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For the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies map, see Outbreak.

"This is Operation Threshold: Requiem's ongoing mission deep behind enemy lines in the world's largest Outbreak Zone. Complete your objectives. Combat the horde. Fight, explore, scavenge, loot, survive. The Aetherium Arms Race is on."
— Mission Briefing

Outbreak is a large-scale Zombies experience featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War that was released on February 25th, 2021 as part of the Season Two of content for the game. Taking place mostly in the Ural Mountains, sharing several Fireteam and Combined Arms maps, Outbreak features new enemies with rewards and intel for completing objectives and World Events.

On March 30th, with Season Two Reloaded, a night version of Sanatorium was added into Outbreak with a new objective, World Event, rewards and intel as well as a new vehicle, the Dirtbike. With Season Three, a new map Duga was added into Outbreak as well as new World Event, reward and intel. On May 20th, with Season Three Reloaded, the first Main Quest as well as a new World Event and intel were added into Outbreak. On June 17th, with Season Four, a new map, Zoo, was added into Outbreak as well as the second Main Quest and new rewards and intel. On August 13th, with Season Five, Collateral was added to Outbreak with a new objective, World Event, equipment, enemy, reward and intel as well as a new vehicle, the T-72. On September 9th, with Season Five Reloaded, Armada was added to Outbreak with a new World Event, rewards, intel as well as three exclusive vehicles, the Gunboat, Wakerunner and Raft. On September 21st, a limited-time mode Outbreak Survival was released. With the Haunting event during Season Six, a new limited-time mode Hallows' Eve Outbreak was released. On April 25th, 2022, the Abomination was added along Hallows' Eve Outbreak renamed Outbreak Collapse.


At the start of Outbreak, players will spawn on a map, called "Region", and will be tasked to complete an objective. Unlike traditional round-based Zombies experiences, there is an unlimited number of zombies roaming the maps. There is also no limit of time to start the primary objective. Vehicles are also available to travel faster within a region.

After an objective is completed, an anomaly triggering a beacon will appear somewhere on the map. Once the beacon is activated the Pack-a-Punch Machine, Der Wunderfizz, and the Arsenal and crafting table will spawn. The utilities are also available around the map. At the beacon, players will have two choices: either exfiltrating to safety or warping to the next region where the difficulty is increased.

Players can also complete secondary objectives, called "World Events", available in each region. While exploring the map, players can encounter small, medium or large chests which offer loot such as weapons, equipment, Salvage, Power-Ups, Armor or Armor Plates, Perks or Ammo Mods. Mimics can also hide as large chests. Common Salvage stockpiles, worth 200 Salvage, can also be encountered around a region. Small Aetherium crystals can also be found and destroy for loot. Outbreak introduces two new enemies, Krasny Soldats and Tempests. A Demented Echo can also be found in specific locations within a region, the Echo starts to appear in the second region.

Introduced with Season Three, several Phase Wall Tears can be found in the Regions' borders and allow players to teleport and drop somewhere else within the same Region while also receiving a random Power-Up. With Season Three Reloaded, fishing spots were added into the different Regions. The spots feature a corpse wearing a bucket hat with a fishing rod and a radio next to it. When close by, the spots are identified by a fishing rod on the minimap. The fishing spots allow players to fish various items three times per spot. Items include Essence, weapons and Wonder Weapons, Aether Tool, Ammo Mods, Perks, Body Armor and Armor Plates as well as a boot which can turn into a Mimic.



"The most hardcore Outbreak experience! Start with only a 1911 pistol. Health regen, map, compass, enemy damage numbers and health bars are turned off. Scavenge for food to recover health with completing Objectives."
— Mission Briefing

The selection screen for Outbreak Survival.

Outbreak Survival is a variant of Outbreak that was originally available as a limited-time mode between September 21st and October 6th, 2021 and returned on October 14th, 2021. The mode changes or removes some features from the standard version. The minimap and overhead map are disabled while the health bars and floating damage numbers are removed if they were enabled. All the player start with the 1911.

Player's health regeneration is also disabled with special Food items available to replenish health. Those items are available as loot, notably from enemies killed or chests, in four categories:

  • Uncommon (50 HP): Bananas, Cauliflower
  • Rare (100 HP): Chocolate Chip Cookie, Cheddar Cheese Wedge, Canned Corn, Potato Chips
  • Epic (150 HP): Chicken Soup, Croissant, Slice of Pizza
  • Legendary (200 HP): Cheeseburger, Full Pepperoni Pizza, Poutine


"The horde is nonstop. Stay alive for 10 minutes and escape."
— Mission Briefing

Outbreak Collapse is a variant of Outbreak that was originally available as a limited-time mode called Hallows' Eve Outbreak and available between October 19th and November 2nd, 2021 as part of The Haunting before returning on April 25th, 2022. When selecting the mode, players could choose between two random Regions on which they would spawn whether it was a public or private match.

Within a match of Collapse, players had to survive 10 minutes before being able to exfil. Every two minutes, all the enemies were killed before the difficulty increased with the Region number changing. Once the players survived the 10 minutes, reaching the Region 6 of difficulty, the exfil helicopter would appear. Three anomalies were also available within the Region; however the beacons only lasted two minutes before destroying themselves. An Orda was also present in the Region, serving as the only World Event of the match? Unlike during Hallows' Eve, Orda is always targeting the player instead of patrolling a specific area.


There are seven objectives available in Outbreak.


Defend Objective Icon Outbreak Zombies BOCW.png

One of Doctor Elizabeth Grey's research teams have been overrun trying to sample an undead specimen within a Dark Aether Specimen Analyzer, or "DASA". Players are tasked with recovering the specimen's head and placing it in the analyzer, which will trigger a three minute defense. Players must protect the analyzer from surging hordes until the process is complete.


Holdout Objective Icon Outbreak Zombies BOCW.png

Major Mackenzie Carver has identified a large Aetherium growth causing a rapid surge of unnatural Aetherium terraforming in the area and tasks players with destroying it. Upon placing explosives on the growth however, players are sucked into the Dark Aether and placed in a small building on the map, where they must survive a lockdown for three minutes and twenty seconds against the undead while a mysterious voice taunts them. After surviving the lockdown, players will be teleported out of the Dark Aether and watch as the crystal growth is destroyed.


Retrieve Objective Icon Outbreak Zombies BOCW.png

A team sent to deliver Aetherium to Doctor Oskar Strauss has been eliminated. Players are tasked with reaching a rocket transport system and locating two Aetherium containment units nearby, which Strauss asks to be brought to the rocket within five minutes before the samples within them are lost. Collecting a unit will slow the player's movement and slowly destroy vehicles if the player enters one, though the player will have access to a unique ability that will kill all nearby enemies once the device is charged. Delivering both units to the rocket and loading them into it will launch the rocket to Strauss.


Escort Objective Icon Outbreak Zombies BOCW.png

Grey has deployed a Requiem recon rover in the area to scan for stable rifts into the Dark Aether and deliver the rover's contents to the dimension. Players must deploy the rover from its transport unit and escort it through the map while it performs its tasks, all while defending it from the undead. After a couple of failed searches, either deeming the rift unusable, or attempting to enter but failing and being ejected, the rover will come across a large portal guarded by one or several Special zombies and a small zombies horde. Once the rover reaches the rift, it will force itself into it, sending itself and its cargo into the Dark Aether for experimentation.


Eliminate Objective Icon Outbreak Zombies BOCW.png

Carver tasks players to remotely activate Requiem's orbital Dimensional Disruptor, which will forcefully bring out a Dark Aether HVT into reality. Players are tasked with killing the HVT, which will take on the form of an Elite or Special enemy with higher health and a unique name. While weakening the HVT to two-thirds of its health, it will warp itself to another location nearby, forcing players to give chase. After depleting another third of its health, the HVT will warp away one last time. Upon killing the HVT, the objective will be completed.


Secure Objective Icon Outbreak Zombies BOCW.png

Players are tasked by Strauss to collect zombies essence after remotely launching two Essence Conversion Modules from orbit. The players will have to defend one module before moving to the next. Once a module has landed, it will draw a plasma field around itself and the players will have to kill the zombies in the circle to collect their essence. Once a module is full, it will reward the players with an item which can be Essence, Power-Ups or even weapons.


Transport Objective Icon Outbreak Zombies BOCW.png

A Mobile Harvester Team tasked by Strauss to procure samples of a rare "primordial" type of Aetherium created by Dark Aether Vortexes has been eliminated. Players will be tasked with transporting a modified Cargo Truck fitted with Aetherium Containment Units to two Dark Aether Vortexes. When transported to the Vortex, the Cargo Truck will become temporarily disabled while the Containment Unit collects a sample. Upon collection of a sample, the Vortex will collapse and the Cargo Truck will regain mobility. With both samples collected, they must both be delivered to a rocket transport system, much in the same vein of the "Retrieve" Objective as the Aetherium Containment Units will produce Aether Canisters when near to the rocket for transport.

World Events

In addition to the primary objectives, there are up to nine World Events available for the player to do to help build up supplies. These events, with the exception of "Aethereal Orb" and "Unknown Signal", can be located on the overhead map by the use of unique symbols.

Distress Call / Horde Patrol

HordePatrol Icon Outbreak Zombies BOCW.png

Another Requiem Task Force has been slaughtered by a powerful group of enemies, with one soldier leaving behind their final words on a radio. Upon hearing the recording, Weaver, seeking vengeance for the fallen soldiers, orders the players to track down and eliminate the group of enemies that killed the task force. The players must locate and kill the group of enemies, which will comprise of a sometimes named Elite or Special enemy and a group of other enemies. Killing the last enemy of the group will reward players with a Random Perk power-up.

Dragon Relic

DragonRelic Icon Outbreak Zombies BOCW.png

A mysterious rocket containing the head of a Dragon is being prepped, requiring a large quantity of Aetherium to launch. For 500 Essence, interacting with the rocket will cause the Dragon to emerge from its nook in the rocket, followed by a ring similar to the Ring of Fire field upgrade to manifest below it. Players must now kill enemies within the ring to allow the Dragon to harvest the undead and absorb the Aetherium contained within them. After a certain amount of time, the Dragon will return to its nook and the rocket will blast off into a portal, leaving behind a crate for the players to open if they've completed the objective; depending on how many zombies were absorbed in the timeframe will depend on the quality of the chest's contents.

Locked Golden Chest

Locked Golden Chest Minimap Icon BOCW.png

A Dark Aether portal forms in the sky and deposits a golden chest on the ground, seeking to test the worth of the players who seek to obtain its contents. Interacting with the chest will summon a horde of enemies for the player to kill. After killing the enemies, the chest can be opened, which will dump out items on the ground and leave a Full Power power-up in the chest for the players to pick up. This event is marked by a icon depicting the spire that delivers the golden chest to the map.

Aethereal Orb

A faint Dark Aether orb can sometimes be found randomly in a map, and can be identified by the sound of children's laughter when approached. Shooting the orb will cause vials of Essence to drop from it before it will relocate to another part of the map. This process can be repeated two more times; the last attempt will cause the orb to explode, rewarding the player with various amounts of Scorestreaks, Salvage and Essence. When seen on the minimap when close by, this event is marked by an icon depicting the orb itself.

Unknown Signal

Unknown Signal Ping BOCW.png

A radio can sometimes be found randomly in a map. When activated, the radio will ring attracking a horde of zombies. Once the zombies are killed, the radio will emit a specific sound. The players will then have to find three amplifiers around the area and cycle between different sounds to find the correct one emitted by the radio. If the players find a ringing sound, zombies will be attracted. Once all three amplifiers emit the same signal as the radio, the players will need to go back to the radio to listen to the full signal rewarding players with 800 essences and a song which becomes available in the Music Player. When seen on the minimap when close by, this event is marked by an icon depicting an antenna.

Songs unlocked from Unknown Signal

Fury Crystal

Dark Aether Crystal Ping BOCW.png

An orange Aetherium crystal appears somewhere on the map. When a player destroys the crystal, a horde of zombies will continuously spawn as the player will need to find and destroy the orange crystal five times in a short amount time. Once all the crystals are destroyed before the time runs out, the player will be awarded with the Aether Tool which upgrades the rarity of the weapon they are holding. When seen on the minimap, this event is marked by an icon depicting a crystal.


Orda Ping Icon BOCW.png

An Orda can be seen patrolling an area followed by several zombies. When attacked, a simili-boss fight will trigger with more zombies spawning. Orda will pursue the players trying to step on them or strike them with its arm. Orda can also fire out swarms of flaming flies that will track players or a mortar-like shot that will spawn an exploding Hellhound upon impact. If the players run away from Orda, its health will start regenerating. Once killed, Orda leaves high-end rewards. When seen on the minimap, this event is marked by an icon depicting Orda.

Omega Supply Crate

An Omega helicopter can be spotted on the ground which will start flying off the map as a player approaches. Once the helicopter is destroyed, it will drop a large supply crate containing several Salvage stockpiles: 10 legendary High-Grade Salvage Stockpiles, each worth 25 High-Grade Salvage for a total of 250 High-Grade Salvage; and 5 epic Salvage Stockpiles, each worth 300 Salvage for a total of 1500 Salvage. The crate also contains high-end rewards like weapons or Scorestreaks. When seen on the minimap, this event is marked by an icon depicting a top-down view of a helicopter.

Black Chest

BlackChest Ping Icon BOCW.png

A Black Chest can be found with a mysterious lost soul asking players to free them. When a player interacts with the chest, three Dark Aether Swarms will spawn out of the chest and travel to different locations. The player will need to destroy the swarms to unlock the chest. When a player is close to a swarm, it will start flying and attack the players and zombies will spawn.

Once all three swarms are destroyed, the chest is unlocked. Once the chest is opened, the purple spirit will appear and thank the players for freeing them and promise to help them. The chest will dump loot including Level 2 or Level 3 Armor as well as a Bronze, Silver or Gold Chalice, upgrading the weapon held by the player with a Level I, Level II or Level III Pack-a-Punch upgrade respectively. When seen on the minimap, this is event is marked by an icon depicting a black chest.

If at some point, within the same Region, the player's health falls below 50 HP; the lost soul will appear and stun all the enemies around the players before killing them.

Easter Eggs

Main Quests

Main article: Ravenov Implications

The first main quest for Outbreak, titled Ravenov Implications in the Dark Ops, tasks Requiem operators to contact Samantha Maxis and locate Sergei Ravenov to help him launch the Omega Group's Reality Inversion Warheads away from the West.

Main article: Entrapment

The second main quest for Outbreak, titled Entrapment in the Dark Ops, tasks Requiem operators to locate and extract the defecting Omega Group scientists before they exfil.

Miscellaneous Easter Eggs

  • A unique zombie called "Ronald Raygun" wearing a leather jacket with pins on it as well as having a pink mohawk was introduced in Outbreak with Season Three and can be found within a Region. Upon being killed, the zombie drops a Ray Gun as reward.
  • After a warp has been indicated, if players attack the Beacon, the Beacon itself will become damaged and send the Strike Team two Warp tiers ahead rather than the standard one. This process can be repeated on any Beacon, regardless of Warp tier however the Beacon itself also gains additional health with each subsequent warp, making this process harder in later tiers.


Ravenov Implications

Penultimate Cutscene Transcript

Inside the Ruka missile facility, the Requiem strike team ascends to the control room where they find Sergei Ravenov fighting off and eliminating three Omega soldiers.

Ravenov: Requiem! Where is... Maxis?

Maxis: (via radio) I'm here... still being held by Requiem. They don't want me in the field.

Ravenov: They do not trust you - But we do know what is at stake? Yes?

Ravenov picks two of the soldiers up and put their face in front of the eye scanner.

Ravenov: Somehow - Peck found a way to supercharge the crystals' power for his warheads - by using those 'crystalline' creatures.

Maxis: If the warheads at this facility were to detonate, they would trigger an Inversion in this reality - creating Outbreak Zones wherever Omega chooses...

Ravenov picks the last soldiers and put his face in front of the eye scanner.

Ravenov: (to the strike team) It is no use I can't launch the missiles from here - I need you to find the keys - That is the only way we can put an end to Operatsiya Inversiya.

Ravenov returns to the control screen showing a map of the world with the US East Coast highlighted as target.

Ravenov: Maxis - Is there anywhere in particular you want to see destroyed?

Maxis: This power is too dangerous for either Omega or Requiem to possess - so I say we dump them in the middle of the Pacific.

Ravenov changes the coordinates of the target, now pointing to the Pacific ocean, south of Japan.

Ravenov: Sounds like a plan.

Ravenov locks the target.

Ravenov: (to the strike team) Go - find the launch keys. I will prep the missiles.

As the Requiem strik team leaves, Ravenov enters the missile silos.

Outro Cutscene Transcript

Missile silos in Ruka start opening as an alarm rings. The Requiem strike team witnesses three Reality Inversion warheads being launched. Soon after, Raptor-1 arrives in the area.

Raptor-1: So - according to Agent Maxis - Y'all need a ride outta here. I reckon Weaver's pretty pissed at her goin' behind his back an' all, but...

Raptor-1 lands

Raptor-1: There weren't no way I was gonna leave y'all hanging...

The strike team enters the helicopter, signaling Raptor-1 he can take off and leave the area.


Outro Cutscene Transcript

In Sanatorium, the Requiem strike team enters the helicopter piloted by Raptor-1.

Weaver: Okay, Strike Team. Time to come home.

The helicopter takes off but is immediately shot down by a missile.

Raptor-1: SHIT! We're going down!

Kravchenko: Sadly, Weaver - Them coming 'home' is not part of the plan.

The helicopter crashes and the strike team is seen lying on the ground next to the burning remains. Omega soldiers arrive and drag the body of Raptor-1 out of the helicopter. Kravchenko arrives shortly after.

Kravchenko: Surrender now...

Weaver: Kravchenko?!

Kravchenko: ...and you will be allowed to live.

Kravchenko crouches in front of the strike team.

Weaver: You son of a fucking bitch.

Kravchenko: Requiem belongs to me now...

Kravchenko stands up and leaves as the Omega soldiers are pointing their rifles to the strike team.


Main article: Outbreak (Cold War)/Intel

There are currently 266 pieces of intel in Outbreak.





  • In the Season Two Gameplay Trailer, a Zombie can be seen wearing a Santa hat in Outbreak.[1]
  • One of the sound emitted by the radio and amplifiers in the Unknown Signal secondary objective comes from GKNOVA6.
  • The name "Ronald Raygun" is a tongue-in-cheek reference to former P.O.T.U.S Ronald Reagan, who also appears in Black Ops Cold War.
  • The songs played by the radio in the fishing spot are Blood Red Moon, Short Arm of the Law and High Noon from the Call of Duty: Black Ops II map Buried.
  • In Outbreak, it is impossible to carry the Ray Gun and RAI-K 84 at the same time.