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"Semi-automatic charged energy launcher. Deploys volatile plasma charges that explode for extreme splash damage."
— In-game description

The P-LAW is an energy launcher featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


The P-LAW can be found in the armory in Operation Taken Dagger, prominently positioned by a suit upgrade console. Once scanned into the player's inventory, it can be accessed as a secondary heavy weapon for loadout selection.

The P-LAW is useful for taking out groups of both robot and human enemies, and even holds its own against R-C8 and C12 units.


  • Weapon Type - Launcher
  • Bullet Type - Energy
  • Special Features - Proximity Detonation


The P-LAW is unlocked at level 20.

The P-LAW featured an integrated Reflex Sight with a custom orange Retractable Square reticle.


The P-LAW is available from the Magic Wheel for 950 points. It is available for customization at level 26. When Pack-a-Punched, it becomes the Knight's Rider.


For camouflage images, see P-LAW/Camouflage.

Concept art


  • "AO_POWERSHOT_MARK_IIIOT_MARK II" can be seen written on the left side of the weapon.
  • There is also a bar code on the same side of the weapon along with a caution sticker.
  • "RELEASE" and "LOCK" can be seen written on the custom reflex sight.
  • The name of the Pack-a-Punched variant of the P-LAW, Knight's Rider, is a reference to the TV series, Knight Rider.
  • Concept art for the weapon has writing on the side that indicates it is manufactured by Atomic Dynamics, though this does not appear on the in game model.
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