in the sense that in all of its maps, one spawn room weapon was a semi-automatic battle rifle and the other was a scopeless bolt-action sniper rifle.
  • Carpenter was originally going to appear in this map but was cut from the map for unknown reasons. However, it does appear in Black Ops III.
  • After the player has collected the parts for the Staff of Lightning, a Power-Up will spawn once per round at each drop-off point.
  • In the opening cutscene, the Giant Robot has its foot lit yellow, indicating that the player can shoot the foot to get inside the robot's head. However, at the beginning of the game the foot will not always be lit.
  • In the Zombies Chronicles version of the map there are a set of papers in a mortar crater along the tank's path, between Generator 5 and Generator 2, that lists the names of various Treyarch employees. Some listed names include Jason Blundell, Max Porter, and Kevin Sherwood.
  • Richtofen eyes are green in this map but his eyes are actually blue. This was fixed in Black Ops III.