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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
For other uses, see Paladin.
For a similar killstreak, see AC-130 (killstreak).

The Paladin is an Orbital Gunship Scorestreak reward in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


When called in, the player controls the weapons of a Paladin gunship orbiting above the map, giving a clear overhead view of the map, similarly to the AC-130 from previous titles.

An unmodified Paladin requires a scorestreak of 950 (the highest in-game) in order to obtain. The Paladin's weapons require to be reloaded, and can only be reloaded when fully emptied. The Machine Gun has a magazine size of 50, and the optional Laser Guided Rocket has a magazine size of three, whereas the 105MM Cannon has a magazine capacity of one. A joined player can fire threat grenades from the Paladin. With the Wingman module, the joined player is able to fire a turret instead.

The Paladin is extremely effective in objective game modes, where the Paladin's splash damage weapons can easily wreak havoc against enemies, even if they try to conceal themselves inside buildings. This is extremely true with the Laser Guided Rockets and 105MM Cannon, due to their extended blast radius.

It is highly recommended to use Danger Close in tandem with this scorestreak, as the Paladin's power is exceptionally increased; this is very true for the default turret.

The Paladin flies higher than UAVs and Warbirds and can destroy them if they're within the targeting area.


Module Additional cost Effect Icon
Extra Flare 100 points Adds an extra flare to ward off more enemy missiles. Extra Flare Warbird Module AW.png
Sleight of Hand 150 points Time to reload turrets is shorter. Sleight of Hand Paladin Module AW.png
Laser Guided Rocket 200 points Add a turret that fires clusters of laser guided rockets. Laser Guided Rocket Paladin Module AW.png
Wingman 200 points Joining player mounts additional MG Turret. Replaces default ability. Wingman Paladin Module AW.png
Extra Time 200 points Adds extra time to use the Paladin. Extra Time Paladin Module AW.png
105MM Cannon 300 points Add a 105mm Turret. 105mm Cannon Paladin Module AW.png