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"People saw what they wanted to see in Oz. Some saw a man with a wrench who could fix the faulty cooling system. Others saw a man with a mop who cleaned up coffee spills. If anyone had bothered to look deeper, they might have gotten a glimpse of the true Oz. The one he kept hidden. The one that witnessed hundreds die in combat. A monster that screamed into his face in the mirror. All Oz wanted was a simpler life. To stay off the grid. He even chose a low rank Atlas job to do it. Surely that would be enough, right?"
— Biography

Oz was one of the four main playable characters in Exo Zombies and also a special boss in the map Descent. He was portrayed by John Malkovich. He serves as the main antagonist of the Exo Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. 


Oz was formerly a soldier working for the Sentinel Task Force, known among them as one of the best. He, along with several other Sentinel soldiers, were sent to New Baghdad to contain a prison riot, while also fighting off the Atlas Corporation. In the midst of the battle, Oz was caught in the radius of a Manticore bomb, and was one of the first to become infected. Atlas managed to capture him and began experimenting on him.

Oz was special, compared to the other infected patients, as he was somehow able to revert to his human form, thanks to a special genetic mutation. After having reverted, Oz was brainwashed into believing he was an Atlas employee, who worked as a janitor at the Atlas Biogenesis Research & Development facility, run by Kahn. The brainwashing was not entirely successful, however, as Oz still retains some of his old memories, such as his hatred for Atlas, although he has a very hazy recollection of his life in Sentinel, only remembering that he fought in some "wars".

On one night, while performing his "usual clean up duty", Oz spotted streaks of blood on the ground, along with several broken glass casings and some dead bodies. Afterwards, a zombie outbreak occurred in the facility, forcing him to evacuate. Unbeknownst to Oz and everyone at the facility, he was actually the cause of the outbreak, which was planned by Atlas. Oz arrived at the helicopter landing pad along with three other Atlas employees: Lilith Swann, Jim Decker, and Kahn. However, without prior knowledge at the time, the three Atlas employees also shared the a similar genetic mutation with Oz that prevented them from becoming infected. The rescue Warbird was attacked by zombies and crashed down, forcing Oz and the others to team up to survive against the onslaught of zombies. In an attempt to escape, all four survivors retrieved a communication box from the Warbird, as well as their employee keycards, and use them to call in a second Warbird for extraction. However, as the Warbird approached the facility, it was shot down by an Atlas care package, leaving the four survivors stranded. They eventually made a last stand against the zombies, but were defeated. Atlas forces arrived and saved them in the nick of time, soon transporting them to a facility located near a Burger Town restaurant.

Some time later, they recovered and found themselves in the midst of another zombie infection. Not only did they have to fend off the undead, but they also had to rescue civilians trapped in the vicinity of Burger Town, at the request of a Warbird operator, callsign Eagle One. The four survivors eventually found a way to activate the Burger Town mascot, Bubby, which either came to life and aided them in battle, or just simply exploded. While doing this, they also unknowingly launched a missile. After, they were stopped on the roof of the Burger Town restaurant and were taken captive by Sentinel forces. Their leader, Lennox, who also revealed himself as Eagle One, points a pistol at them and claimed one of the four must die. Oz is then executed in front of the other three, with Lennox justifying his actions due to Oz being the source of the infection. He then ordered his men to load all four onto their choppers. However, Atlas forces managed to somehow ambush them, and took Decker, Lilith and Kahn. Sentinel forces then tracked them down to an Atlas aircraft carrier out in the ocean. While being carried to the ship, Oz's body began to reanimate aboard a Sentinel Razorback.

After getting on board, Lennox found the three Atlas employees and woke them from stasis. While on the ship, they discovered several diagrams depicting Oz as "Patient Zero", prompting Lennox to tell the others the truth about Oz's background. Oz also somehow took over the A.I. system on the ship, often interacting with the crew. Lennox, however, claimed it to be an effect of the GS7 gas, a hallucinogen which he said to have found in Oz's body. They also found several data tablets, which contained the journal of the ship's former captain, who was killed in an act of mutiny. When they inserted these tablets into the vault at the Gun Deck, the A.I. of the ship would then proceed to read them out in Oz's voice. After collecting all the tablets and discovering the story, the four then decided to scuttle the vessel to prevent the infection. However, before they could be extracted in an emergency pod, they encountered Oz, having completely reanimated as a zombie. After him and the others talk, Oz walks towards them, but the floor beneath him collapses. However, he manages to jump into the air, and disappears.

After sinking the ship, Lennox, Lilith, Decker and Kahn use the emergency pod and head to the Atlas underwater facility known as Trident Retreat, which Oz already infiltrated and took down. The infection begins to deteriorate Oz's mind, as he believes that all of them, including himself, has to die to stop the infection for good. He taunts his former allies, setting up one challenge after another, before finally confronting them in a monstrous mutated form. After a long ensuing battle, Oz was finally killed, and the remains of his corpse were burned by Lilith. However, unbeknownst to Lennox and the others, there are thousands of pods that contain clones of Oz beneath the facility. One of the Oz clones is then seen opening his eyes.

Facing Against an Old Friend

During the 5th Round on the map Descent, Oz will alert the Heroes that has taken control of the teleporter systems in the Trident Retreat, and that due to this, he is now their collective fathers. Before teleporting all of them into an arena before An-G retakes control of the teleporters and sends the heroes back to the main area of the Retreat, with Oz lamenting on his hate of computers.

On the start of the 13th and 20th round, rather than going into the next round. Oz will start to count down over the Intercom from ten, only to get rather impatient skipping six to four before continuing and finishing his count. To which he will then teleport the heroes back to the original arena to fight him in two separate encounters. Within these encounters, Orbital Care Packages will spawn in containing Full Reloads and zombies wounded alongside killed do not reward Credits.

Defeating Oz will automatically cause a DNA Bomb to activate alongside a Full Reload to be dropped near where he was defeated. Orbital Care Packages containing high amounts of Credits will start spawning in, with every one obtained instantly respawning another one someplace else in the arena with An-G starting a countdown of ten seconds. To which she will then return the heroes back to the positions where they were when teleported.

First Battle, Control Rooms

When Oz teleports the heroes into the arena on Round 13, Oz himself will be inaccessible as he is behind impenetrable glass in a control room where he can utilise devious methods to harass the heroes.

Oz has the ability to:

Each of these have unique lines to tell which one Oz is planning to use.

After enough of these have occurred, An-G will raise the protective barrier allowing the heroes to damage Oz. If enough damage is dealt within the time, it will cause that Control Room to explode and Oz to shift to another one of the remaining Control Rooms. If enough damage wasn't done however, the barrier will close and Oz will subject the heroes to a few more tests before An-G can get the barrier down again to deal the remaining damage.

This must be done for the four control rooms around the arena, with completion awarding Smooth Operator.

Second Battle, Fused Oz

Before the teleport even starts, Oz's voice when he preforms the countdown is much more gravelly which is a sign to things to come. As it's revealed that he has became a mix of a Goliath Exo Zombie and Host but with the unique trait of a shield that nullifies any damage. The only way that damage can be dealt is with the shield down which requires Oz to be hit by the effect of the Decontamination Zone, which unlike other maps, is powered by four Power Generators and powers off after each use.

When hit by the effects of the Decontamination Zone, Oz will stagger and become vulnerable to all sources of damage. Oz has a damage cap of one quarter of his health bar, as if he loses that, he will regain his shielding, teleporting away before sending in some of his friends. Reappearing after they are all dead or after an allotted time has passed. Upon reaching 50% health threshold, Oz will reenable the Manticore gas vents and on 25% he will reenable the electromagnetic grid once more.

With his death, both the vents and grids will turn off and How The Mighty Have Fallen will be awarded alongside the secret story cinematic of Oz's final moments after the match.



  • One of Oz's random dialogue references John Malkovich's actions in the film Red. Marvin Boggs, Malkovich's character, gives "the finger" to government space satellites. Oz sometimes will randomly say "You think the Atlas Comm sat can see me flippin' them the bird?"
  • Oz had a strong dislike for Lennox, and Lennox considers him his rival.
  • Oz's human form in Descent shows his right arm heavily deteriorated, and his skin also turning white-ish. However, his left arm in the Descent intro cutscene is the one that's deteriorated while the right arm is clear.
  • Oz's mouth won't move when he talks to the players in his control rooms.