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"The Orion Initiative is a private military corporation steeped in history and tradition. Tough, decisive, and supremely organized, they are a strategic powerhouse, and when coordinated, a devastating fighting force."
— In-game description.

The Orion Initiative is a Titan-based Private Military Company. Steeped in history and tradition, they are supremely organized and coordinated in their tactics, making them a very effective fighting force. Their equipment is largely based off of what is used by the SDF, although they use some SATO tech, like the Raven. They are led by Commander Elijah Emerson.

Multiplayer Edit

The Orion Initiative is the second Mission Team the player is allowed to join in multiplayer mode that can be unlocked at Level 15.

Unlockables Edit

  • Common 100 Salvage - Level 7
  • Common Karma -45 - Glutton - Level 10
  • Rare Widowmaker - Utopian - Level 20
  • Rare Kendall 44 - Wraith - Level 30
  • Legendary FHR-40 - Havoc - Level 40
  • Epic Karma-45 - Phobos - Level 50
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