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"Omega Group. They have big plans. You are here to stop them? I will help you. We will shut off this infernal machine. Close the gateway."
— Orlov agrees to help Requiem.

Lieutenant Orlov is a character featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies in the map Die Maschine. He is mentioned in intel for Firebase Z.[1]


Reactivating the Cyclotron

Orlov was a member of the Omega Group who was sent with Medvedev to activate the Particle Accelerator at the Projekt Endstation facility in Morasko, Poland. While looking at a photo of his wife and daughter, he asked them to give him strength before leaving to activate the Cyclotron. Orlov died during the process and was turned into a Megaton due to the power of the Dark Aether.

Closing the Rift

When the Requiem strike team arrived at the Projekt Endstation facility, they used Der Wechsler to reunite him after he was split into a Bomber and Blaster, as well as to partially cure of his zombification. Realizing his condition, Orlov hid in the facility before being lured by the strike team by giving him a photo of his family. Orlov agreed to help them deactivate the machine and destroy the facility to close the rift. He was successful in his actions, and allowed the Requiem strike team to escape the facility before he died in the explosion.


Doctor Elizabeth Grey would recount Orlov's sacrifice in a report, wondering how, like so many other individuals affected by the Dark Aether, he was able to transform into a Megaton as he did.



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