The PP90M1 is a submachine gun that appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It is seen very often in the single player, wielded by Russian forces in "Mind The Gap" and African Forces in "Back on the Grid".

Modern Warfare 3


The weapon first appears in the level Hunter Killer, where it can be found with or without a Red Dot Sight. It can also be found with a silencer.


the PP90M1 is available from start in the Grenadier Pre-Made class and unlocked at Level 28. It doesn't have high recoil, but rather a somewhat obstructive muzzle flash.

The PP90M1 is a very versatile submachine gun, ideal for short to medium range combat. There are a variety of useful attachments for the PP90M1. Silencer is a good choice since it eliminates muzzle flash, making it easier to stay on target (especially at medium range), where damage drop off is not an issue because of its very high fire rate and low recoil. Red Dot is another good choice since it is gives a clearer view on target and the muzzle flash is not as obstructive. Extended Magazines or Rapid Fire make for good attachments, especially when coupled together. The increased magazine size will compensate for the high fire rate. This combo allows enemies to be quickly dispatched at close range, without fear of depleting the magazine.

Scavenger or Sleight of Hand make for good perks to help increase ammo or decrease reload times for this weapon, as it has a moderately long reload time. Steady Aim is very useful as the high fire rate makes it very easy to dispatch multiple enemies at close range without having to aim down the sights, saving time and potentially preventing the player's death.

Range is a useful Proficiency for the PP90M1 as it removes one of the weapon's weaknesses and allows the user to be more flexible with the gun on large maps, such as Bakaara.


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