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P-38 "Lightning"
CoD2 BRO - P-38 Lightning
Appears in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One
Call of Duty: World at War
Found in BRO: Tankers, Bomber

WaW: Multiplayer

Used by USAAF
Weapons Guns:

1 x 20mm Hispano M2(C) Cannon

4 x .50 M2 Browning Machine Gun

Payload: 2000lb ordnance max

For the German handgun, see Walther P38.

The Lockheed P-38 Lightning is an American fighter aircraft used in World War II. The P-38 was capable of fulfilling multiple roles including dive bombing, level bombing, ground-attack, photo reconnaissance and as a long-range fighter escort.

Call of Duty 2: Big Red OneEdit

The P-38 Lightning was depicted in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, in which a squadron of these appeared mid-way through the mission "Liberators" and supposedly assisted in escorting the bombers to their targets. They also appeared in the mission "Tankers" to provide close air support for the tank column in eliminating a German supply depot, sme lighning made an appearance in the final section of "the desert fox" where one of the lightnings was destroyed by a 222 armoured car later after the car is destroyed p38s can be seen destroying panzer tanks with rocket barrages

Call of Duty: World at WarEdit

The F-5 Photo-Reconnaissance version of the P-38 is depicted in Call of Duty: World at War as the Recon Plane killstreak reward (although it is not visible in the sky).


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