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PBY Catalina
PBY Catalina model WaW
PBY Catalina model
Appears in Call of Duty: World at War
Found in "Black Cats"
Used by United States Navy

The PBY Catalina is a multi-role flying boat featured in Call of Duty: World at War.

Call of Duty: World at WarEdit

In Call of Duty: World at War, the player is aboard a PBY-5A Catalina in the suitably named level, "Black Cats". The PBY in this mission takes extensive damage by machine gun fire, as suggested by the sparking engines and numerous shattered ball turret windows.
Known PBY Catalina Crew Members
Name Served as Served on Fate
Petty Officer Locke Gunner Mantaray Survived
Laughlin Gunner Mantaray Survived
Booth Pilot Mantaray Survived
Landry Radio operator Mantaray Survived
Harrington Pilot Hammerhead Killed in Action, April 3, 1945, south of Okinawa