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The P.E.S suit.

The P.E.S. (Pressurized External Suit) is a piece of equipment on the Zombies map Moon. It gives players the ability to survive in areas that are void of oxygen on the Moon, much like a space suit. It is available in every Air Lock throughout the map. It takes the same inventory slot as the Hacker device.

The P.E.S suits are mentioned in the map Der Eisendrache, in an audio reel. In the Deceptio fracture, following the absence of Ultimis Richtofen due to the events in The Giant facility, Doctor Groph says the suits were placed due to increasing atmosphere of paranoia.


The P.E.S. is located within small lockers thought Griffin station. It is free to grab, and can be picked from the locker located upon teleporting to the Moon. It is also available in every Air Lock throughout the map, each having a P.E.S. locker.

The P.E.S. takes the same inventory slot as the Hacker device. After picking a hacker device, the P.E.S. will be gone from the player's inventory, and can be obtained again from one of the P.E.S lockers. The P.E.S. and the Hacker occupy different equipment slots than Claymores and Trip Mines, therefore will not replace them.

Another useful benefit of the P.E.S suit is that it disables the affect of the the Phasing Zombies' gas.

The helmet is in the equipment slot and is therefore removable. Without the P.E.S., the player can spend a maximum of 15 seconds in a vacuum before being downed. While the helmet is on, the player's hearing is slightly hampered, as sounds outside are being muffled. Furthermore, playable characters talk through the suit which slightly distorts their voice.


Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops III


  • In Black Ops, despite the world model of the suit resembling a typical spacesuit with a round helmet, the first-person view of equipping and unequipping the helmet shares the model of the Hazmat suit in Rebirth, only covering the face. This is corrected in Black Ops III's Zombies Chronicles, where the character puts on a helmet that covers their entire head.
  • There is no actual reflection of the background on the P.E.S. visor; it only shows a landscape on the moon, no matter where the player is. This is common within games, with the lack of Ray-Tracing technology to track a reflection.
  • Players can put on the P.E.S. in three different ways. A player can put it on while standing, which is the regular way of putting it on. If crouching the player can notice that they are putting the P.E.S on slightly to the left. When putting the P.E.S on while prone, the player will put it on left.