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For the Black Ops III map, see Outlaw.
Outlaw menu icon BO4
Weapon Class Sniper Rifle
Magazine Size 9 rounds (15 w/ Hybrid Mags)
Starting Ammunition 9+18 (MP)
Fire Mode Bolt-action
Used by Black Ops
Dead of the Night Cast
"Bolt-action sniper rifle. Fast rechamber, 1-shot kill to the head and upper chest. Hold LSHIFT while ADS to steady."
— In-game description

The Outlaw is a bolt-action sniper rifle featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. It has a cylinder similar to the ones on a revolver which rotates when the bolt is cycled.



The Outlaw appears in the zombie maps Voyage of Despair, IX, Blood of the Dead, and Classified, where it's available as a weapon within the Mystery Box for 950 points. The Outlaw has the second highest ammo capacity of the base Sniper Rifles, Only being beaten out by the SDM with Extended Mags. When upgraded via Pack-a-Punch Machine, it becomes the D3sol8 Regulator with the magazine size increased to 24 rounds and its ammo reserve increased to 168.